27 Amazing Gifts for Wine Lovers


There are few things that wine enthusiasts love more than a tasty glass, a stately label, the ritual of wine service, touring vineyards, and attending tastings — in other words, ancient and life-affirming wine and all its appurtenances.


Wine accessories, wine-themed apparel, wine-themed decor, wine literature, and an endless array of wine-oriented gadgets designed to make wine easier to open, tastier to drink, or just more fun to enjoy, whether solo or in groups — these are part and parcel of the experience of storing, opening, tasting, and sharing wine.


If you have a wine lover on your gift list, you’ll find no shortage of fabulous offerings that will enhance their experiences as they sip and savor their favorite beverage. An embarrassment of riches has flooded the market to tickle the fancy of the wine devotees among us. The bigger problem is not finding ideas, but narrowing it down to the best of a good bunch.


What is it about wine that inspires such devotion, along with a bottomless appetite for swag? Honestly, it may be the perfect hobby. Consider:



  • It’s collectible. A wine collection can balloon to a technicolor array of shapes, labels, colors, and vintage. When the wine is consumed, the bottles and the corks can even be repurposed as keepsakes. 
  • It’s sociable. A bottle of great wine is the perfect focal point for a night out (or in) with your favorite people.
  • You can go out or stay in. Feel like getting out of the house? Head to a wine bar, tasting room, or vinyard. More of a homebody? Join a wine club and sip a glass solo or with a loved one by the light of the fire (or Fire TV).
  • It’s snobby. The sky’s the limit in terms of bottle price, while a whole patrician discipline (oenophilia) has grown up around the noble grape.
  • It’s down-to-earth. On the other hand, wine is produced, consumed, and understood by salt-of-the-earth people, in touch with the power of the soil. Wine crosses all barriers of race, class, and geography.
  • It’s affordable. Yes, you could spend thousands of dollars on a bottle, but for the epicure on a budget, delicious low-priced wines are there for the taking.
  • There’s history. Winemaking is one of the oldest vocations on earth, referenced in both sacred and secular ancient texts. Vineyards and winemaking techniques have run in some families for centuries.
  • It’s delicious. Once you acclimate to its subtleties, wine excites the taste buds like almost nothing else. And don’t even get us started on the joys of food pairings.
  • It’s beautiful. The artistry of the labels, the rows of green vines, the sunlight refracted through a glass of white or the inky mystery of an aged red — wine is easy on the eyes.
  • It’s fun. In how many other socially-acceptable, grown-up hobbies do you get to get tipsy?



Sorry, our mouths started watering a little there. Sales pitch: over. Let’s dive in with 27 of the best gifts for wine lovers.


What We Cover In This Article

1- Ivation 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler/Chiller 

Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler/Chiller

Room temperature red wine and chilled white wine were once the rule for serving these wines, but in fact there’s more flavor when red wine is a little below room temperature and white above frigid. Wine cellars once made it easy to ensure the right temperature and, though most of us don’t have wine cellars, any wine lover can have a wine cooler!


This affordable, durable version by Ivation holds 24 bottles in two chambers with adjustable temperatures, making it one of the best gifts for wine lovers. The attractive, modern mini-fridge design features glass doors so you can keep stock of (or show off) your chill collection.

Buy the Ivation 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler/Chiller on Amazon Here. 



2- EZBASICS Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener 

Electric Wine Bottle Opener 

While some oenophiles prefer hand-operated corkscrews, others like the ease and smoothness of automation. A great gift for a wine lover is the EZBASICS Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener — it’s sleek, tech-forward, and fun to show off. Simply place the business end on top of the cork, press the button on top, and the opener does all the work for you, eliminating broken or crumbled corks.


Not much larger than a wine bottle, the EZBASICS opener is fun to operate and ensures there’ll never be bits of cork in a glass again, making it one of the best gifts for wine lovers.

Buy the EZBASICS Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener on Amazon Here.



3- EZBASICS Wine Aerator Pourer 

Wine Aerator Pourer 

Wine lovers know that good wine is at its best when it’s had time to “breathe”—become exposed to air and oxidize slightly—to reach its full body and flavor, and that may take quite some time indeed.


