Best 29 Himalayan Salt Lamps Money Can Buy


The best Himalayan salt lamps offer a sight to behold, health benefits, a lamp, and a decorative masterpiece, all rolled into one beautiful item.


They are made by scraping out the center of the Himalayan pink salt rock and putting a candle, light bulb or heat source inside. When this lamp is lit, it emits a warm, beautiful amber glow that can transform the ambiance of any room.


But this elegant lamp is much more than a lighting device or decorative art.


The glow it produces is believed by some to offer a myriad of health benefits that include increasing energy levels, easing respiratory conditions, boosting mood and sleep, and promoting relaxation, just to mention a few.


This is all thanks to Himalayan rock salt’s hygroscopic properties and its ability to release negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere.


These ions are believed to help neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation, purify the air, remove air contaminants, and promote overall well-being. What more could you ask for from a lamp?


With all these perks, the demand for salt lamps in recent years has gone through the roof. In response, manufacturers have released a huge variety of these products into the market, meaning you have to do more due diligence to ensure you’re purchasing the real thing.


Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork and weeded out knock-offs to create a list of 29 best Himalayan salt lamps you get your hands on right now.



What We Cover In This Article

1- Himalayan Glow 1001 Natural Pink Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow 1001 Natural Pink Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow Pink Salt lamp (previously called 1001) boasts a hand-carved design that may seem familiar if you have used a salt lamp before. It features dimmable lighting, long 6.6ft cord, and a neem wood base that’s termite-resistant.


Overall, it’s a perfect addition to any bedroom, yoga studio, small living room, or as a Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day gift. UL safety certification, handmade design, and a nifty rotary dimmer are the top reasons why it’s a bestseller on Amazon. The natural look is a big plus, and the below $15 price tag isn’t too shabby, either.

Buy this Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



2- Spantik Himalayan Massage Salt Lamp

Spantik Himalayan Massage Salt Lamp

This is a set of six massage balls nestled in a bowl-shaped salt lamp basket. With a 15W incandescent light bulb, the whole setup glows gloriously. It’ll definitely make your room look serene and relaxing. Plus, the balls can be used to massage various parts of your body when warmed by the lamp for quick relief from muscle aches and tension.


Besides the unique design, UL safety certification, the rustic wooden base, and dimmable lighting make this salt lamp stand out. It pulls triple duty as a massage helper, health device, and a light source.

Buy Spantik Himalayan Massage Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



3- Himalayan Glow 1301BB Basket Salt Lamp

Basket Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow 1301BB is a unique set of basket-style salt lamps. The design includes a tall round mesh-style basket filled with the finest Himalayan salt crystals. Each is about 7.2 inches, which gives the lamp a beautiful and distinct look.


Each lamp comes with a 15W bulb, 6 feet cord, dimmable rotary switch, and built-in dimmer to help you set your glow to precise light intensity. It’s ETL certified, with a metal string base.

Buy this Himalayan Glow 1301BB Basket Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


4- TORCHSTAR 4 Pack Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light

Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light

This pack of 4 night-light salt lamps will simply blow your mind. Each is chiseled into a unique and elegant design. The pack comes with 4 extra bulbs for each lamp, plus a rocker switch that is super convenient. The icing on the cake is that each Torchstar night-light lamp comes with a rotatable 3-pin plug which means you can set the lamp to light to face up, down or sideways.


It sits in the socket firmly, and the lamps are lightweight, which minimizes any chances of falls. Overall, it is a perfect buy a gift for someone who values wellness (and lamps!).

Buy this TORCHSTAR 4 Pack Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light on Amazon here.



5- Crystal Allies Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp

Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp

We’ve seen salt lamps in many fantastic shapes and styles before but rarely do we come across a pyramid-shaped one. This gem from Crystal Allies is an exception, and it looks the part. It rises 5.5 inches at the tip, comes with a rotating dial, and a 15 W light bulb that radiates an amazing amber glow.


The unique pyramid design is definitely a big bonus, plus it comes with a stable wooden frame. A durable, beautiful source of light for your room and gets the job done with adjustable dimmer.

Buy this Crystal Allies Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



6- Bozily Bluetooth Speaker Himalayan Salt lamp

Bluetooth Speaker Himalayan Salt lamp

Salt lamp manufacturers are getting creative, and Bozily certainly captured our attention with this one. Bozily placed pink salt chunks in a circular basket with a flat base. It also doubles up as Bluetooth speaker. That means you play your favorite playlist while enjoying the ambiance that emanates from your lamp, not forgetting the health benefits of the glow.


