24 Gifts for the Fitness Buff You Don’t Want to Miss Out On


Finding the right gift for someone, whether a loved one, friend, or work colleague can be a challenge. With the holidays right around the corner, we’ve gone ahead and given you a little bit of an edge with 24 fantastic fitness gifts for the body-conscious person in your life. Whether they lift, run, or do Pilates, whether they’re on a keto diet, paleo diet, or a low carb diet, whether they work out intensely twice a day or fit in a couple a week, there are plenty of options.


What We Cover In This Article

#1: A total home workout set

home workout set

Gym memberships are costly, classes can be difficult to attend for those on a busy schedule, and some simply prefer to work out in the comfort of home. This complete home workout set is the perfect gift for the fitness lover, providing an intense whole-body workout in the privacy and convenience of their own home. With equipment that works the upper body, lower body, abs, and core, this workout set can also help your loved one get in some intense cardio. Easy to set up and scaled to people with busy lives, everything in the kit can be discreetly stored.

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#2: A workout-tracking journal

tracking journal

Whether it’s workouts, general fitness, nutrition, or something else they focus on, a little documentation and journaling can go a long way. A fitness journal is a great way to help your fitness lover track their intake and workouts, as well as document how they feel, how they’re sleeping, how much water they’re taking in, and more. With pages on body composition, the calorie count of common foods, and a progress and measurement tracker, this is more than just a fitness journal, it’s a health and lifestyle journal!

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#3: A three-piece set of fun-colored dumbbells

fun-colored dumbbells

The colors are a kick of fun but the real value comes in having the perfect size dumbbells for resistance training. With graduated weight from 3 pounds to 5 pounds to 8 pounds, your loved ones can tailor their lifting for different types, strengths, and intensities of working out. Are they in need of something lighter? Or perhaps they need a bigger challenge? This same set comes in multiple varieties of weight so you can select whichever set they’ll best benefit from! The neoprene casing makes for easier gripping and the hexagonal shapes are perfect so they don’t roll away between lifts.

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#4: A convenient refillable water canister

water canister

As every fitness lover knows, hydration is key. As a gift, this hydration flask comes in a variety of colors, so you can match their personality or style. With a sleek and trendy design and a modern fit, it’s easy to throw into a gym bag or carry along in the car while driving to a yoga class. It’s fully insulated, so their water will stay nice and chilled, and the industrial-strength material prevents dents. Plus, if they’re a tea drinker, it comes with a tea infuser built right into it. If they need a pick-me-up after their workout before they head into the office, it’s the perfect solution.

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#5: An easy fitness and workout board

workout board

The more fun workouts are, the more likely we are to do them! This balance-type board is perfect to focus on legs, abs, and core in one workout. A great gift for the fitness lover, it’s a fun workout that’ll have them moving and twisting and turning while trying to stay balanced, and it won’t even feel like a workout. The boards come in a variety of fun colors, so pick their favorite, and they can pair workouts with the lightweight dumbbells. The board includes a DVD to help guide them through the workouts as well.

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#6: A workplace standing desk

workplace standing desk

Want your loved one to increase their healthy lifespan? A standing desk helps keep them moving and on their feet throughout the day. Based on studies that show how damaging sitting all day long can be and how many years it takes off our lives, a standing desk is a great fitness tool for home or office. With an ergonomic design, it’s easy to transition from one height to the other. They’ll be grateful for your contribution to their health and fitness journey. It may seem expensive, but a standing desk can save your health in the long run–that’s priceless!

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#7: A boxing training headband

boxing training headband


As a fitness gift, the boxing training headband is an easy way to get an exciting workout in. Your fitness person can strap this headpiece on and get in a workout to help them with cardio, coordination, and hand-eye coordination. It helps improve accuracy as well as sharpens the reflexes. If your fitness lover is looking for something challenging, this headband is the perfect choice for them.

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#8: A heating pad for their back 

heating pad

As most workout gurus know, recovery is a crucial aspect of working out. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of a hot tub, this heating pad is a perfect alternative. Providing warm, targeted relief from tightness, cramping, and aches, this heating pad can work for the abs, back, and thighs, relieving the pains of workouts. Its infrared technology provides soothing warmth to aching muscles, and because it’s battery-powered, there are no cords to deal with. With securable Velcro sides, this convenient gift gives soothing relief to aching athletes.

