Best Roof Cargo Bags This Year


If you’re going on vacation with the family, you may need some extra space to keep all your bags, especially if you have a small car! But you don’t want to leave anything behind just because you lack space!


This makes it essential to get a roof cargo bag this year! You can take everything you need on every car trip you make. You’ll no longer have to compromise choosing this item or another – just pack it on top of your car!


But of course, you still need to pick the right one for you. So, here are the best roof cargo bags this year for the best vacation ever.


What We Cover In This Article

1. Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag


This first rooftop cargo bag has 15 cubic feet of space to contain all your gear. It fits most, if not all, roof racks with lots of attachment capabilities on all sides of this rooftop bag.


Once attached, it will be safe no matter what vehicle you have. The four buckles keep it secure even at high speeds. The softer sides also flex so it shapes to oddly shaped loads.


The waterproof design protects your cargo against road grit, sun, wind, and rain so it can be used in all weather conditions.


When it’s not being used, it folds into a compact solution for easy storage.

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2. Natudix Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Cargo Carrier Bag


Need something to free up your trunk space for the road ahead? This next rooftop cargo bag is the perfect solution. It’s designed to fit all car rooftops and increases your cargo capacity without impacting the comfort of your passengers. For families on-the-go or groups of adventure seekers, it’s something you cannot be without.


This rooftop bag resists tears, abrasion, extreme heat and cold, as well as the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s also waterproof so if it rains while you’re on the road, all your gear stays dry and unharmed.


It’s simple, lightweight and easy to use. There’s also a protective mat to protect your car’s roof from scratches and damage whenever you put luggage on the roof.

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3. Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rooftop Cargo Carrier


For instant extra space for your gear, grab this excellent rooftop cargo bag. With plenty of storage available, there is lots of room to increase your vehicle’s overall storage capacity. Free up the space inside your car to keep everyone comfortable and have everything you need for your trip at the same time.


This rooftop bag has 19-cubic feet worth of storage space, with 2-way zippers for easy access to your gear. There is an added mat for extra protection and extra reinforced straps to keep the bag secure on the roof. The rooftop bag is also waterproof and resists grit, snow, wind, and sun.


It hooks onto your car easily with metal hooks rather than straps too, making this rooftop cargo bag one of the most secure on the market.

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4. STDY Upgraded 20 Cubic Feet Rooftop Cargo Top Carrier Bag

Cargo Top Carrier Bag


This rooftop cargo bag is treated with a pressing process with imported rubber strips and provides stronger waterproof performance protection. It’s made from 100% waterproof anti-rip, anti-peel, and anti-crack fabric along with ultra-strong dual seam technology.


It’s a completely unique design. With two different kinds of protective measures, this rooftop bag uses 1200-Denier Polyester Material to create a dense and compact surface. There is also an invisible zipper making your trip more reliable even during hard weather conditions.


Overall, this rooftop cargo bag contains 20 cubic feet worth of cargo, making it very convenient for you to carry your luggage, sleeping bags, and other travel needs. It’s easy to store too, as it can be easily folded and placed in a storage bag for only a small space when not in use.

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5. RoofPax Car Roof Bag and Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rooftop Cargo Carrier


This rooftop cargo bag is very secure, even without a roof rack or crossbars. It uses 6 door hooks rather than straps that go inside the car to keep the bag on the roof. The bag is made from 1680-D PVC fabric with water repellent double coating and dual seam technology to keep your cargo fully protected from rain, wind, sun, and snow.


Due to its high-quality material and fabrication, it will last for years too. You will have much-needed peace of mind that your gear is safe on every trip you take in the future. Plus, the rooftop bag has 19 cubic feet of space available, so it can easily hold between four to six suitcases, making it perfect for a family getaway.


Finally, it comes with a built-in 7mm mat to help prevent paint scratches and keep your luggage from sliding around during transit.

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6. LED Kingdomus Roof Top Cargo Bag

Kingdomus Roof Top Cargo Bag

The LED Kingdomus Car Top Carrier Roof Bag is one of the only dual-purpose rooftop cargo bags on the market suitable for both cars and trucks. It’s ideal for family road trips, weekend adventures or moving day.


