The Coolest Ashtrays Available Right Now


There are some really creative designs out there when it comes to ashtrays. Whether they’re made from ceramics, glass, plastic, resin, or metal, there are a lot of different options. Why buy the same plastic ashtray bowl that everyone else has when you can buy a piece that truly makes a statement? You can choose something really trendy or cool, or something functional and professional. No matter your style, there’s an ashtray out there that matches it. And what’s more, you don’t even have to be a smoker to love some of the designs; cool esthetics mean some can simply be ornaments!


But if you are a smoker, look out for ashtrays that block the wind and trap in smoke and ash to reduce messes and smoky smells. The wide variety of shapes and colors combined with novel features means some ashtrays can also be very innovative.


If you’re on the market for a new ashtray, you have a really fun shopping experience ahead of you. Whether you’re buying for your home, for your patio, for a workplace, or for a business, you could easily spend hours going through the Amazon results for ashtrays.


To help you narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest ashtrays out there right now. For more tips on finding the right ashtray for you, read to the bottom of the article.



What We Cover In This Article

 K Cool Windproof Ashtray


Windproof Ashtray

This smokeless ashtray is one of the highest-rated on Amazon currently. When not in use, the lid can flip closed, and this decorative, hand-stamped piece will simply look like a nice accessory for your table or desk. Simply flip open the top lip to set your cigarette down or to flick off ash, then flip the lid back up to dump the ash, enclosing it within the larger container underneath. Smoke won’t escape and there’s no risk of ash blowing around.

Buy this K Cool Windproof Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Lependor Ceramic Ashtray with Lids


Ceramic Ashtray

These ceramic ashtrays have a natural, earthy style that perfectly fits in with any boho decor. These small pots have a lid to contain smoke and ash, three grooves around the edges for resting cigarettes, and a small pedestal in the middle to prevent your cigarette from falling into the ash. This style of ashtray is available in four colors: red, blue, pink, and yellow. The glazed surface will make it easy to clean out so that it will look nice for years to come.

Buy this Lependor Ceramic Ashtray with Lids on Amazon here.




 Hipiwe Elephant Windproof Ashtray


Elephant Windproof Ashtray

This ashtray functions similarly to the ashtray in our #1 slot. It has a door that opens to allow you to rest your cigarette or flick ash into a large compartment. You can then close the door to prevent ash from flying away and to contain smoke. This ashtray is shaped like an elephant with beautiful details stamped into the metal. It’s available in both red copper and bronze colors.

Buy this Hipiwe Elephant Windproof Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Monsiter Turtle Ashtray


Monsiter Turtle Ashtray

This one-of-a-kind ashtray is built to look like a turtle with openings in the shell for resting your cigarette and allowing smoke to release. The shell can be easily removed for cleaning or for more of an open ashtray. There are grooves on the edge of the ashtray so you can still rest cigarettes on the side once the shell is removed. This product is also available in a floral snail design.

Buy this Monsiter Turtle Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Cigar Ashtray – Cast-Iron Hand by Comfify


Cigar Ashtray

This cast-iron hand is a perfect cigar ashtray for a masculine space. The solid construction makes for a heavy piece that’s just as attractive as it is functional. This ashtray can be used for cigarettes as well, though the area to catch ash is relatively small so it would need to be cleaned out frequently. This purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the product.


Buy this Cigar Ashtray – Cast Iron Hand by Comfify on Amazon here.




 FORTGESCHE Smokeless Ashtray


Smokeless Ashtray

If you’re looking for something a little bit more extravagant, this smokeless ashtray uses fans to draw smoke into it, filter it, and output clean air. That’s simply amazing and way beyond gimmickry–a very health-conscious device. It has a rechargeable battery and can be used for up to five hours on a full charge. It can run at a low or high speed, depending on how many are using the ashtray at once. The tray that catches the ash can be removed from the machine for dumping and cleaning. We love this.

Buy this FORTGESCHE Smokeless Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Spooky Human Skull Ashtray by Home ‘n Gifts


Human Skull Ashtray

This ashtray is perfect for Halloween decor or for those who prefer a spooky, gothic style for their decor. The top of the skull is removed during use, to hold cigarettes and catch ash. The cap of the skull can then be replaced to contain smoke and prevent the ash blowing around. This product is hand-crafted from polyresin so it’s strong but not too heavy, another great design innovation.

Buy this Spooky Human Skull Ashtray by Home ‘n Gifts on Amazon here. 




 YANXUS Cigarette Ashtray


Cigarette Ashtray

This cigarette and cigar ashtray is made from high-quality glass with a fabric liner on the bottom to protect tables and desks. The colorful swirling pattern at the bottom of the tray is refracted beautifully through the faceted glass on the tray’s sides. Depending on the angle you look at the ashtray, different colors will stand out. Made from glass, this tray is very easy to clean and rinse out with water so you can keep it looking nice.

Buy this YANXUS Cigarette Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Wang-Data Creative Ceramic Cigarette Ashtray


Cigarette Ashtray

This mouth-shaped ashtray will be a talking piece in any room (there’s so much pun potential here). Rest your cigarette in the dip between the lips and let the ash fall into the mouth of the tray. It is made from a glazed ceramic that you can buy in either pink or red. The glaze makes it easy to clean the ash out so that the tray will stay looking new with proper care.