For wine lovers who want wine in their glasses more quickly, EZBASICS makes a classic, affordable aerator pourer. This little funnel placed on the bottle mouth churns the wine as it pours, oxygenating it as it flows from bottle to glass, hastening the glass to gullet experience while ensuring full flavor along the way. Patience no longer required when you have this great gift for wine lovers!

Buy the EZBASICS Wine Aerator Pourer on Amazon Here.



4- EZBASICS Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

And then there is the opposite problem of wine oxidizing too much, causing many a half-used bottle to spoil and lose all good flavor in just a day or two. Even if you try to “re-cork” it, the bottle is compromised by the air trapped in the bottle.


To better preserve a precious vintage for more than a few hours, the EZBASICS Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is one of the best gifts for wine lovers. This inexpensive vacuum pump removes the oxygen from inside the bottle and seals it, enabling you to enjoy the remaining wine in the next day or two.

Buy the EZBASICS Wine Saver Vacuum Pump on Amazon Here.



5- SunChaser Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder 

Portable Wine Glass Holder 

Enjoying the great outdoors with your favorite wine can be a trial, with no flat surfaces to set your glass on. Outdoor chairs may have a cup holder, but they’re rarely suitable for holding stemware.


SunChaser comes to the rescue with its Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder, in which the base of your glass slides into a stabilizing slot, preventing the glass from tipping over.


The SunChaser wine-glass holder comes with three attachments that make it easy to install it anywhere—a stake, which you can use to drive it into soil for a picnic; a strap, which can secure it to the arm of a beach or lawn chair; and suction cups, perfect for affixing it topside to a boat.

Buy the SunChaser Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder on Amazon Here. 



6- OTAN Wine Aerator Premium Wine Decanter 

Wine Aerator Premium Wine Decanter 

People decant wine to help avoid the sediments that build up at the bottom of high-quality wine bottles and to help the wine breathe and develop its full flavor.


Wine lovers can speed up the aeration process with this handy decanter aerator by OTAN. Rather than sitting in the mouth of the bottle, this aerator sits in the mouth of the decanter. You pour wine into it just as you would a glass, and the aerator gives it a good stir, optimizing the flavor faster.

Buy the OTAN Wine Aerator Premium Wine Decanter on Amazon Here. 



7- Ivation Wine Gift Set

Wine Gift Set

For the new oenophile on your gift list, Ivation offers a set that works as the perfect starter collection and features a classic cordless automatic wine opener, a wine aerator, a foil cutter, two bottle stoppers, and Ivation’s Electric Vacuum Wine Preserver.


This is one of the best gifts for wine lovers, whether they’re new to the grape or a practiced hand. The accouterments enable easy opening of even the most intractable corks, help full flavor to develop with the aerator; and preserve leftover wine in the bottle by using the vacuum, which siphons air out of the bottle through the one-way vent in the stoppers, protecting leftover wine from oxidizing.

 Buy the Ivation Wine Gift Set on Amazon Here.



8- Kato Wine Accessories Gift Set 

Wine Accessories Gift Set 

The cool thing about the Kato Wine Accessories Gift Set is that the packaging camouflages it as one of your wine bottles. This is a pretty neat trick, but also serves a purpose—how many times has the wine lover lost his foil cutter, stopper, or aerator because it was mixed in a drawer with spoons and meat thermometers. By enclosing them in a fake wine bottle, they stay together, making it perfect for taking wine tools to picnics or parties.


The Kato Wine Accessories Gift Set comes in an easy-to-gift-wrap box and includes a corkscrew, foil cutter, stopper, aerator, and drip ring.

Buy the Kato Wine Accessories Gift Set on Amazon Here.



9- VINOVITA Silicone Wine Glasses 

Silicone Wine Glasses 

The arch nemesis of any wine lover is gravity because it has a real talent for breaking stemware. But VINOVITA solves that problem with a set of four unbreakable, dishwasher-safe, silicone wine glasses, and it adds a humorous touch to these translucent glasses by marking them with pour recommendations. Fill the glass from “Good Day” to “Bad Day” to “Do Not Ask”; from “Just A Sip” to “Keep Pouring” to “Don’t Judge Me.”