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#9: A high-powered smoothie blender

smoothie blender

Any fitness lover knows that solid nutrition is important to power the work-outs. This high-powered blender is perfect for mixing together pre-workout milkshakes, post-workout recovery drinks, or afternoon smoothies packed with fruits and vegetables. It comes with two different types of blades for different types of blending, as well as two cups, so the smoothie can be mixed and ready to drink in one fell swoop. With close to ten thousand purchases of this blender and an almost five-star rating, this blender is a thoughtful gift your favorite athletes will appreciate!

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#10: A sleek and trendy fitness tracker

fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are a great way to help someone track their movements and energy levels throughout the day. This tracker comes in a variety of colors to match their style and sits small and sleek on the wrist.  Moderately priced in comparison to some of the more expensive options out there, it can track workout patterns, calories burned, active minutes, and sleeping minutes, as well as tell time and connect to various apps on phones. The fitness lovers in your life will love this because it helps keep them on track and aware of their activity levels.

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#11: An at-home health testing kit

health testing kit

Doctor and hospital blood tests can require a lot of running around, appointment scheduling, and they can be costly too.  An at-home blood testing kit is a great gift for someone who is health-conscious and wants to closely monitor their well-being. This quick blood test kit only takes a few drops and gets you results in five days. It provides a wealth of information, from checking for celiac to assessing rheumatoid arthritis. Knowledge is power, and this kit can help your loved one better prepare for their own fitness and health journey.

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#12: A cold roller massager

roller massager

Another important part of recovery, icing and cold rolling is a great way to help muscles heal after intense workouts.  Tender spots and sore muscles will appreciate not only the cool relief it provides but the convenience as well. It’s great for deep tissue massages, and when your fitness lover comes home after a particularly intense workout, they’ll be glad to pull this out for a quick and convenient massage in the privacy of their own home. Foot, hip, shoulder, thigh, waist, or arms, it works for any part of the body.

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#13: A waist trainer and shaper

waist trainer and shaper

Contrary to popular belief, waist trainers are great for men and women. Working out is only going to take one’s body so far, but waist trainers can really help tone and tighten those last few inches. They’re flexible too, so they can be used when weight lifting, cleaning around the house, going for a jog, or just walking through the neighborhood. With a sauna and sharpening effect, just ten minutes a day in the waist trainer has a significant impact on one’s body goals. It’s a great gift for fitness lovers looking to take their body to the next level or for supporting the post-pregnancy tummy.

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#14: A wooden foot massager

foot massager

Every runner knows the aches and pains that come with a long run on concrete, and their relief when they pull off those running shoes. If you are looking for a gift for a runner, in particular, this wooden foot massager is a great choice. They can slip it under a desk or place it at the end of the sofa and get some foot reflexology in. It even comes with a chart to help pinpoint troublesome areas and interpret what certain spots might suggest. It provides relief from a number of foot ailments and problems, and its ergonomic design maximizes the treatment.

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#15: A hydration pack

hydration pack

Whether they’re into hiking, bicycling, or jogging, your favorite athlete will love this hydration backpacks for long distances or long outings. With a two-liter bladder and a lightweight design, this is an optimal gift for fitness lovers who like a little versatility in their workout styles and need to stay hydrated. The zippered pockets are also a great place to store phones, keys, sunglasses, or power bars. The fit is designed for movement, so it rests easily against the back, conforming to its contours and easing carrying the load.

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#16: A set of fitness posters

fitness posters

If you have a home gym or workout on your own, sometimes you need extra inspiration to create and maintain your fitness routine and weight-lifting sessions at home. Gift your person a set of these fitness posters to encourage them and provide guidance on the moves to do for the body section they’re focusing on. From simple stretches to the best workouts with body weights and barbells, or yoga and stretches, this set even includes a muscle diagram so they’ll know their trapezius from their tricep!

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#17: A sporty and stylish gym bag

stylish gym bag

Choose one or more colorful gym bags for the fitness fanatic in your life! With a separate compartment to store dirty shoes, it’s convenient and compact but roomy enough to hold whatever they need to have on-hand at the gym or class. Step your game up by filling the bag with fun workout treats like bars, juices, and drinks. This one even has a wet pocket for storing a cooling towel for post-workout cooldowns or a damp swimsuit after an early morning swim.

