Top 20 Maternity Pillows Available on Amazon


Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time. Bodies changes, responsibilities mount, and emotions run high. As your body contours to maternity, it can become hard to sleep with your baby bump. Maybe you’re used to sleeping on your back or your stomach, while literature recommends sleeping on the left side. Back pain, swollen hands and ankles, and other uncomfortable symptoms can start to disturb your slumber.


Restful sleep is crucial for your health and wellbeing, which helps you have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. A maternity pillow can make a big difference in making sure you get that sleep. Ranging from wedges to full-body cocoons, a maternity or pregnancy pillow provides the support an expectant mother needs to rest up and prepare for the new arrival.


Here are our 20 favorite maternity pillows available on Amazon …



1- Cepheus Pregnancy Body Pillows with Velvet Cover

Upholstered in stretchy, super-soft velvet, the Cepheus Pregnancy Body Pillow is luxurious to the touch. This U-shaped body pillow is suitable for all body types, but specially designed to provide both front and back support for the unique shape of a pregnant body.


U-shaped pillows are versatile. You can shape them into forms perfect for sleeping on your side or back, or for sitting up to watch TV or read. The Cepheus body pillow has the perfect balance—substantial without being bulky, firm without being stiff.


The cover feels glorious on the skin and is easy to replace with zipper access to the pillow stuffing. This maternity pillow gets rave reviews and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, along with a one-year warranty.

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2- Bambinii Pregnancy Pillow

Bambinii Pregnancy Pillow


This impossibly touchable U-shaped full-body pillow is covered with silky-smooth microfiber. It’s the kind of pillow you will snuggle with even after you’ve given birth to your new family member.


A U-shaped body pillow is perfect for mothers who usually sleep on their backs or their stomachs, helping them to adapt to sleeping on their sides. The Bambinii Pregnancy Pillow maintains its supportive embrace even if you toss and turn.


It’s also firm where other body pillows are soft, providing the extra support and comfort pregnant mothers need as their tummies grow. It’s on the pricier side, but it boasts an extra-long twelve-month satisfaction guarantee with a full refund policy.

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3- Amagoing 57-Inch Pregnancy Pillow

Amagoing 57-Inch Pregnancy Pillow

Upholstered with “t-shirt” jersey cloth, this soft, ergonomic U-shaped body pillow distinguishes itself with its high-tech filling. The extra-soft, high-density Bionic Polyethylene stuffing is as fluffy as a cloud, while still providing the support pregnant women need to avoid back pain and sleep through the night.


The Amagoing Pregnancy Pillow is also height adjustable. You can directly access the polyethylene stuffing from the zippered cover. Just remove some stuffing to customize the pregnancy pillow to fit your body perfectly.


The jersey cover is not only removeable, but also machine washable. You should wash it every couple of weeks, especially if you are a hot sleeper.

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4- Moxuan Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

Moxuan ergonomically designed its affordable U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow to form a 45-degree angle beneath your belly. This angle provides optimal support for sleep, particularly useful for  reducing back and hip pain in the third trimester.


The removable outer jacket is made from 100% cotton, with no formaldehyde, fluorescent agents, allergens, chemical residue, or aromatic amines. It’s natural, non-toxic, breathable, and soft to the touch. Additionally, the Moxuan Pregnancy Pillow cover resists stains. Most stains, even hard-to-fight ones, wash right out. The color does not fade, even after multiple machine washings.

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5- Pillow Capital Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

If you love the cool feel of percale sheets, this U-shaped body pillow is for you. The machine-washable percale cotton cover allows you to customize your pillow by adding or removing filling as you need to conform to your changing shape.


Pregnant women are not the only ones who fall in love with the Pillow Capital Full Body Pillow. Fluffy and full, it offers premium support not just for the back and front, but also the knees, shoulders, and hips. Anyone who suffers from pain or stress in these body parts could benefit from sharing their bed with a Pillow Capital Body Pillow.

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6- MoMA Pregnancy Pillow

MoMA Pregnancy Pillow

This U-shaped body pillow sports an indulgent velvet cover, perfect for snuggling and designed to be anti-allergic, breathable, and sweat-absorbent. Many expectant mothers find that they perspire more during pregnancy, so they need a body pillow designed for that change.


The velvet pillow cover can be removed for easy upkeep and longevity. It is safe to machine-wash and even tumble dry under low heat. The filling, made from 100% polyester, is soft and squishy. If the pillow is too big or too firm, you can always remove some of the filling.