In addition, these silicone glasses, unlike metal glasses, impart no flavor to the wine, making them one of the best gifts for wine lovers!

Buy the VINOVITA Silicone Wine Glasses on Amazon Here.



10- QWIK-CORK Wine Cork Trimmer

Wine Cork Trimmer

If you have ever tried to preserve a bottle of wine by re-corking it, you know it can be a losing battle. Compressed while in the bottleneck, the cork expands once it’s uncorked and never fits as well as it did.


QWIK-CORK offers an ingenious solution that the wine lover on your list needs to have—a wine cork trimmer! Featuring a shielded blade, the trimmer shaves the cork down like a pencil sharpener shaves a pencil, enabling the cork to be put back into the bottle and seal it more effectively.

Buy the QWIK-CORK Wine Cork Trimmer on Amazon Here.



11- Will’s Wine Cork Holder – Metal Monogram Letter 

Wine Cork Holder - Metal Monogram Letter

Some wine lovers collect corks to remember the bottles they came from and as keepsakes of a particularly memorable vintage. Help your wine lover remember their favorites with this hanging metal initial that they can use for storing bottle corks.


Pick the first letter of the recipient’s first name or last name. and the recipient can display those corks in a personalized, organized way by just dropping the unneeded but memorable corks into the letter. It’s a great gift for a wine lover!

Buy the Will’s Wine Cork Holder – Metal Monogram Letter on Amazon Here.



12- Tirrinia 4 Bottle Wine Carrier

Bottle Wine Carrier

There’s nothing worse than running out of wine at a picnic or outing. Wine lovers probably have enough bottles in reserve to stave off this disaster; the problem may be how to transport them because, beautiful as they are, wine bottles are also heavy, bulky and prone to breaking.


A four-bottle wine carrier makes the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts who take their collection on the road. Tirrinia’s collection of carriers includes both metal and canvas options and are  available in a variety of chic colors and designs, making this one of the best gifts for wine lovers in the marketplace today.

Buy the Tirrinia 4 Bottle Wine Carrier on Amazon Here.



13- One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

Wine Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

Another carrying-case option for women is this adorable two-wine bottle tote, which can be carried like a purse or can be converted to a backpack for hands-free and easier carrying. Large enough to hold a magnum, the tote is insulated and padded and comes with two stainless steel wine tumblers with lids.


One of the best gifts for wine lovers, this One Savvy Girl tote is hard to beat for durability on the road as it also folds down for convenient packing. Finally, One Savvy Girl donates a portion of profits from each sale to Vitamin Angels, which supports the health of pregnant women around the world.

Buy the One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses on Amazon Here.



14- Tru Blu Steel Stainless Steel Wine Glasses, Vacuum Insulated with Lids (Set of 2) 

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Stainless steel wine glasses aren’t preferred by wine lovers because they can alter the flavor of the wine. But Tru Blu combats this affect by lining the interior and the lip of these glasses with acrylic. You can thus enjoy the durability and beauty of stainless steel without spoiling the wine with a taste of metal.


A layer of vacuum insulation between the acrylic and the stainless steel also helps preserve the temperature of the wine.

Buy the Tru Blu Steel Stainless Steel Wine Glasses, Vacuum Insulated with Lids (Set of 2) on Amazon Here.



15- Tirrinia Outdoor Wine Picnic Table

Tirrinia Outdoor Wine Picnic Table

With all this talk of picnics, Tirrinia brings your wine lover a portable 16”x12” collapsible bamboo picnic table that is the perfect size for a fruit, meat, and cheese spread. With sturdy stainless steel legs that fold up when not in use, the picnic table provides recessed cutaways for a wine bottle and two stem glasses, so they don’t tip over or break during the picnic.


A great gift for wine lovers who like to quaff their favorite beverage at outdoor concerts or plays, the beach or while comfort camping, this bamboo picnic table wipes clean and stows away easily.