This salt lamp not only syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity but also comes with a 1-touch dimmer adjustment and a sleek design. One word: buy!

Buy this Bozily Bluetooth Speaker Himalayan Salt lamp on Amazon here.


7- Shineled Forest Himalayan Salt Lamp

Shineled Forest Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are looking for a reasonably large basket-style salt lamp that’s as beautiful as it is practical, then look no further than this Shineled Forest lamp. The design includes a metallic basket in a cylindrical shape with a design pattern on the outside that creates a forest silhouette when the lamp is lit.


If you’re looking for an iridescent lamp that will add some romantic ambiance to your bedroom or living room, this product will fit the bill. Perhaps give it as a Valentine’s or anniversary gift. It’s powerful too with a 25W light bulb.

Buy this Shineled Forest Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



8- Crystal Décor Himalayan Basket Salt Lamp

Crystal Décor Himalayan Basket Salt Lamp

This is hands down our favorite basket lamp design. Instead of a bowl or complete rock, Crystal Décor loaded a small square basket with natural pink salt chunks. It features flower designs on each side, adding more oomph and pizzazz to the whole salt lamp setup.


You can dim the glow as you like by rotating a dial fixed on the cord. The basket itself has 4 cute legs that make this salt lamp perfect for a small dining room, living room or a night-light for your bedroom. It’s UL certified, too.

Buy this Crystal Décor Himalayan Basket Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



9-  d’aplomb Rectangular Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

It may not have the fanciest shape on this list, but d’aplomb salt lamp has many things going for it. For starters, each lamp you get is unique and made from 100% genuine pink rock salt. It’s UL-certified, lightweight at just 11 lbs, 15W light bulb to match the size, and dimmer lighting.


What takes the cake, however, is the handcrafted wooden base that will go well with any wooden or contemporary furniture in your room. With clean lines, it won’t be hard to find a sweet spot for it in your living room, yoga studio, office or bedroom.

Buy this d’aplomb Rectangular Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



10- Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit has made a name for itself in this niche, and Cora is a basket salt lamp to beat in the category. You can plug to an outlet or any device via USB. The beauty of it all is that it comes with a tap-and-hold dimmer button so you can set it to the exact intensity of light you want.


You’ll also love its glass housing that completes the basket design, with a beautiful base that will blend well into any modern home. It comes with a 2-year warranty, RoHS, CE, FCC, and ETL safety certifications for added peace of mind.

Buy this Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



11- ArtNaturals Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

All rugged and natural, this ArtNaturals salt lamp is a beauty to behold. Measuring 9 by 5 inches, and weighing approximately 5-6 pounds, this elegant piece is lightweight and powerful enough for a small bedroom or dining area. You will fall in love with the unpretentious design which includes a fairly long cord (4.5 ft), standard dimmer switch, and the compact form.


The salt rock is certified from Khewra Salt Mine. The highlight feature is the beautiful circular wood base that is durable and termite-proof. The downside includes the small size and the tag is a bit pricey.

Buy this ArtNaturals Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



12- d’aplomb Rose Himalayan Salt Lamp

d'aplomb Rose Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are a fan of natural-style lamps, you are free to skip this one. However, if you are looking for a beautifully carved salt lamp, you have come to the right place. This gem from d’aplomb is made of an elegant rock salt hand-carved into a fabulous flower shape with a small 15W light bulb inside.


It weighs about 8 pounds and comes with a polished, round wooden base, which makes it a great gift for Mother’s Day, holidays or anniversary. Perhaps it may be a little pricey for the size, but the design makes it all worthwhile.

Buy this d’aplomb Flower Rose Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



13- Himalayan Glow WBM 1002 Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow WBM 1002 Salt Lamp

The second iteration to WMB 1001, the Himalayan Glow WBM 1002 is a salt lamp that can truly change your home decor and wellness. It boasts an incredibly stylish design that makes it a decorative feature for décor and lighting. It’s versatile, which means it can work in your bedroom, living room, dining room or even home office.


This lamp includes a durable wooden base that’s superbly designed – no wonder it has garnered many 5-star ratings on Amazon. Ultimately, the biggest upside is the dimmable lighting, so you can adjust the brightness to suit your needs.

Buy this Himalayan Glow WBM 1002 Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



14- Crystal Allies Gallery Salt Lamp

Crystal Allies Gallery Salt Lamp

This comes in a pack of 4 items: two natural salt lamps with a 15W bulb inside each, and two salt rock candleholders. The set also stands out in design, functionality, and style. All products are handcrafted from natural rocks, which makes them ideal for any decor design.