It comes with heavy-duty SBS zippers tucked under a durable flap that is long enough to accommodate any amount of luggage you plan on taking with you. With 10 velcro strap restraints to prevent flapping, this adds a little more stability while cruising down the highway.


When it’s not being used, it takes up very little space when folded so that it can be kept in the back of the vehicle, under your bed or in a closet.


It’s easy to install and the included protective mat helps to cushion and quiet the contact between the car top carrier and the roof.

Buy the LED Kingdomus Roof Top Cargo Bag on Amazon here



7. MIDABAO Thickened 20 Cubic Waterproof Duty Car Roof Top Carrier

Roof Top Carrier


With 20 cubic feet of carrying capacity, this MIDABAO rooftop cargo bag gives you and your traveling party plenty of additional cargo room to store all your gear. It’s designed from high-quality PVC material for a more convenient design and better security.


Torrential downpours will tax merely water-resistant materials to their limit and likely result in damp or soaked contents. But the Midabao rooftop carrier is coated inside and out with PVC, to aid in waterproofing.


It comes with six short tie straps and two long straps, making it easy to mount on to your vehicle. It’s very malleable too so it’s easier to store compared to other rooftop bags that use stiff inner-lining. When it comes to strapping your cargo down, the more the better and that’s exactly what this brand believes in.

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8. AmazonBasics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

AmazonBasics Rooftop

Instantly create extra cargo space by storing loads up top with the AmazonBasics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag. Perfect for family road trips, weekend adventures, or moving day, the carrier bag’s roomy size increases a vehicle’s overall carrying capacity, making it easier to bring along everything you need. Plus, by storing belongings up top, it frees up space inside the vehicle for more comfortable travel.


Made with waterproof material and ultra-strong seams, the durable rooftop cargo bag keeps belongings dry and protected from dirt, rain, sleet, and snow. Even more, the cargo bag’s solid-black exterior won’t easily fade, even with extended exposure to direct sunlight.


For easy opening and closing, the cargo bag features an oversized zipper. Flaps over the zipper closure provide added protection against rainy weather, ensuring water doesn’t get inside the bag.

Buy the AmazonBasics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag on Amazon here



9. RoofBag Waterproof Car Top Carrier

Waterproof Car Top Carrier


The RoofBag Waterproof Car Top Carrier gives your gear good protection at an economical price. It’s great for less demanding trips and when cost is an important factor in your decision-making process. This rooftop cargo bag is made in the US with advanced materials, making it resistant to tears, abrasion, extreme heat and cold and the sun’s UV rays.


It comes in a variety of sizes that can fit any vehicle you have: size 11 fits large and small cars, while size 15 fits SUVs, vans and full-size sedans. It comes with binding straps that work on any car with or without a rack, and they secure your gear at any highway speed. Additionally, the straps don’t wick water into your car.


This rooftop bag is very easy to install, making it a solid cargo bag for your next vacation.

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10. ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag

Wallaroo Cargo Bag


The ROLA Wallaroo Cargo Bag expands from 9.5 cubic feet to 11.5 cubic feet when unzipped. It’s made from a premium-quality, rainproof material with sonically welded seams, keeping all cargo dry, clean, and protected.


It uses the six-strap system to stay attached safely and securely to hitch-mount cargo trays and baskets. There are two interior pockets to help keep you organized and hold small items while you travel.


Whenever you’re ready for an adventure, this smart storage solution is perfect for camping, road trips, outdoor activities, and other excursions. In between uses, the soft sides of the bag fold for easy, convenient storage.

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11. Asani Waterproof Car Roof Top Cargo Carrier Bag

Cargo Carrier Bag


This rooftop cargo bag has been designed with a triple-layer waterproof tarpaulin that weathers rain, wind, grit, or heat. It’s also fitted with a zipper flap that helps keep your items totally dry.


There are 15 cubic feet of space available so you have lots of room to store all your items and belongings. Since it’s a soft-top carrier bag, it accommodates odd-shaped items with ease, giving you even more flexibility with what you pack.


Very easy to install, you’ll be on the road in no time. There are eight reinforced straps with heavy-duty buckles to secure the waterproof roof top bag, no matter what vehicle you have. As long as you have a roof rack, you’re good to go.