Buy this Wang-Data Creative Ceramic Cigarette Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Rockin Gear Ashtray


Gear Ashtray

This hand-crafted cigarette and cigar ashtray has no extra frills or features. If you’re looking for something basic yet attractive, this is a good option for you. It is simply a shallow ceramic bowl with three dips to hold your cigarettes. Purchase it in pink, ocean, or brown color schemes to match in with your decor.

Buy this Rockin Gear Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Barbecue Ashtray by BBQ


Barbecue Ashtray

This tiny barbecue grill ashtray is a perfect gift for someone who loves cooking out on the grill in the summers. Your cigarette can be set on top of the grill grate and ash will fall into the basin of the grill through the bars. There is also a wind guard on one side so that your cigarette won’t go out and ash won’t be blown around. Some assembly is required, but it seems to be pretty easy to put together.

Buy this Barbecue Ashtray by BBQ on Amazon here.




 Newest Ash Tray by Biewoos


Ash Tray by Biewoos

This upgraded ashtray from Biewoos features newly designed notches to hold cigarettes and the lid to the ashtray during use. This version includes a non-slip bottom, thicker stainless-steel walls, and a detachable pedestal for easy cleaning. The lid of this smokeless ashtray will keep ash from blowing around and minimize the smell of smoke in the area. It’s perfect for use inside the home, on the patio, or in outdoor areas of bars and cafes.

Buy this Newest Ash Tray by Biewoos on Amazon here.




 LOTUS LIFE Ashterior Ashtray

Ashterior Ashtray

This brushed metal ashtray has three notches to hold cigarettes, a non-slip base, and a removable pedestal for cleaning. There is also a small tube mounted on the inside of the ashtray for easy extinguishing. The lid of the ashtray will limit the amount of smoke rising from the ash and prevent wind from blowing the ash out of the tray. When purchasing, choose from three sizes — small, medium, or large.

Buy this LOTUS LIFE Ashterior Ashtray on Amazon here.




OILP Retro Pyramid Ashtray with Lid

Pyramid Ashtray

This ashtray is a rather large piece, but if you’re into Egyptian decor, it’s worth it. The top of the pyramid flips open to reveal a small dish and two notches for holding cigarettes. When you’re done, flip the lid closed to keep the smoke contained and prevent the ash from blowing around in a breeze. When it’s closed, this stamped metal pyramid will simply look like a unique accessory for the room.

Buy this OILP Retro Pyramid Ashtray with Lid on Amazon here.




 Decorative Motorcycle Chain Ash Tray

Motorcycle Chain Ash Tray

Do you have a gearhead in your life? This ashtray would make the perfect gift or accessory for their garage. This ashtray is hand-crafted from polyresin to look like a motorcycle chain on the rim, with a detailed imprint of a motorcycle on the bottom. This ashtray looks really cool, but it could be difficult to keep clean because of all of the grooves and nooks in the design. Maybe purchase this one for its cool look and theme rather than for practical use. It makes a super gift.

Buy this Decorative Motorcycle Chain Ash Tray on Amazon here.




 OYAMIHUI Natural Stone Pebbles Ashtray

Natural Stone Pebbles Ashtray

If you want something that has a natural, earthy look, this ashtray from OYAMIHUI is perfect for you. The ashtray contains real pebbles fixed in some sort of clear resin. It has four notches to hold your cigarettes and is extremely easy to clean because of its smooth surface. Purchase this ashtray with black pebbles, brown pebbles, or in a large square shape.

Buy this OYAMIHUI Natural Stone Pebbles Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Rockin Gear Ashtray (brightly colored!)

Rockin Gear Ashtray

Rockin Gear has already appeared on our list at #10. This product is very similar in size and design to the previous product, but the colors are a bit more vibrant here, yet with accents of brown and white. These ashtrays have three notches to hold your cigarettes and will look great on any table. You can purchase these bowls with a blue, neon (green), or salmon glaze color.

Buy this Rockin Gear Ashtray (brightly-colored) on Amazon here.




 NOSTAFY Alloy Aluminum Windproof Enclosed Home Ashtray

Aluminum Windproof Enclosed Home Ashtray

This smokeless ashtray is specifically designed to fit in the cupholder of your car. The top of the tray has a single notch to hold your cigarette. As ash falls into the tray, it will be funneled into the larger lower compartment, keeping your car clean and ash-free. Phenomenal, as no one–not even a smoker–loves the stale smell of ash in the car. The sleek design will look great in any car, and it’s available in red, black, rose gold, or silver. Now, you’ll spend less on those hang-up scented deodorizers that only annoy you while driving.

Buy this NOSTAFY Alloy Aluminum Windproof Enclosed Home Ashtray on Amazon here.