Whether you’re shopping for your living room, office, or for home décor, you have just found the best set of Himalayan salt lamps. It can also make for a quality gift idea, whether that’s the holidays, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Buy this Crystal Allies Gallery Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



15- Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are after a simple salt lamp that will provide all the goodies, here it is. This beauty from Amethya can be a wonderful gift idea for a loved one or friend, a decor addition to your home, or an air purifier — it’s your choice!


The edgy, natural look of the lamp got our eyes. Besides, it comes with a neem wooden base, and the lamp inside will illuminate your room with a warm amber glow. You can get it as a set of two or buy a single 6-7 pound lamp. Either way, you will get top-notch quality.

Buy this Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



16- SMAGREHO Himalayan Salt Lamp

SMAGREHO Himalayan Salt Lamp

How about you go for a Himalayan salt lamp that boasts a near-perfect carved design, style, and shape. Want to run away from the traditional oval-shaped lamps? You’ve found it!


Unlike other salt lamps, this one from SMAGREHO is meant especially for an office environment. The symmetrical carved shape is not only elegant but also professional. It incorporates a beautiful neem wood base, which infuses the atmosphere with herbal scents. Overall, it’s a big lamp with an in-built dimmer.

Buy this SMAGREHO Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


17- Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp

Spoiler alert! This list has several lamps from Levoit and deservedly so. The brand has established itself to become the leader in the Himalayan salt industry, and its products live up to the hype. An example is this large Elana lamp, which is an upscale, upsized version of the other products on the line.


It measures 7.5 by 10 inches, which means it is large, sturdy, and durable. Plus, the authentic rubber-wooden base is fully termite-proof and non-toxic. It comes in gift-ready packaging, and with 3 replacement bulbs. What more could you need?

Buy this Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



18- Himalayan Glow 1004 Himalayan Salt lamp

Himalayan Salt lamp

Give your room a mini decor lift with this spanking new WMB 1004 crystal salt lamp from Himalayan Glow. It’s relatively large, weighing roughly 13 to 15 lbs, and rising 11 inches. The pinkish rock crystal is handmade and handcrafted right on the foot of the Himalayas, which says a lot about its authenticity and quality.


Stand-out features include a dimmer switch that adjusts both the heat and color, long 6-feet cord, and wooden base design. You can buy them in a set of two for a much more pocket-friendly price.

Buy this Himalayan Glow 1004 Himalayan Salt lamp on Amazon here.



19- HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, 2-Set

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, 2-Set

If you think one salt lamp is not enough for your living space, then you are right – and HemingWeigh is here to help. This set of two lightweight salt lamps will simply knock your socks off. They weigh about 6 to 7 lbs each and measure around 6 to 8 inches each, which makes the pair a great addition for any office and home.


Each makes use of a 15-watt light bulb which emits a soothing orange glow. And you can adjust the dimness or hue as you see fit.

Buy this set of 2 HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



20- Levoit Enza Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit Enza Himalayan Salt Lamp

As we promised, here is another show-stopper from Levoit. Enza is a one of a kind rectangular salt lamp that employs a 15-inch metallic basket to house salt chunks. As with any Levoit product, Enza comes with 100% natural Himalayan salt crystals, hand-carved to perfection.


The basket design is superb, with rust-resistant metal construction and premium, polished finish. The light bulb inside is rated 120V/15W, which radiates enough heat and light to produce desired health benefits. It comes in a fireproof, gift-ready packaging plus 3 extra bulbs.

Buy this Levoit Enza salt lamp on Amazon here.



21- Windsor Seasons Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Take your living experience to the next level and heighten your senses in your home or office with this Windsor Seasons natural Himalayan salt lamp. Weighing a mere 7 pounds and measuring around 9 to 10 inches, this salt lamp is carved inside out for optimal benefits.


It boasts a neem wooden base that deters termites and releases an herbal scent. Inside you’ll find a 15W light bulb for optimal heat radiation, air ionization, and a warm amber glow. It is also fitted with a dimmer switch, which makes it perfect for a bedroom or living room.

Buy this Windsor Seasons Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



22- Levoit Elora Salt Lamp

Levoit Elora Salt Lamp

Levoit keeps churning out hit-makers one after another, and Elora is no different. This natural rock salt lamp is super attractive, well-carved, and handcrafted from authentic rock salt from Pakistan. It includes a stainless steel base for a clean, durable, and beautiful appeal.


