Best Outdoor Blankets You’ll Love To Own


With so many options on the market, finding an outdoor blanket that fits your needs isn’t easy. Researching all the options, assessing what you really want, and seeing if products meet your needs can take a long, long time.


To save you the hassle and help you ease decision-making, we have put together a list of the best outdoor blankets that you can buy.


From picnic blankets to beach blankets and even more traditional military-based blankets, this list contains every option you could possibly think of to help you make your decision.


We have also pointed out the key features of each blanket, so why not settle down and discover which one is right for you?



What We Cover In This Article

1 – Oceas Outdoor Extra Large Waterproof Blanket 

Extra Large Waterproof Blanket

Oceas is a brand that cares about customer feedback and the quality of their products. With this blanket in particular, Oceas wanted to ensure that its waterproof quality lived up to its name. So they hired an engineering team to do just that! The result? A double-coated backing made from waterproof polyester and polyurethane, making this outdoor blanket perfect for all weathers.


Comfort is another thing you won’t have to miss out on with this blanket, as it comes in a plush fleece that provides the same comfort of a warm, indoor blanket. It’s also large enough to accommodate three adults or a family of four.

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2 – EKTOS Outdoor Wool Blanket

Outdoor Wool Blanket

If you’re looking to explore during drier weather, these heavyweight loom woven woolen blankets are perfect. Even if you do happen to get it wet, the wool means it can still provide thermal warmth, keeping hypothermia and frostbite at bay in all conditions! Although it’s heavier than many of the other options on our list, wool is one of the best insulators and can be used to better regulate temperature, so it’s worth investing if you can stretch your budget.


Unlike a lot of other similar blankets on the market, you can rest assured that this one does not contain unnecessary fire retardant or dye chemicals. Created for outdoor use, these can be either hand washed or machine washed with no problems.

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3 – Lightspeed Outdoors Plush Fleece Rainproof & Windproof Blanket 

Rainproof & Windproof Blanket 

Lightspeed Outdoors really thought of everything when creating this blanket, covering you for all sorts of incidents you may encounter while outdoors. This includes changing weather conditions, spillages, and rough terrain. As well as being durable with a rugged outer shell that keeps rain and wind away, this rain and windproof blanket is comfortable, with a super soft poly fleece interior. This makes it great for everything from camping to picnics and even as a back-up on an exploration holiday.


The size of this blanket isn’t as large as some of the other options on our list, but still extremely generous, making it perfect for small families or as individual protection. Best of all, it’s completely machine washable, making it easy for you to clean once your fun adventures have ended.

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4 – Horizon Hound Compact Camping Blanket 

Compact Camping Blanket

There’s an expectation with outdoor blankets that they are relatively lightweight, but it’s difficult to beat the impressive 1lb 1oz this blanket weighs. Stuffed with 650 fill down materials, you’ll get all the comfort of the warmth of down without adding significant weight to your gear. It also won’t take up much room, easily compressing into the premium stuff sack included in this purchase.


Although this blanket isn’t completely waterproof, it is water-resistant and is durable enough that it should withstand light rain and windy weather. Unlike the other blankets, this one is for individual use, but provides versatility – you can clip it together to create a  warm, poncho-style blanket if you desire.

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5 – Arcturus Mt. Rainer Wool Blanket 

Mt. Rainer Wool Blanket 

If you’re looking for an outdoor blanket that will keep you warm and you aren’t concerned about the weight, this is a great option. Made from 80% wool to keep you warm even when wet, this blanket is extremely thick and weighs 4.5lbs to accommodate for this. It is also on the larger side, making it perfect to share with others on an overnight camping trip or for use on a family picnic.


Arcturus also put some thought into how you can enjoy this blanket without wasting too much time on the usually time-consuming process of washing woolen materials. This is why the other 20% of fabric used is hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, which not only increase durability but also make the blanket easily machine or hand washable.

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6 – Matador Pocket Blanket 

Pocket Blanket 

This space-saving pocket blanket by Matador is perfect for those going on a multi-day hike or camping trip with limited room for supplies, or those who simply don’t want to be carrying much. When unfolded, this blanket is 63”x44”, making it perfect for sharing with a friend, but can be folded down into a bag that fits in your hand. This folding process is easy, too, with the integrated storage pouch included on the blanket itself.