MoMA offers a 100% no-questions-asked money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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7- EKLO MommyWedge Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

MommyWedge Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Shaped like a small wedge, the EKLO MommyWedge goes under the baby bump, relieving the pressure on your lower back caused by sleeping on your side during pregnancy. Support for your tummy also improves your circulation, resulting in less swelling of the hands, feet, and legs.


The filling consists of open-cell memory foam, a material that has just the right blend of squishiness and firmness to cradle you without being pushy. The material also breathes and promotes excellent airflow, keeping you cool even if you’re a hot sleeper.


A velvet pillow-slip encases the memory foam. The slip can be removed by unzipping it, making it easy to clean in the washing machine.


All EKLO products carry a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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8- Milliard Memory Foam U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Talk about affordable luxury—Milliard offers an extra-long U-shaped body pillow filled entirely with memory foam. Relieve pressure on your belly and back with this responsive, breathable pillow perfect for pregnant women of any height.


Like sleeping in a soft, enveloping embrace, the Malliard Memory Foam Body Pillow provides the perfect support for sleeping in any position, as well as sitting up, so you can use it while nursing, watching TV, reading, or anything else you need a little extra comfort for.


The cover is removable for easy washing. Great for front-sleepers. Tall enough for him, too!

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9- PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

A C-shaped body pillow offers impeccable back support and flexible front support, ideal for pregnant women but also excellent for anyone who wants extra support for the back, hips, neck, head, and legs while they sleep. No more relying on multiple pillows that get scattered easily throughout the bed.


The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow keeps you secure and comfortable on your side, eliminating the urge to toss and turn by reducing the pressure that any one part of your body puts on another. The soft, touchable jersey fabric snuggles like your favorite comfy t-shirt.


Designed in California, the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow carriers with it a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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10- Meiz Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Meiz Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This is the maternity pillow for women who need extra—a king-sized U-shaped body pillow big enough for a king-sized bed and fit for a queen. The 100%-cotton cover is smooth, breathable, and non-scratchy, encasing a filling made from high-density polyethylene 7D hollow fiber.


Snuggling up with this gigantic pillow helps your spine and hips remain in a neutral position while sleeping on your side, as recommended by OB/GYNs for expectant mothers. It’s also perfect for people with sciatica and hypertension. It also relieves tension on the liver, a problem that side-sleepers are prone to.


To achieve the same effect with standard pillows, you would need a pillow under your head, back, knees, hips, and belly. In short, The Meiz Pregnancy Pillow does the work of no fewer than five pillows.

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11- Leachco Snoogle Chic

Leachco Snoogle Chic

Leachco upgraded their popular Snoogle body pillow to the “Snoogle Chic,” with a machine-washable cover that zips on and off for easy care. With a patented C-shaped design created by a mom and a registered nurse, the Snoogle contains an extra-firm filling that doesn’t go flat quickly like other pillows.


The Snoogle is versatile, with a different sleep experience based on which way you face. You can easily find the position that best aligns and supports your back, belly, neck, hips, and knees for the perfect night’s sleep in any trimester.

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12- JILL & JOEY Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Just the thing for expectant moms who travel, the Jill & Joey Wedge is a compact sleeping solution that comes with its own travel bag. Efficient and designed with input from pregnant women themselves, the Jill & Joey Wedge offers maximum comfort while sleeping on your left side, recommended by medical professionals to allow maximum flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta while you sleep.


This wedge contains high-quality polyurethane foam stuffing, free of BPA, PVC, or Phthalates. It stays cool throughout the night, preventing you from overheating while you sleep.


Wedge-shape pregnancy pillows alleviate the pressure of an unsupported baby bump, reducing hip and lower back pain and reducing the risk of edema in the hands, feet, and legs.

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13- AngQi Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Maternity Pillows

AngQi shakes up the body pillow industry with an “L-shaped” pillow specifically designed to support your belly. This maternity pillow is perfect for women who feel claustrophobic while enclosed in a U-shaped or C-shaped pillow. It also provides access for a partner to snuggle with you for more intimate bedtimes.


The AngQi Full Body Pregnancy Pillow can also be positioned for back support to fight sciatica and back pain. It’s awesome for people who are natural side-sleepers and need that extra boost of support for their head, shoulders, belly, hips, and neck.


Filled with high-grade 7D PP soft fiber, this pillow is silent, malleable, and durable. The velvet pillow cover unzips for machine-washing.

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14- QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow

This U-shaped maternity pillow, fit for a queen, comes in multiple sizes and several appealing colors. The cover is 100%-pure velvet, breathable for a luxuriant, cool night’s sleep.


