49 Gift Ideas for Dad That Will Make Him TEAR UP With Joy


It’s that time of year when pressure builds and our loyalty to loved ones is put to the test. Even with the best intentions, however, knowing what to buy someone you’ve been gifting to for years on end isn’t always an easy task. If you’re struggling with what to buy dad for the holidays, we have almost fifty suggestions that will inspire you and ease the gift-selecting process!


What We Cover In This Article

1 – Car Vacuum Cleaner 

Car Vacuum Cleaner 

If your dad is the practical, “neat as a pin” type who babies his car, this gift is sure to have him in awe of your gift-giving qualities. With a 16ft chord and powerful suction, this vacuum for his car will make it so much easier for him to finish the weekly Saturday car wash. Even better, no longer will your dad have to battle with an extension cord through the window just to clean his car.

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2 – TV Remote Caddy 

TV Remote Caddy

If your dad is a couch potato, what better gift is there than this TV remote caddy? With this, he’ll be able to sit down and enjoy his shows without searching for the controls he lost the night before. With several compartments, it can also hold his phone to prevent it from slipping down into the sofa.

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3 – Toilet Night Light 

Toilet Night Light

Is your dad constantly being moaned at for his bad aim during middle-of-the-night dashes to the toilet? If so, this novelty toilet night light makes the perfect gift! Adaptable for any toilet, it’s also motion activated for ease of use. It will prevent him from being woken up and blinded by the bright bathroom lights at night, too!

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4 –  Trunk Organizer 

Trunk Organizer 

A trunk organizer is another practical gift that could be one of the best birthday gifts for dad if his trunk contains half his life. Easy to assemble, it comes with several different compartments that will help him create organization out of the mess in his trunk. Plus, it helps make room for other essentials like shopping.

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5 – Globe Whiskey Decanter 

Globe Whiskey Decanter 

For those dads who like whiskey, why not improve the way he stores it with this elegant and unique globe design in a decanter? Hand blown and etched, with a vintage ship in the decanter, it appeals to the world traveler he truly is in his heart. It’s also accompanied by two matching glasses and a stand for practicality purposes.

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6 – Magnetic Tool Wristband

Magnetic Tool Wristband

Growing up, many of our dads were in charge of all house-related DIY products. If this is still true to your own, this magnetic tool wristband is perfect. It ensures he won’t lose screws or nails while completing his latest job, whether that’s helping you assemble your new flatpack furniture of fixing something around the house.

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7 – Neck and Back Massager 

Neck and Back Massager 

Is your dad someone who is constantly complaining about his various aches and pains? Whether they’re legitimate concerns or fabricated, this neck and back massager is the perfect way to cure his ailments. In a perfect compact size, it’s 100% portable and uses heat to provide more relief than competing devices.

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8 – 21pc BBQ Grill Set 

21pc BBQ Grill Set 

As much as dads complain about not being able to cook, they seem to come out of their shell when a BBQ is revealed. If this sounds like your dad, this stainless steel set provides everything he needs to show off those summertime cooking skills. Made from durable materials, this set will last for many special occasions to come.

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9 – 2020 Pooping Pooches Calendar 

2020 Pooping Pooches Calendar 

For the dad who is a big fan of dogs and novelty gifts, this pooping pooches is the perfect thing if you’re looking for one of a few birthday gifts for dad. It might not be appropriate to open in front of your grandparents, but with 12 different pictures to enjoy, this gift is sure to create year-long laughs in the privacy of your dad’s home.

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10 – Scratch Off World Map 

Scratch Off World Map 

Your dad may have dedicated his life towards bringing you up, but if he might also be a keen world traveler or is planning his next trip abroad. So give him some inspiration with this unique gift. After he visits a country, he can scratch off the coating on the map to create a colorful log of his travels. This comes in both a world map and a smaller one of the US.

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11 – Deluxe Electric Air Fryer 

Deluxe Electric Air Fryer 

Fried food—something we all love the taste of but hate the health consequences it comes with. If your dad is the same or has begun worrying about his health, gifting an air fryer may answer his prayers. Using air to create the crispy outside, this fryer will have your dad back to enjoying his treats without the side effects in no time.

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12 – ‘Whatever I’m Late’ Wall Clock 

Whatever I’m Late’ Wall Clock 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a dad who wants nothing, this wall clock is a great way to lightly poke fun at his tardy tendencies while still having a regular clock to get him places on time. It might be worth making sure he knows analog time first, though, as the numbers seem to have followed the same direction as his timekeeping skills.

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13 – Electric Wine Opener Set 

Electric Wine Opener Set 

The worst bit of a wine and cheese night is the difficulty that occurs when removing the cork. If your dad is a keen wine fan, why not ease his pain and invest in an electric wine opener set. The wine opener itself comes with everything necessary to open the bottle in just 7 seconds!

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14 – Double Camping Hammock 

Double Camping Hammock 

If your dad is a keen hiker or loves a good camping trip with his family, treating them to this double camping hammock could be the solution to your problem. As a bonus, it comes in a handy waterproof bag with everything he’ll need to assemble it, eliminating any further expenses, which is sure to impress him.