The blanket itself has a satin fabric finish on top to prevent it from sticking to the skin, with specialist measures to make sure that it is water-resistant. It’s also incredibly durable for rougher terrains and is puncture and tear-resistant.

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7 – Kelty Bestie Blanket 

Kelty Bestie Blanket 

Who said outdoor blankets couldn’t have designs like those for indoor use? Not us! These Kelty Bestie blankets sure blow this myth out of the water with the six colorful, exquisite designs they’ve created for your next adventure. From brick red and blue reversible designs to army camo and orange, Kelty offers a blanket for everyone.


In addition to design, these Kelty Bestie blankets are extremely comfortable, made using cloud loft insulation packs for an incredible high warmth to weight ratio. It also has polyester pongee and poly taffeta on either side which makes it even more comfortable, which is a good compromise for the fact that it isn’t waterproof like many other options on our list.

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8 – Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket With Sherpa Lining 

Outdoor Blanket With Sherpa Lining 

This multi-purpose blanket includes everything you need to enjoy an outdoor excursion regardless of the weather. With waterproof backing, this blanket can lie on damp grass without users getting wet. It also has an upper layer of Sherpa lining for additional comfort, but be warned that this is not water-resistant so it must not be placed this side down.


The blanket itself is machine washable and easily cleaned if spillages, like soda spills, occur while you’re out and about. Also created for your ease is a handle attached to the bag, making it easy to roll up and compactly store or transport from one place to another.

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9 – WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket 

Sand Free Beach Blanket 

Over 30% larger than blankets offered by competing companies, WEKAPO ‘s Sand Free Beach Blanket is one of the best outdoor blankets you can buy.  It can easily accommodate 7 adults or a mix of 10 adults and children combined. Though it’s large, you can compact it into a small, lightweight bag and store it in the bottom of a bag or the trunk of a car.


The design itself may look simple, but the features it includes are anything but. This includes four corner pockets that can be filled with sand, and the ability to nail it down with metal stakes in windy weather to avoid it flying away. It’s also extremely water-resistant, allowing you to have hours of fun no matter the weather.

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10 – USGI Industries Military Camo All Weather Blanket 

Military Camo All Weather Blanket 

Are you looking for a blanket that helps you feel at one with nature, or like you are experiencing the wild as naturally as possible? If the options we’ve shown so far don’t cut it, this military blanket option is a great way to delve deeply into your exploration. Made from military-grade polyester and nylon materials, this blanket qualifies for use by soldiers, fitting the mandatory spec size of 82”x62”.


These qualities make this blanket extremely durable and able to handle all weather. If space-saving is something you’re looking for, however, don’t be so quick to turn away as this is extremely lightweight and easily portable, weighing just 1.8lbs.

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11 – Snugpak Jungle Blanket

Snugpak Jungle Blanket

Snugpak boasts that its jungle blanket is a great, travel-friendly alternative to traditional outdoor blankets or poncho designs as it’s compressible, lightweight and can protect from all environments. Weighing just 1.6lbs, this blanket can be compressed into a 6”x6” bag and easily carried around without adding weight to your gear. The outer shell of this blanket also provides protection from the wind and is water repellent, leading to a comfortable night’s sleep or aiding relaxation during the day.


Tests on temperature have shown that this blanket will keep you warm at temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit, providing superior heat retention. These blankets are also treated with antibacterial and antimicrobial solutions to discourage the growth of bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about encountering nasty germs on your adventure.

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12 – FANCYWING Outdoor Fleece Blanket XL Hooded Stadium Mat 

FANCYWING Outdoor Fleece Blanket

Offering you something a little bit different, this outdoor blanket by FANCYWIG comes already made into an oversized poncho that will keep you warm during the rainiest of weather. The outer shell is made from colorful waterproof materials so you don’t have to worry about getting wet when wearing this. To use for more than one, just unfold the blanket and lay it on the ground on its waterproof side.


On the inside, its soft poly fleece keeps you warm and is easily machine washed when necessary. One of the most unique things about this item, however, is that it comes with a backpack to store it in when not in use, leaving your hands free for other necessary items for your outing.