It also comes with Levoit’s standard dimmable touch switch so you can tweak the glow and heat until you hit the right spot. It’s also ETL safety certified for extra peace of mind, plus the gift-ready packaging makes it a great present.

Buy this Levoit Elora Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



23- Himalayan Glow 1003 Pink Crystal Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow 1003 Pink Crystal Salt Lamp

This lamp is one of the four versions offered by Himalayan Glow. Like the rest, the 1003 pink salt lamp is the real deal. It’s hand-crafted from 100% rock salt mined from the Himalayas. It features a 30-day money-back guarantee, 15W light bulb, ETL certified power cord, revolutionary dimmer switch, and durable design.


Overall, this is a pocket-friendly choice of salt lamp that is not only elegant but also crafted from the best rocks. But standing lower than 10 inches, this gem is an ideal addition to smaller indoor spaces.

Buy this Himalayan Glow 1003 Pink Crystal Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



24- Allora Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Are you searching for a small yet elegant Himalayan salt lamp for your office, dining room or nightstand? Check out this beauty from Allora! It may be small and compact, but it’s just as elegant and powerful as any other lamp on this list. Plus, it is incredibly handy for someone who’d want to travel with it.


You can buy this salt lamp in a pack of 1, 2 or 6, which means you can kit out your entire home on a single go. The bottom line is that these authentic lamps have a natural look and produce a soft, warm glow.

Buy this Allora Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



25- Mockins 4 Pack Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp/Candles Holders

Himalayan Salt Lamp/Candles

If you are on the hunt for something different from a lamp, this pack of 4 salt candle holders will tickle your fancy. Each is distinctly handcrafted from 100% authentic rock salts and comes in standard 3.5-inch sizes.


They are designed to give off a romantic glow, but these salt candle holders are perfect for home decor, aesthetic decor, office decor or your bedroom nightstand. Each product is lightweight, making the pack a nice gift idea for the holidays, Father’s day, Mother’s day or office gift.

Buy this Mockins 4 Pack Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp/Candles Holders on Amazon here.



26- The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

A lovely, solid and all-natural salt lamp, this product will instantly transform your office, home or any living space. The rugged look combined with the 15W bulb makes it a good decor addition. It gives off a warm, serene amber glow that will enrich and purify your home.


It comes with a dimmable switch, as well as an attractive and well-designed wooden base. We particularly love the addition of a one-touch dimmer switch to control the brightness and glow down to your precisely desired level. It’s available in three sizes: 6-8 inch, 8-10 inch, and 10-12 inch.

Buy this The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


27- HemingWeigh Salt Tea Lights

HemingWeigh Salt Tea Lights

Himalayan tea lights are all the rage right now, and HemingWeigh has done a bang-up job with its product. If you are on a lean budget but still want to get your feet wet in the world of salt lamps, give this tea light a go. It’s essentially a set of two candleholders.


If you don’t fancy naked flames, you can use electric tea lights, instead. But for a romantic ambiance, you might want to stick to traditional candles. Overall, the tea lights are sturdy, durable, and give off a relaxing glow.

Buy these HemingWeigh Salt Tea Lights on Amazon here.



28- Syntus 2 Pack Himalayan Salt Lamp

Syntus 2 Pack Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are looking for the ultimate salt night light, look no further than this pair from Syntus. They will definitely take your nightlight game to a whole new level. Each is gorgeous and hand-crafted from pure rock salt crystals. When lit, they produce a nice, warm glow.


With a rotating 3-pin plug, it is super easy to connect to the socket, plus it is lightweight. This is an economy pack, so you can get two for separate rooms.

Buy this Syntus 2 Pack Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.



29- Mineralamp Himalaya Salt Lamp

Mineralamp Himalaya Salt Lamp

It can be challenging to find a salt lamp that checks all the boxes, but Mineralamp is closer than the pack. It is RoHS approved, which means it is safe for use around pets and kids. The lamp itself is handmade from the finest 100% authentic salt crystals from the Himalayas.


It’s available in different sizes — 8-11-inch height, 5-7-inch width, and 8-11 pounds, but all come with a sturdy wooden base that is made from Indian rosewood, a durable and beautiful base.

Buy this Mineralamp Himalaya Salt Lamp on Amazon here


Your Guide to Himalayan Salt Lamps


What are They?

These are decorative lamps made from rock salt crystals originating from the Himalayas, a 1500-mile mountain range in Asia.


