Best Shower Shoes Out There Right Now


When you’re getting out of a nice, warm shower, the last thing you need is to step on a cold floor and freeze the rest of your body! If you manage to splash water everywhere, there is a risk of slipping too.


This makes a pair of shower shoes an excellent investment. Not only will they stop you from falling over, but they will also keep your feet cozy. Plus, you will look great as soon as you step out, and they will protect your feet from bacteria in public showers.


There is a lot to choose from, so this article will show you some of the best shower shoes out there right now.



What We Cover In This Article

1. Adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slides

Adilette Shower Slides

The classic Adidas Adilette shower slides are some of the best shower shoes around – and for a good reason.


Since they are made by Adidas, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product. The material is great and will last for a long time. If you’re just back from the gym or working out, they are perfect for slipping on once you’re fresh and sweat-free.


They use a Cloudfoam Plus footbed to help recharge your energy with pillow-soft cushioning, making every step a pleasure.

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2. Under Armour Men’s Locker III Slide Cross-Trainer Shoe

Slide Cross-Trainer Shoe

These shower sandals are quick-drying performance molded EVA slides, perfect for using in a locker room or poolside. The strap, footbed, and outsole are engineered to transport water away from your feet.


They look great and come at a very reasonable price, without shortchanging you on quality. Whether you’re wearing them to the beach or around town or just out of the shower, every step keeps your feet protected.


If you need new shower shoes, these should certainly be near the top of your list.

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3. Shevalues Shower Sandal Slippers

Shower Sandal Slippers

These shower sandals are among the most comfortable on the entire list. They are extremely soft and lightweight thanks to their high-elastic EVA makeup, giving your feet ultimate comfort and pain relief.


They are fast drying once you’re out of the shower. The built-in drain holes are designed to accelerate and push water out, making them dry quickly. These shower shoes also come with arch support, effectively balancing pressure from the heels and balls of your feet, reducing stress overall.


The EVA outsole has durable anti-slip technology to give your feet a good grip with no slippage and good balance.

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4. Crocs Crocband Flip Flop

Crocs Crocband Flip Flop

These shower sandals are the perfect warm-weather choice that pairs perfectly with shorts, slacks or swimwear. They are sporty and lightweight with the signature midsole racing stripe. Whether it’s for the beach, garden or anywhere you choose to get your summer on, you’re all set with these shower shoes.


Lightweight and easy to wear, the Crocs Crocband Flip Flop uses Croslite foam, featuring iconic Crocs Comfort that offers all-day comfort and support. In particular, the upper soles offer massage-pod footbeds that feel good on your feet.


They feature Croc’s signature ease of cleaning and are fast-drying.

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5. Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal

Poolside Sport Sandal

These shower sandals can be used for a variety of water-related activities where bacteria may be present. Use them at the pool, in a public dorm shower, at the gym or even for just walking around.


Vertico makes the sole of these shower sandals from hard, waterproof rubber for extra comfort and stability. The footbridge strap is designed to vent trapped moisture away from the feet, and the bottom is made of durable rubber tread that grips surfaces easily. Further, the insole is made with a soft but durable, closed-cell EVA for added comfort.


The overall quality of this product makes it one of the best on the market.

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6.  Finleoo Shower Sandal Slippers

Shower Sandal Slippers

Finleoo Shower Sandal Slippers are very soft and lightweight thanks to their EVA material. The soft, raised design ensures that when you walk, your feet are in total comfort and free from any pain.


The soles of these shower shoes are anti-slip. Their striped design increases the friction between the sole and the ground. Whether you’re walking on wet or slick, polished surfaces, you will not slip. When it’s time to put them away, the hole-like design in the sole speeds up the drying process.


These shower sandals are great if you want something for casual fashion too.

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7. Xomiboe Shower Shoes

Xomiboe Shower Shoes

Xomiboe Shower Shoes are very comfortable. When worn in the shower, the many drainage holes in the sole ensure they dry quickly, keeping your feet dry and comfortable at all times. They are made from high-elastic EVA for further comfort and feel light to wear.