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13 – Cloudz Compact Travel Blanket 

Cloudz Compact Travel Blanket 

If you’re looking for something more lightweight than fleece but don’t want to compromise comfort for a 100% nylon option, Cloudz has the perfect solution. Their travel blankets are made from Viscose, a material made entirely from wood and agricultural fibers. This also makes the blanket more environmentally friendly than many other options without compromising durability or usability.


A great blanket for solo travel or solo use, it unfolds to the perfect personal use size of 40”x62”. When you’re done with it, it’s easy to store and transport as it’s lightweight enough to be rolled up into a small bag or carried under your arm.

Buy this Cloudz Compact Travel Blanket on Amazon here



14 – ZOMAKE Waterproof Picnic Blanket 

ZOMAKE Waterproof Picnic Blanket 

Originally created as a picnic planet, ZOMAKE has considered so many eventualities that its blanket has become a must-have for many outdoor situations. From sporting events to outdoor concerts and even beach use, it’s difficult to find a situation where you wouldn’t be able to use this and get your money’s worth within months of purchasing. It’s also more on the budget side, but this hasn’t compromised quality. The blanket is made from three layers to provide thickness and comfort at all times.


The materials in question are extremely easy to clean, with the company claiming that it can be wiped clean and is as good as new. If you want a more thorough clean, it can also be washed either by hand or in the machine and dries very quickly after doing so.

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15 – Generic Ultimate Sports Wrap / Hooded Stadium Blanket With Zippers

Generic Ultimate Sports Wrap

Generic has worked hard to produce a multipurpose weatherproof poncho/jacket combination that enables you to keep one blanket for several different occasions. Made for wear by an adult up to 6ft in height and 225lbs, this versatile design will fit most people, and can easily be unzipped into a blanket when the event calls for it with little difficulty.


While the outside is a 100% nylon denier to protect you from the elements, the inside comes with a patented fleece design with built-in mittens to keep you warm and comfortable at all times. There are also upper and lower zips that allow you to stay warm while holding your cell phone or a hot beverage.

Buy this Generic Ultimate Sports Wrap / Hooded Stadium Blanket With Zippers on Amazon here



16 – ARAER Outdoor Multi-Function Outdoor Blanket

Multi-Function Outdoor Blanket

For those who want a durable blanket that is big enough to handle large groups of people, then this one by ARAER, at a length of 63”x58” is perfect. They estimate that it would be able to handle between 3-5 adults comfortably, but this number could rise if the group was split between adults and children. The blanket itself is made from 210D Oxford Cloth, which ensures it’s puncture and tear-resistant.


Its four corner pockets make this great for use exploring environments during winter months or during periods where it is windy. You can choose to put sand in the pockets to hold the blanket down, or instead use the stakes provided to keep it secure.

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17 – Geggur 3D Printed Outdoor Camping Quilt 

3D Printed Outdoor Camping Quilt 

Greggur is the brand to go to if you’re looking for outdoor or picnic blankets that are durable and unique in nature. This one, in particular, is focused primarily on camping enthusiasts, although there are other options including a zodiac one to choose from if you prefer. The blanket itself is comfortable and made from double-faced fleece flannelette material, which is durable enough to handle being on the ground.


You might think a blanket with 3D printed designs difficult to wash, but this isn’t the case. Like any other ordinary blanket, simply throw it in the washing machine and watch as it dries far quicker than most blankets would.

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18 – SportLite Microfiber Beach Blanket 

SportLite Microfiber Beach Blanket

For an even more lightweight option than many of those we’ve already mentioned in this list, why not invest in this SportLite blanket? They are the official towel of the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association, so they are made to be easily folded and carried under the arm. In addition to this, they will also not trap sand and can be easily hung up by its handy hanging loop.


If you’re going to use this as a blanket, it also comes with inbuilt corner anchor pockets which you can fill with sand to prevent it from moving in the wind. These can then simply be removed when you’re ready to leave and easily cleaned in a normal washing machine when you get home.

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As you can see, this list covers a whole selection of different outdoor blankets, providing you with a wide selection from which to choose as you decide which is the best blanket for your next excursion.


If you’re traveling in a colder, windy environment, for example, many of these blankets come with corner pockets you can fill with weights so that they stay put. We’ve also got those of you desiring a blanket for warmer environments or situations where lots of transportation is involved – check out the lightweight, easy to carry options.


Whatever your needs, this list has you covered, so go ahead and purchase whichever one (or multiple) speaks to you the most.