 ShalinIndia Brass Antique Nautical Wheel Design Ashtray

Antique Nautical Wheel Design Ashtray

This brass ashtray is designed to look like the captain’s wheel of a ship. Two doors on the face of the wheel flip open to reveal the compartment for ash. On the inside of the doors are small, curved stands to set the cigarette down over the ash compartment. This ashtray would make a perfect gift for someone who loves nautical decor. Aye, aye, Cap’n!

Buy this ShalinIndia Brass Antique Nautical Wheel Design Ashtray on Amazon here.




 Honoro Unique Windproof Ashtray with Lid

Windproof Ashtray

This windproof ashtray is made with a beautiful, brushed bronze finish that will fit well with modern decor. There are three notches for setting cigarettes down, and the honeycomb design on the lid of the ashtray allows ash to fall into the lower compartment. This ashtray is great for outdoor use as the lid prevents ash being blown around. This ashtray can also be bought in silver or gold, though the gold appears to be sold out at this time.

Buy this Honoro Unique Windproof Ashtray with Lid on Amazon here.



Tips for Finding the Right Ashtray for You

There is no single right answer when it comes to finding the best ashtray. Many ashtrays have similar features or no extra features at all. So, choosing the right product for you is just as much about choosing the design you like best as it is about finding a quality, working item with nifty features.


There are smokeless options, windproof options, and some ashtrays have extra features that make them more suited for specific uses than others. On the other end of the spectrum, some products are simply just bowls with notches in the side to rest your cigarette–good old retro style, you might say.


To help you decide which product is best for you, first consider where you plan to use the ashtray. If you want to use it in a professional space, something a little more sleek and traditional is best. If you want something for your home, get creative and quirky. And if buying for a bar or restaurant patio, try to find something that fits the design or theme of your restaurant.


If you need a little guidance, check out the tips below to help you find the right ashtray for you. We’ll discuss some of the most popular features and designs and whether they should matter to you. Knowing what you want from the product before you shop will help you make a quality purchase.



The most fun part of shopping for a new ashtray, in my opinion, is choosing the design. If you’re buying for personal use or for a bar/restaurant patio, you can have a little bit of fun with this aspect of the ashtray.


You can find an ashtray that makes a pop-culture reference, choose one that fits with your decor, or find something to fit boho styles, modern styles, nautical styles, gothic styles, and so many more. This is really the area in which you can get creative.


Take some time to see the different designs that are out there, because I guarantee you that there’s one to fit your preferences exactly. And, if you don’t really want to get crazy with it, there are a lot of traditional options that are less ostentatious. These more simply designed options are also perfect for use in a professional space.



If you plan to use this ashtray outdoors, you should really consider a windproof product. These ashtrays usually have some sort of cap or multi-level system that will trap ash and prevent it being blown around in the wind.


In our list of best ashtrays, there are two main choices for products like this:


The first is a sort of flip-top container. You flip a “door” open to reveal a small cup and rest for your cigarette. When you close the door, the cup will dump its contents into a larger enclosed container.


The second is a more simplistic style that’s basically just a lid on a larger container. You can remove this lid while the ashtray is in use and replace it when you’re done, containing any ash left behind. Sometimes, these lids also have holes cut in them or are funnel-shaped so the lid can remain on during use. The holes are just large enough to allow ash to fall into the container below while blocking out wind.


A windproof ashtray is especially useful in a car. Some windproof ashtrays are designed to fit in your cup holder so that you can keep your car clean and ash-free. Flicking ash or cigarette butts out your car window is illegal and could get you a ticket for littering. Having an in-car ashtray, specifically a windproof one, can be the perfect solution.



Many of the ashtrays that are designed to be windproof also limit the output of smoke because the ash is trapped inside. But, for an even more effective product, you can buy ashtrays that have built-in fans and filters.


These products usually have a ring of fans around the outer rim of the ashtray that draws the smoke in rather than letting it drift up and away. After sucking the smoke in, it will filter it out and release clean air from the base of the ashtray. This limits not just the smell of the smoke but also the risk for secondhand smoke. We especially love this design because it’s not just oriented toward the smoker; everyone around benefits.


Most of these ashtrays are battery operated and can be recharged with USB cables. A full charge will keep the ashtray working for hours, so you’ll get a lot of use out of it before needing to plug it back in.


Easy to Clean

Many ashtrays are designed with a lot of detail in the bottom and sides, creating nooks and crannies for ash to settle into. It can be really difficult to completely clean ashtrays with designs like this. Where most can simply be dumped over a trash can and wiped with a wet cloth, more detailed ashtrays may need something like a rough sponge or bristled brush to come completely clean.


Some of the windproof designs with the flip-down doors can also be difficult to clean inside. They’re meant to keep ash contained in an enclosed area. They’re not really meant to fit a paper towel inside to wipe it out.


If the design is something that’s too good to pass up, it may be worthwhile. Otherwise, it’s likely that this ashtray will soon look dirty, dingy, and even less detailed as ash packs in and fills the holes and ridges of the design.


Ashtrays can be really fun items to shop for. Whether you’re buying something crazy and fun for at-home use or shopping for something sleek for a professional space, there is a product out there for you.


Before you make a purchase, use our guidelines and look over the list of quality products. In doing so, you will ensure that you end up with a product that you’re truly happy with.