The non-slip bumps on the soles of these shower sandals prevent slipping, making them perfect for a number of occasions such as the gym, college, public showers, travel, pool, dorm showers, around the house and more.


These shower shoes are wide, making it easy to slide your feet in.

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8. TECS PVC Slide Sandals

TECS PVC Slide Sandals

Keep your feet from germy surfaces, like the gym locker room, dorm room and shower with these shower sandals. Drainage holes throughout the sole and upper allow water and sweat to drain away quickly and provide maximum airflow.


Aqua Tecs technology cushions your feet with a wide, relaxed fit. After a long day at work, they feel fantastic on your feet.


Their PVC construction makes these shower sandals tough yet soft, making them perfect to take to the beach, pool, spa, sauna, gym, dorm, camping, in the garden, around the house or after sports.

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9. Nike Kawa Shower Slide Sandals

Shower Slide Sandals

Having been a best-seller in the shoe space for years, Nike continues its winning and comfortable designs with this popular shower sandal.


The soft synthetic strap moves naturally with your foot and the Solarsoft foam footbed provides a plush feel underfoot. Nike has injected Phylon foam midsole to make these slides lightweight and durable too.


The overall quality of this product cannot be overstated. They look fantastic too, so no matter if it’s walking on the beach or hopping out of your shower at home, your feet will never look so good.

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10. Shower Shoez Non-Slip Shower Gym Pool Dorm Water Sandals

Water Sandals

In terms of value, you cannot go wrong with this product. Their unique drain holes guard you and your feet against fungus, mold, and bacteria, protecting your feet anywhere you go.


They have anti-slip soles so you will not slip and slide on wet surfaces at gyms, dorms, pools or anywhere your feet might take you. The quick-drying means you can toss them in your gym bag, locker or suitcase when you travel.


Comfortable, lightweight and stylish, you will feel completely safe in these shower sandals.

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11. FUNKYMONKEY Bathroom Shower Slippers

Bathroom Shower Slippers

These shower shoes have a unique diamond pattern and raised design. They only weigh about 200g thanks to their lightweight and durable EVA material to give your feet ultimate comfort and pain relief. The wide insole design ensures almost anyone can wear them.


The diamond-shaped raised design, utilizing High-Elastic EVA material, has good slip resistance. Coupled with the pressure of human body weight, the shoe increases friction to keep better balance, especially when used in the bath.


They are perfect for anywhere you might use them, including bathrooms, living rooms, the gym and spa, at the beach, on vacation and many more.

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12. Showaflops Antimicrobial Shower & Water Sandals

Antimicrobial Shower & Water Sandals

Showaflops are the first – and most stylish – slides designed to protect your feet from all those places that germs might lurk! Perfect for public showers, gyms, steam rooms, dorms, camps, pools, locker rooms… anywhere your feet take you!


Showaflops include unique drainage hole designs, antimicrobial layers, and soft, pliable slip-resistant soles crafted from a proprietary blend of EVA and rubber that protect you from slips while protecting your feet against mold, fungus and bacteria on floors.


Choose a fun design for each member of the family! You, too, will love the feel, look, and comfort of a Showaflop, and you’ll love how they protect your feet as well.

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13. Secure SRSS-1L Slip Resistant Shower Shoes

Slip Resistant Shower Shoes

The Secure Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes are ideal to use at home, dorms, gym locker rooms, hotels and more. They have heavy-duty grooved soles, each independently tested and proven to resist slipping on wet surfaces.


Soft, comfortable nylon mesh uppers mean the inside back seam does not create heel skin issues. You will not get any inside front toe skin issues either.


Finally, the expanded soft foot opening gives ideal comfort to users, making them easy to slip your foot into them. The higher back on uppers reduces the chances the slippers come off feet when worn.

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14. Hytt Shower Sandals

Hytt Shower Sandals

Made of high-quality eco-friendly EVA, Hytt’s shower sandals have excellent durability. Molded to have a beautiful diamond grain design, they come in three classic colors – black, navy, grey – and they are completely suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


The material and construction technique makes the shoe lightweight, so they remain light on your feet. Just enjoy how comfortable they are.