A chunk of the Himalayan pink salt is typically carved out and a light bulb is inserted. The manufacturer may also integrate wiring, a switch, a base, and other features.


When you turn on the lamp, it radiates an elegant glow that’s thought to offer huge health benefits.

The lamp can be a solid block of salt or crystal chunks housed in a decorative basket. They can either be carved (modified) or sold the way they are (natural). In addition, they come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, orange and white.


These salt chunks are extracted from the mines on the foot of the Himalayas which stretches across five countries: Bhutan, Pakistan, China, India and Nepal.

However, the most sought-after salt rocks and lamps are from one mine in Pakistan called Mayo Salt Mine or Khewra Salt Mine.


Most people buy household salt lamps to decorate and add more character to their homes. But more and more people are also after their possible health properties.


Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits

How do salt lamps work? Glad you asked.

It’s no big secret that salt helps with electrolyte balance, nervous function, fluid balance, regulation of blood pressure, and muscle health. But you can benefit this way only when you take it into your body.


Obviously, salt lamps are not meant to be consumed internally, so their health and wellness qualities come from other properties of Himalayan pink salt. Let’s take a quick look at these amazing properties.


First of all, pink salt is loaded with minerals that naturally pull in water molecules towards the lamp in a process called hygroscopy.

Because of this hygroscopic nature of rock pink salt, it attracts water vapor and droplets, along with any dust, allergens, toxins, and other contaminants in the air in your indoors.


Essentially, it’s believed that the salt lamp may absorb water vapor carrying pollutant particles,  which eventually settle on its surface as the carrier water molecules evaporate back into the living environment. This air purification process can go on as long as the lamp is active.


That’s not all there is to salt lamps. They also release negative ions into the circulating air in your room. This process is known as air ionization, and it’s responsible for the vast majority of the benefits that many people attribute to the lamps.


(1) They counteract the negative effects of Electromagnetic (EM)radiation

Electronic devices are nearly ubiquitous these days. When you are not using your smartphone, watching TV, vacuuming or warming your food on a microwave, you’re sleeping beside an alarm clock or a smart speaker.


These electronics generate lots of electromagnetic radiation. Unfortunately, exposure to EM can have mild to serious health effects in the long term. Furthermore, electronics produce copious amounts of positive ions.


Scientists believe EM radiation and positive ions may cause fatigue and sleep problems, as well as increase stress, worsen allergies, weaken your immune system, and cause a plethora of other health ills.

Thankfully, the soothing glow given off by salt lamps produce negative ions that can bind and therefore neutralize excess positive ions.


So, if you are surrounded by a host of electronics in your house, a large Himalayan salt lamp may come in handy. For the best results, however, be sure to keep it close to a major electronic device that emits the most electromagnetic (EM) radiations.


(2) They are believed to reduce depression and other stress disorders

In today’s ever-busy world, we are more stressed and depressed than ever. Lucky for you, Himalayan salt lamps may help alleviate stress, create pleasant feelings, and remove other depressive symptoms.

Salt lamps help beat stress, promote relaxation, and reduce depression in two ways: chromotherapy and negative ionization.


Chromotherapy refers to the use of color therapy to diagnose and treat many conditions, including mental health problems. The salt lamp’s soft, soothing glow of red, yellow, and orange is believed by some to induce a sense of relaxation, reduce symptoms of ADHD, and help with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


This calming light is also believed to help restore energy balance in your body, promote sleep, boost mood, and increase focus, all of which can play a role in addressing depression symptoms.

Exposure to negative ions, such as those produced by salt lamps, may also reduce stress, anxiety and other symptoms of depression.


(3) They may improve air quality

As mentioned, salt lamps boast hygroscopic properties, meaning that they may clean, purify, and deodorize the air in your indoor spaces.


Whether dust, toxins, germs, pet dander, smoke, smog, chemical vapor, smells, allergens, you name them ⁠— Himalayan pink salt are thought by many to absorb them all. The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to add anything to your lamp. As long as it’s on, the lamp goes to work for you.


If you have pets or live in an urban area that is prone to air pollution, a salt lamp might be your next hero. As a potentially powerful air purifier, it may contribute to eliminating cigarette smoke, mold, mildew, and other pollutants from the air.

It is also thought that negative ions may help neutralize germs and other toxins in the air, as well.


(4) They soothe asthma, allergies, and other chronic respiratory conditions

If you suffer from severe bouts of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)or any other respiratory complication, this might come as great news.