Buy the Tirrinia Outdoor Wine Picnic Table on Amazon Here.



16- Wine Folly: The Master Guide by Madeline Puckette, Magnum Edition Hardcover 

Magnum Edition Hardcover

Wine books make a fantastic gift for wine lovers, because there’s always a new book coming out and always more to learn about wine. James Beard Award Winner Madeline Puckette presents the art and science of oenophilia in a beautiful hard-bound edition full of useful, user-friendly graphics.


Highlights include a graphic pairing guide, tasting chart, geography of the tongue, and breakdown of wine regions including maps and bottle images. It’s like wine for dummies, but for smart people.

Buy Wine Folly: The Master Guide Magnum Edition Hardcover by Madeline Puckette on Amazon Here.



17- CHEVALIER Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses 

Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses 

This wine glass won’t just aerate your wine for you—it will also act as a show-stopper at parties. The Pyrex glass construction features a built-in bowl, which strains the wine through a shower-head style filter to aerate it. Not only useful, but fun to watch.


CHEVALIER sells these awesome stemless glasses in sets of two, but go nuts and get a set of four so the whole party can join the oxygenated fun.

 Buy CHEVALIER Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses on Amazon Here.



18- Savino Wine Preserver

Savino Wine Preserver

In lieu of vacuum-syphoning air out of the bottle, the Savino Wine Preserver works by pouring the wine into the BPA-free shatter-proof beaker and then dropping in an air-limiting glass float before sealing it with a glass stopper. The float restricts the wine’s exposure to oxygen and keeps it fresh for up to seven days.


This is a wine toy the recipient almost certainly doesn’t have yet. When in use, it even makes an amazing decoration, almost like a table centerpiece.

Buy the Savino Wine Preserver on Amazon Here.



19-  Home ‘n Gifts Decorative Tabby Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder Sculpture

Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder Sculpture

Storing wine bottles cork-down is good for them because it prevents the corks from drying out and letting air into the bottles, which can turn the wine into a vinegary liquid and make it undrinkable. Through the centuries, bottled wine has always been stored to keep its cork wet, and various wine racks and holders angle the bottle downward.


Home ‘n Gifts appeals to the cat-loving wine lover by fashioning this wine bottle holder in the shape of a kitty, gleefully caught in the act of guzzling the wine. Awwww … tipsy kitty!

Buy the Home ‘n Gifts Decorative Tabby Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder Sculpture on Amazon Here.



20- YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set 

Iceberg Wine Decanter Set 

Many wine lovers have a decanter and one more won’t hurt—especially when it features a beautiful lead-free crystal carafe with a comprehensive array of accessories by YouYah.


With a stainless steel drying stand that allows air drying of the overturned decanter, this set includes an aerator with a showerhead filter that fits over the decanter mouth to both increase air contact as the wine is decanted and filter out unwanted particles. Finally, delicate cleaning beads can be swished with water and gentle soap in the decanter to easily remove wine stains or detritus from inside the carafe, making this one of the best gifts for wine lovers.

Buy the YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set on Amazon Here.



21- PortoVino City Wine Purse 

PortoVino City Wine Purse 

You know what your wine-lover friend needs? A purse for her wine. Putting a whole new spin on the idea of “wine in a bag,” the PortoVino City Wine Purse allows her to stealthily carry her wine over her shoulder, dispensing it from a spigot right on the purse.


A great gift for wine lovers, this canvas tote purse is lined on the inside with an insulated plastic bag, which your gift recipient can fill with her favorite vintage to take on the go.

Buy the PortoVino City Wine Purse on Amazon Here.



22- Owltopper’s Bottle Stoppers 4 Pack

Bottle Stoppers 4 Pack

You can never have enough wine stoppers. And if your wine-loving friend also love owls, birds, or nature, this four-pack of stoppers by Owltopper makes the perfect fun, affordable gift for a wine enthusiast. Made of silicone in four saturated colors, these bottle stoppers are larger and sturdier than most others on the market, making them a perfect gift for wine lovers!