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15 – Nightstand Organizer 

Nightstand Organizer 

Is your dad the type of person to throw his glasses on the nightstand and struggle to find them the next day? If so, this nightstand organizer is the perfect solution. Not only will he never loses his glasses again, but it also contains neat compartments for his technology, too!

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16 – Novelty Spreadsheet Tee 

Novelty Spreadsheet Tee 

Whether he’s nerdy or a self-employed business owner, what better way to poke gentle fun at your dad while acknowledging his special talents than to gift him this novelty t-shirt? Show that you appreciate his organized and thrifty ways while he broadcasts to others his special spreadsheet skills.

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17 – Novelty Memo Pads 

Novelty Memo Pads 

Does your dad claim to be “down with the kids” or have a fascination with sharing old memes on his Facebook wall? If so, these memo pads make the perfect gift! Their light-hearted nature also makes them a great talking point when he breaks them out at work!

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18 – 1004 Interesting Facts Book 

1004 Interesting Facts Book

If your dad is the type of person to spout random facts at inconvenient moments, help stock him up with new ones with this bathroom reading book. From ancient medical practices to doomsday scenarios, he’s sure to be talking everyone’s ear off with new facts at your next gathering.

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19 – A BBQ Cookbook 

A BBQ Cookbook 

Not for those dad’s with sensitive personalities, this adult-humor themed BBQ cookbook has a funny and inappropriate sense of humor — and makes a great addition to your dad’s summertime grilling and parties! IIn addition to rude anecdotes, it also contains great recipes from a world-class BBQ expert.

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20 – Elegant Whiskey Stones Gift Set 

Elegant Whiskey Stones Gift Set

For dads who only drink whiskey on special occasions, help make their evening even more special by gifting them this outstanding whiskey stones gift set. Coming with two premium glasses and four whiskey stones, it’s perfect to enjoy with another person, like a good friend or even yourself if the occasion calls for it!

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21 – People Of Walmart Adult Coloring Book 

People Of Walmart Adult Coloring Book 

If your dad is a people watcher and needs a deterrent from voicing his unpleasant opinions in person, this coloring book offers the perfect solution. With 37 of the wackiest settings of people in Walmart for him to color in, he can vent his frustrations onto the pages before visiting the store in person.

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22 – Cheese Board Set 

Cheese Board Set 

Another gift that’s perfect for dads who know how to savor the finer things in life is this luxurious bamboo cheese board set. In addition to ridges for crackers and a board for cheeses, it also includes a cutlery tray so he can carry everything and still have a hand free for a cheeky bottle of red wine.

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23 – Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

Is convenience your dad’s middle name? If so, this sandwich maker is perfect. In just five minutes and four easy-to-follow steps, he can create a custom sandwich that will be the envy of all his coworkers. It’s also easy to clean, with a quick wipe down and removable parts that are dishwasher safe.

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24 – Build-On Brick Mug 

Build-On Brick Mug 

Drinking coffee offers the perfect opportunity for dads to contemplate life, but if he wants a break from his existential crisis, this mug is the perfect way to do so. Take him back to his roots with Lego-compatible figures and blocks, and he’ll be able to create many different scenarios while he works his way down to the bottom of this coffee cup.

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25 – What I Love About Dad Journal 

What I Love About Dad Journal 

This gift might be too sentimental for most occasions, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for birthday gifts for dad. This journal comes with 50 fill-in-the-blank questions for you to answer and surprise him with on his big day. Being 100% customizable allows you to inject your humor into it, which is sure to make him tear up in joy.

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26 – Novelty Saying Beer Socks 

Novelty Saying Beer Socks 

If your dad loves nothing more than a cold beer after a stressful day of work or when out with friends, these socks make the perfect gift. Made from 80% combed cotton, they are comfortable for the winter months. They are also high-quality, with the fun sayings sewn in for ultimate durability.

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27 – WTF Is My Password Logbook 

WTF Is My Password Logbook 

Forgetful parents… as much as we love them, they can drive us all mad at times, and no more than when they ask us what their password is. If you want to help your dad by giving him a heads up on his passwords, this logbook is the perfect way to do so. With a bold design, he’s sure to remember it, unlike his passwords!

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28 – Grilled Cheese Toaster 

Grilled Cheese Toaster

As much as they like to think otherwise, the truth is men don’t mature as fast as women do. Many of them continue eating childhood snacks into their older adulthood, and if this describes your dad, he needs a grilled cheese toaster. Cutting down on cooking time, it gives him even more time to enjoy the outcome when it pops up.

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29 – Custom Engraved Photo Wallet 

Custom Engraved Photo Wallet

If your dad is the sentimental type, make him feel appreciated on the next special occasion by treating him to this custom wallet. This one is unique as it allows you to add an engraved version of your favorite photograph in addition to words, meaning he’ll never forget who gave it to him.

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30 – Handheld Retro Games Machine 

Handheld Retro Games Machine 

Retro games hold sentimental value in the hearts of many. If this is the case for your dad, investing in this retro games machine is sure to make him tear up with joy. The best part is you won’t need to buy games separately, as it already comes with 200 preloaded onto the device!