Even though no medical studies and clinical trials attest to this, there is some anecdotal evidence that Himalayan salt lamps may help ease symptoms of asthma and allergies.

By now, because salt lamps may help filter animal dander, mildew, mold, dust, pollen, and other allergens from the indoor atmosphere, they may also help reduce symptoms of some respiratory issues.


 (5) They boost mood

Scientists believe positive ions, such as those produced by electronic devices, cause stress, anxiety, sleep trouble, irritability, and other unpleasant feelings. These can contribute to a bad mood.

Himalayan salt lamps, on the other hand, put out a substantial number of negative ions.


Several studies (and anecdotal evidence) seem to suggest that negative ions may help improve energy levels and boost your mood by elevating the levels of serotonin in your brain.


In one study involving rats and mice, for instance, researchers found that exposure to high levels of negative ions may increase the amount of serotonin. This a biochemical or neurotransmitter that creates a feeling of happiness and well-being.


For these reasons, salt lamps may be beneficial to people with mood disorders such as those suffering from manic symptoms of bipolar, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and so on.


(6) They may promote sleep and relaxation

Scientists have shown that different color lights have varying effects on the body. For instance, experts recommend that you stay away from blue light after dark because it may interrupt sleep hormones and impact your cardiac rhythm.


The trouble is that most light sources we have in our homes, including our TVs, computers, fluorescent lamps, smartphones, and other screens use blue light. Even worse, we always have most of these gizmos beside us in our bedrooms.


Himalayan salt lamps, on the contrary, emit a warm amber or orange light, much like the orange glow given off by candlelight or a campfire. This makes salt lamps an ideal light source after sunset and can replace your night-light without disrupting sleep.


Also, research has shown that negative ions not only reduces depression but also improves mood and sleep.

As mentioned, negative ions may encourage your body to generate more serotonin and other sleep-related hormones like melatonin.


This feel-good neurotransmitter regulates other processes like digestion, immune system, appetite, hormonal balance, and stress response, all of which can play a role in your sleep pattern.


(7) They boost oxygen and blood flow

Himalayan salt lamps may also help people with blood pressure and flow issues. If you tend to be fatigued, weak, and generally malaised, then you could be suffering a low blood flow condition.


Some studies have noted that negative ions may help speed up the flow of the blood, especially to vital organs like the brain and gastrointestinal tract. This boost to blood flow may have an impact on cognitive disorders, damage to the lungs, and issues associated with the cardiovascular system.


According to Dr. Piece Howard who wrote The Owner’s Manual for the Brain, negative ions, such as those given off by salt lamps, can help increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the brain. This boost helps to improve your mental energy, alertness, and reduce drowsiness and fatigue.


(8) They elevate energy levels

Ever feel drained of mental, psychological and physical energy? If so, buying a salt lamp may be what the doctor prescribed. Some Himalayan salt experts believe positive ions have a negative impact on your energy levels.


Unfortunately, when your body is depleted of energy, this opens a floodgate to health ills, including depression, insomnia, anxiety, and general fatigue. The good news is that salt lamps generate negative ions.


Negative ions not only neutralize positive ions but also reverse their effects on your energy levels. Besides, negative ions from your salt lamp will boost your energy levels, helping your body rejuvenate and reinvigorate. In some ways, negative ions make you feel like you spent hours in nature.


(9) They ease coughing, sneezing, and other common cold symptoms

As stated, Himalayan salt lamps have hygroscopic effects, which means they can attract water vapor, effectively removing pollutants, toxins, and other bad-for-you particles from the air.


As a result, these lamps may afford some protection from air contaminants that may exacerbate or cause the common cold. It is also thought that negative ions may have deodorizing or antiseptic properties.


What this means is that when released into the air in your living room, negative ions may help destroy airborne germs. Not just that – the pink salt also enables your body and immune system to better fight off foreign substances that may affect your respiratory system.


In addition, negative ions may boost your lung’s ability to filter air better, removing allergens, dust, dander, and other germs that may irritate your lungs and windpipe. As such, they can slow down, prevent or reduce common cold symptoms like sore throat, sneezing, and coughing.


(10) They may improve overall respiratory function

Your lungs put in long hours, not only absorbing oxygen and exhausting CO2 but also filtering out particles and fending off diseases. Unfortunately, your lungs may not work properly if under attack by bacteria, virus or other foreign invaders.


That’s where negative ions come into play. They are said to possess antiseptic properties, suggesting that they remove germs from the air before they end up infecting your respiratory system.