Designed with the unique needs of pregnant women, this body pillow takes the place of a whole collection of pillows. It can be folded into any number of creative shapes when you’re not using it for side-sleep support, acting as a footrest, backrest, or makeshift reading sofa.


The unique cushioning material helps improve circulation, relieve leg swelling, and provide

complete back support.

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15- Puredown C Shaped Maternity Body Pillow

C Shaped Maternity Body Pillow

The Puredown C-Shaped Maternity Body Pillow helps pregnant women make it through the day by helping to provide for their needs for a perfect night’s sleep.


This C-shaped pillow is specially designed to support your belly, head, knees, hips, and back while sleeping on your left side, which provides maximum blood flow from the mother to the fetus. The soft but firm embrace of this C-shaped body pillow stops you from rolling over in your sleep.


The polyester “peach-skin” cover unzips for easy machine washing. Stuffed with 74-ounce polyester batting, this body pillow is also great for people recovering from injuries or surgeries as well.

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16- Chilling Home Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Chilling Home Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

This dual-wedge pillow by Chilling Home provides support for your belly whichever side you sleep on, preventing you from rolling over onto your stomach. It’s stuffed with high-density, extra-soft Bionic Polyethylene, which retains its softness and springiness throughout your pregnancy.


Available covered with velvet or 100% hypoallergenic PP cotton, the cover unzips for machine washing and does not clump. Perfect for sensitive skin. Unlike standard wedge pillows, this one  is contoured specifically for your growing baby bump.


Not just for pregnant women, this wedge pillow can also help people suffering from sciatica, poor posture, or fibromyalgia.

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17- Awesling 60-Inch Full Body Pillow

Maternity Pillow

Awesling offers one of the most flexible, versatile maternity pillows on the market. A hybrid “G-shaped” pillow, extra-large for any size mother or baby bump, this maternity pillow allows you to choose your sleeping position for maximum comfort and support. The straight half protects your back; the curved half is perfect to tuck between your knees for superb hip support.


It also includes a bonus maternity care 45-degree angle pillow to prop up your belly and reduce back pain while sleeping on your left side for optimal nutrition and circulation for the fetus. It also includes a wide strap, allowing you to tether the two halves of the body pillow together to keep it from slipping away, even if you toss and turn in your sleep.


The Awesling Full-Body Pillow is also great for persons recovering from hip, knee, or shoulder surgery.

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18- BATTOP G-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Maternity Pillow

Featuring an oversized “G-shaped” design, this pillow supports you throughout your pregnancy. You can shape it into whatever position you prefer to sleep in, including left-side sleeping for optimal circulation between the mother and the baby.


The curved end can be tucked between your knees, the straight end propped against your back, with a tether to keep the two sides in place, enveloping you in a firm, snug embrace. The body pillow also comes with an extension pillow that can be used as a separate body pillow, or to prop up your baby bump for extra relief to the back and hips.


The BATTOP G-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow comes with a soft, hypo-allergenic velvet cover that detaches by zipper for easy machine-washing. Inside is durable, fluffy 7D PP cotton stuffing, airy and breathable for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

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19- MINGPINHUIUS Multi-Function Pregnancy Body Pillow

Maternity Pillow

This cheerful U-shaped maternity pillow is all about comfort and touch. The durable, double-stitched pillowcase is soft, breathable, and touchable, easy to remove with a bidirectional zipper. Easy to machine wash, the cover won’t fade and is perfect for sensitive skin.


Inside, the extra-thick filling of 7D PP cotton is fluffy but firm to prop up your belly and support your back for optimal sleep quality at any stage of your pregnancy. Extra-long at 57 inches, the MINGPINHUIUS Multi-Function Body Pillow also serves as a secret weapon to alleviate hip and back pain, even for people who are not pregnant.

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20- AIFUSI Pregnancy Pillow

Maternity Pillow

This compact double-wedge is the perfect pregnancy pillow to take on the road. It supports both your belly and your back, whichever side you sleep on, preventing excessive rolling, tossing, and turning. You can sleep comfortably in the position that best suits you and your baby.


A stretch-panel holds the two symmetrical wedges together. This pillow grows with you, stretching to meet the needs of your developing baby bump.


Upholstered in 100% polyester and stuffed with 3D polyester fiberfill, the AIFUSI Pregnancy Pillow is durable enough to enhance your sleep throughout your current pregnancy and pregnancies to come.

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