And enjoy their safety. Their outsole, with its deep diamond patterns, makes them anti-slip and weather-proof, perfect for using in the bathroom or public shower.

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15. Matari Indoor Bathroom Shower Solid Slide-on Slippers

Shower Solid Slide-on Slippers

These shower shoes are the ultimate for customization. They are available in a wide range of colors and have the unique appearance of being woven. So pick the ideal color for you, or pick several–all you need to do is enjoy the style.


But all those colors don’t deter the manufacturer from its main goal: these shoes have anti-slip technology so you don’t fall and hurt yourself on wet slick surfaces. They are lightweight and easy to pack when you go traveling.


Pick your favorite and you won’t regret it.

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16. Old Navy Beach Summer Casual Flip Flop Sandal

Summer Casual Flip Flop Sandal

The Old Navy Beach Summer Casual Flip Flop Sandal is another in the long line of high-quality products from this established brand.


They are made from PVC material, with EVA outsoles, ensuring comfort for your feet, no matter where you go. The firm and comfortable footbed with printed logo ensures you have a good grip on all surfaces. The sturdy textured footpad provides extra traction


And of course, they have a classic style, making them a must-have. The contrasting straps, give plenty of comfort too.

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17. New Balance Float Slide

New Balance Float Slide

Comfortable and convenient, the New Balance float slide is perfect for the gym, hanging out or running a quick errand. Simply slip them onto your feet and you’re good to go. They are so easy, light-weight and comfortable, you won’t want to take them off anytime soon.


With additional side-arch supports, the shoes also have plenty of drainage holes to ensure water quickly wicks away, keeping your feet dry and protected from dirty floors. This also makes them very easy to pack into your bag as water cannot leak onto all your other items.

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18. Bigant Bathroom Shower Shoes

Bigant Bathroom Shower Shoes

The Bigant Bathroom Shower Shoes have soft and elastic soles with a massaging footbed that provides superior comfort to your feet and help you relax after a long, tiring day.


The premium EVA composition makes the shoes extremely light-weight. They feel soft but firm and are kind to your skin, so they are great for using over long periods of time. Both sides of the soles are well structured for anti-slipping, keeping your feet protected at all times.


To top it off, there is a wide range of colors to choose from.

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19. MeKaren Shower Slippers

MeKaren Shower Slippers 

Made from a high-quality super-soft EVA material, the MeKaren Shower Slippers provide a thick sole design with holes drilled in for easy and fast-wicking of water–keeping your feet dryer and more comfortable than many other shower slippers.


The durable anti-slip EVA outer-sole gives your feet a good grip with no slippage and good balance. The slide-on design makes it easy to put them on and take them off. With a lightweight rubber sole, you ease the pressure on the soles of the feet when walking.


All these features make these shower sandals perfect for any place you’ll be encountering wet surfaces, like the bathroom, spa, beach, after sports and a whole lot more.

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20. PROCHE Summer Bath Slipper

Summer Bath Slipper

These shower shoes are made from well-selected and high-quality EVA, making them super soft and completely flexible. The slipper works perfectly on wood, slate, and other surfaces. As soon as you put them on, your feet will be massaged by the rubber pebbles comprising the footbed, keeping your feet dry, healthy and comfortable.


Because the sandals are hollow, your feet will breathe and remain odorless. The anti-skid and wear-resistant properties make these shower sandals a must-have item for the bathroom, spa, gym, bedroom, swimming pool, etc.


With an amazing variety of colors to choose from, it’s easy to match your slippers to your style.

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21. clootess Shower Shoes

clootess Shower Shoes

To end this list of best shower shoes out there right now, we have the clootess Shower Shoes. They are very comfortable to wear and, thanks to the tiny particles on the slipper footbed, they increase the grip of your feet on the shoe, making it very difficult to slip on wet surfaces.


The concise style makes them practical for a variety of occasions. Whether it’s for wearing at home around the house or taking to the steam room or public swimming pool, they have you covered.


The lightweight and durable PVC material ensures they are flexible and very easy to clean.

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