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#18: A running belt 

running belt

Running belts are an ideal fitness gift for anyone who has important items to carry with them, but won’t wear bulky or irritating packs that jostle up and down during a run.  With a sleek fit and spacious design, it’s just large enough to hold a phone, keys, wallet, and even has a convenient hole for headphone cords. Available in both black and pink, it’s ideal for anyone working out and in any type of workout setting. Its soft elastic it hugs the body without chafing for a snug, non-irritating fit.

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#19: An ear-warming headband

ear-warming headband

During cold weather season, finding the willpower to run is hard enough, when you’re facing icy winds and rain-slick sidewalks. These headbands not only help keep the head and ears warm (which is where so much of our heat loss happens) but they also help keep hair neatly tucked in a loose-fitting ponytail. It comes in 8 different colors and patterns, giving you great options to choose from. Any fitness or running lover will be grateful come mid-winter to open up one of these!

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#19: A set of comfy and colorful workout tanks

workout tanks

Often, the better one feels, the better a workout they’ll get in. Sometimes that feeling comes from killer workout clothing. This three-set of women’s workout tanks come in various color sets, with comfy, wide-set tank sleeves to allow for both movement and breeze during any workout. The long loose fit is ideal for running and hiking or lifting, and the pop of color can be just the right boost of energy to power through that last set. The lightweight material and sweat-absorbent fabric make it a great gift for any fitness lover.

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#20: A pair of sleek Nike running shoes

Nike running shoes

Nothing inspires a workout binge like a fresh pair of Nike’s. The flex sneakers are perfect for a wide range of workouts and are available for a modest price. They also are available in 12 different colors and styles, making them a great gift option for any fitness lover. Most people wear their athletic shoes for longer than they should, wearing out the cushioning for their feet and potentially leading to shin splints. Spoil them with a brand new pair of colorful Nike running shoes to re-inspire their workouts!

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#21: A cold and chilly compact neck wrap

compact neck wrap

A quick cooldown can be a crucial part of any workout routine during warm weather.  Overheating can have dangerous consequences, especially for those working out alone. This compact neck wrap is conveniently packaged to fit into a small purse or bag. Briefly run the towel underwater, and the special fibers will cool the wrap, making it perfect to place on the nape of the neck or across the forehead to bring instant relief from the heat. It might seem small but it’s a great gift for $5. They even have 14 different colors for you to choose from.

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#22: A women’s athletic running hoodie

women’s athletic running hoodie

Any fitness lover will be excited to receive this gift, as it’s both practical and comfortably stylish. With a slender fit and long sleeves, it’s the perfect throw-on to layer over a tank or t-shirt before heading out for a run in the chilly winter air. Lightweight and ideal for running, it also has decorated sleeves, because no one needs to sacrifice style for practicality. The breathable material and the loose-fitting hoodie all make for a comfortable run. Its moderate price beats some of the $100 options out there.

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#23: A set of recovery Epsom bath salt sets

recovery Epsom bath salt sets

It’s no mystery that when it comes to work-out recovery, Epsom bath salts can work mysterious wonders.  The salts promote muscle relaxation to help loosen the muscles after an intense workout and reduce the pain of an intense workout. They’re available in peppermint and eucalyptus as well as lavender for a nice, relaxing recovery time in a warm bath. Nothing wrong with sneaking a little pampering into a workout and fitness gift for your friend, colleague, or partner. They’re also great for relaxation, inflammation, and stress.

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#24: A post-workout body care kit

post-workout body care kit

This is the perfect fitness gift for popping into any gym bag and having it ready to go for the days when a gym visit has to be squeezed in right before work, or when a meeting has to happen right after spin class.  The kit comes with a facial mist, a hydrating spray, electrolyte lip balm, a body cleansing spray, and an anti-chafing formula. Freshly scented, they’re TSA-approved and the perfect size for traveling or to use after a workout when there’s no time to shower. This is also a great way to hide the post-workout symptoms related to sweating out toxins.

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Regardless of the type of workout or the type of relationship, there’s something for anyone and everyone looking for the perfect fitness gift.