Buy the Owltopper’s Bottle Stoppers 4 Pack on Amazon Here.



23- FineDine High-Grade Wooden Wine Rack & Wine Glass Holder 

Wooden Wine Rack & Wine Glass Holder 

Made of sturdy, natural bamboo wood, the FineDine wine and glass rack goes with almost any decor. It can sit on a counter, kitchen table, or mantle, and displays one prized bottle of wine and four of your most beautiful pieces of stemware.


The wine glass rack spins gently on a wide and stable base, so you can access any glass from anywhere on the table, making this a perfect centerpiece for an intimate dinner with friends.

Buy the FineDine High-Grade Wooden Wine Rack & Wine Glass Holder on Amazon Here.



24- BigMouth Inc. Giant Wine Bottle Glass

Giant Wine Bottle Glass

Studies have shown that one glass of red wine per day may improve heart health and prevent certain forms of cancer. The problem is, most wine lovers don’t want to stop after one glass, but if that glass were bigger


BigMouth Inc. “solves” the problem with a glass of wine big enough to contain a whole bottle — because its Giant Wine Bottle Glass is a wine bottle with a bowl glass at the top. The BigMouth Inc. Giant Wine Bottle Glass is available with a variety of funny inscriptions—for example, “Finally, a glass of wine big enough for my needs!” or “I need a hug…e glass of wine.”

Buy the BigMouth Inc. Giant Wine Bottle Glass on Amazon Here.



25- Suds and Corks Wine Gifts Set

Wine Gifts Set

Suds and Corks offers two gift sets for her, based around an adorable pair of pink socks with soles embroidered “If you can read this, bring me some wine.” Choose between a humorous tumbler or a collection of humorous coasters. We favor the coasters, inscribed with missives like “I’m doing my part to conserve water by drinking more wine,” making this one of the funniest and best gifts for wine lovers, man or woman!

But the Suds and Corks Wine Gifts Set on Amazon Here.



26- Huski Wine Cooler Premium Iceless Wine Chiller 

Huski Wine Cooler

If you want to ensure your white wine or champagne is always at the right temperature, no matter where you go, this insulated wine cooler by Huski goes the extra mile where other wine chillers don’t. First, it’s adjustable in height for the perfect fit on any bottle. Second, you can pour your wine without taking it out of the chiller, sparing the wine from temperature diminishing time outside of the chiller. The Huski iceless wine chiller keeps wine at temperature for up to six hours, making it one of the best gifts for wine lovers.

Buy the Huski Wine Cooler Premium Iceless Wine Chiller on Amazon Here.



27- Swag Brewery Vintage WINE SOAP 

Vintage WINE SOAP 

Looking for a unique gift to give your wine-loving friend? Skip the expensive bottles and accessories and try something novel—wine soap, a truly unique gift for wine lovers! Steeped in the jammy, natural scent of real wine, this soap by Swag Brewery (who also makes a beer soap and a whiskey soap) is cruelty-free and phthalate-free.


Instead, it contains wholesome ingredients like rosemary extract, cranberry seed, and (of course) merlot wine, all formulated and manufactured in the US.

Buy the Swag Brewery Vintage WINE SOAP on Amazon Here.


If you have a wine lover on your gift list, a unique problem emerges: how many stoppers and openers do they have? Has someone given them the exact same gift I’m considering?


It’s plausible. Everyone probably knows about the recipient’s wine enthusiasm, because people who enjoy wine usually don’t keep their hobby under wraps. They love to share their expertise and their favorite wines with family and friends.


Here are some tips to shop for the wine lover who has everything (or at least everything wine-related):



  • Go Deep. The recipient may have a dozen corkscrews, but does he/she have a cork trimmer? A vacuum-seal bottle stopper? Reusable ice cubes for white wine? 



  • Go Unique. Pick something wine-themed, but not related to the actual wine-drinking experience, like wine-scented soap, apparel, or artwork and decor.



  • Go Funny. A hilarious t-shirt or poster never hurts. If the recipient has pets, a wine-themed pet outfit could make their year.