When you don’t need it, the rooftop bag folds down to the size of a tablet, so you can store it pretty much anywhere.

Buy the Asani Waterproof Car Roof Top Cargo Carrier Bag on Amazon here



12. MARKSIGN 100% Waterproof Hitch Carrier Cargo Bag

Hitch Carrier Cargo Bag

The MARKSIGN carrier cargo bag has 20 cubic feet of storage available. If you have many things to pack or multiple suitcases for your family vacation, this is the solution for you.


While a lot of rooftop cargo bag companies use plastic buckles, this product comes with six  1-inch nylon UV-proof ratchet straps which are much more durable and easier to use. As you drive, you can rest assured about the safety and durability of your gear.


The whole bag is electrically welded with UV-proof 500 denier tarpaulin fabrics. This means that rainwater cannot seep through any needle holes, keeping the contents dry and undamaged. And since it’s coated in vinyl, the technology will last for years.

Buy the MARKSIGN 100% Waterproof Hitch Carrier Cargo Bag on Amazon here



13. MaxxHaul 70117 Rooftop Cargo Bag

Rooftop Cargo Bag

This particular rooftop cargo bag is ideal for short trips away and taking light-duty cargo. While it can only hold up to 100lbs, the 15 cubic feet of space available ensures there’s plenty of room to keep it all.


The MaxxHaul Rooftop carrier has waterproof construction to keep its contents dry and has perfect spacing for luggage, camping and sports equipment. The material is high-quality and made for durability.


Like many of the larger rooftop bags, it is made from PVC material with polyester reinforcement and UV coating, keeping contents safe from harsh or severe weather.


There are also heavy-duty zippers with large holes to allow padlock use for increased protection of your cargo.

Buy the MaxxHaul 70117 Rooftop Cargo Bag on Amazon here



14. Whistler Car Roof Bag

Whistler Car Roof Bag


The Whistler car roof bag has 2-inch wide metal buckle straps for the ultimate protection. They are easy to assemble and once in place, your gear is safe and secure for the entire journey.


This bag is constructed from heavy-duty tarpaulin, making it completely waterproof and durable. Come rain, sleet, snow or hail, your possessions stay dry and in the same condition as when they were initially packed.


There is also a non-slip anti-scratch pad included with this rooftop bag to prevent it from slipping and for protecting the roof of your car at the same time.


Once you’re done, stow your bag into the included storage bag in your trunk until the next time.

Buy the Whistler Car Roof Bag on Amazon here



15. P.I. Auto Store ROOFMASTER Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rooftop Cargo Carrier


This rooftop bag has 16 cubic feet of available storage – the same volume as the trunk of a Honda Accord. It can be secured to all vehicles with or without a roof rack and the extra-wide straps with Duraflex buckles ensure the product remains secure to your vehicle.


It’s a heavy-duty soft-shell carrier designed to last for a very long time. It’s made from military-grade Nylon Cordura fabric, so it has five times the strength and wear resistance of high-grade PVC. This gives it unique waterproof design features, keeping your cargo dry on even the wettest of journeys.


All you need to do is put the bag on an anti-slip mat, load up your cargo, zip the bag up, tie it down using the straps. You don’t need any tools or equipment. Once you arrive, the bag can be folded away neatly, taking up little space.

Buy the P.I. Auto Store ROOFMASTER Rooftop Cargo Carrier on Amazon here



16. JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier

JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier


This is the perfect car roof bag without a rack solution. It uses four safety door hooks rather than straps to secure it to your vehicle. And with 19 cubic feet of storage available, there’s no reason why you cannot fit everything you need inside.


It’s an advanced roof bag that’s simple to use, spacious, durable, waterproof, and designed to tackle any travel challenge. Its military quality components include four high-strength safety hooks, side release NIFCO buckles, SBS zippers with large pulls, three double strap covers and eight velcro fasteners  – all of which combine to keep your gear safe on top of your vehicle.


It’s made from high-quality, 100% waterproof 600D PVC fabric, with ultra-durable dual-seam welding technology to eliminate rips, tears, and wear under rugged conditions. There is also a built-in protective mat to prevent your cargo from slipping off your vehicle while protecting the roof from scratches and other damages.

Buy the JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier on Amazon here