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31 – LEGO Ship In A Bottle 

LEGO Ship In A Bottle

Another gift that offers to take your dad back to his childhood is this advanced LEGO model. With 962 pieces total, this has been designed for adults in mind and will keep them occupied for a long time to come. It also features a stand for your dad to display his hard work once he’s completed his latest original LEGO model!

Buy this LEGO Ship In A Bottle on Amazon here.



32 – Giant Burrito Blanket 

Giant Burrito Blanket 


If you’re looking for gifts for dad that perfectly combine his love of Mexican food with unconventional gifts, this burrito blanket is perfect. It’s also great for those who complain in colder weather conditions and comes with three different sizes to make sure it completely covers most body types to keep them warm during the cold months.

Buy this Giant Burrito Blanket on Amazon here.



33 – Smart Water Bottle 

Smart Water Bottle 


Most Americans are guilty of not drinking enough water, and chances are your dad will be one of them. To help him curb this habit, gift him this smart water bottle that glows every hour and reminds him to take another sip of water. It also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker, encouraging him to take it wherever he goes.

Buy this Smart Water Bottle on Amazon here.



34 – 5-in-1 Night Light 

5-in-1 Night Light 

A night light might not seem like one of the best gifts for dad at first glance, but this one will change your mind. It comes with a Bluetooth speaker that allows your dad to listen to music or audiobooks while drifting off and six color modes that add to the overall relaxation after a stressful day.

Buy this 5-in-1 Night Light on Amazon here.



35 – Folding Umbrella Hat 

Folding Umbrella Hat 

If you’re looking for gifts for a dad who wants nothing, this folding umbrella hat is perfect if he enjoys the outdoors and is a big fan of practical gifts. He’ll be able to wear this as a semi-fashionable hat that means his hands will be free to do other things while he’s out, such as checking his phone or grabbing his wallet.

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36 – Portable Fan Necklace 

Portable Fan Necklace 

This portable fan makes the perfect gift for someone who complains of the heat constantly, and its necklace attachment makes it perfect for those with a bad memory. With eight different colors to choose from, your dad can have a darker shade to remain subtle and still enjoy the cool breeze of his mini-portable fan on a hot, humid day.

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37 – Adjustable Tablet Stand 

Adjustable Tablet Stand 

Something else that makes a great gift when you don’t know what to get someone is an adjustable tablet stand. If he’s a keen baker or regularly looks after the grandchildren, this allows him to prop up the tablet while dealing with sticky fingers or a crying baby. It also works well as a stand to watch Netflix on while settling down for the evening.

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38 – Vinyl Drinks Coaster 

Vinyl Drinks Coaster 

If your dad is a lover of all things retro or has a house décor theme that reminds you of the 80s, these drinks coasters will fit in perfectly while protecting his furniture. And they are the perfect way to take your dad back to his own yesteryears, with the special details that make them look like a smaller version of real vinyl records.

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39 – Toilet Golf Putter Game 

Toilet Golf Putter Game

What better way to kill time and improve his putting game than by gifting this toilet golf putter game to dad. Definitely a novelty gift for dad’s with a sense of humor, it’ll show him you’ve been paying attention to his golf game and give him the chance to work on those birdies!

Buy this Toilet Golf Putter Game on Amazon here.



40 – Starbucks Gift Card 

Starbucks Gift Card 

When it comes to gift-giving, there’s no shame in giving someone a gift card if you know they’d want it. If your dad is a regular commuter for work and loves Starbucks, he’s sure to be happy with this gift card. You can top up from $25-$100, making it the perfect additional gift or main present.

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41 – Natural Soap Bar Collection 

Natural Soap Bar Collection 

If your dad is vegan, this 100% natural soap bars collection is sure to keep him going for some time. Even if he isn’t, they are great for cleansing and moisturizing skin, making them the perfect gift for the skin-conscious. Buying the collection is a great way for him to determine which one he likes best, too!

Buy this Natural Soap Bar Collection on Amazon here.



42 – Bull$#*T Button 

Bull$#*T Button 

Is your dad outspoken, known for calling people out when they step out of line or produce outright lies from their mouth? If so, this button is one of those gifts for dad that will go down in family memories for a long time to come. It might not be the best thought out gift if there are children at home, but if not, this novelty gift is a great option.

Buy this Bull$#*T Button on Amazon here.



43 – Outdoor Patio Table and Cooler 

Outdoor Patio Table and Cooler

For the dad who likes entertaining guests or sitting out on his porch in warmer weather, this table makes the perfect gift. With the ability to store drinks underneath the table, he’ll be fully satisfied with an afternoon in the sun without being disturbed for drink breaks.

Buy this Outdoor Patio Table & Cooler on Amazon here.



44 – Champion Men’s Fleece Hoodie 

Champion Men’s Fleece Hoodie

Combining high-quality with a designer name is this fleece hoodie from Champion, a brand known for its stylish clothing. It’ll make the perfect addition to any fashionable father’s wardrobe, but also keep them warm on cool, breezy days when they’re out walking.

Buy this Champion Men’s Fleece Hoodie on Amazon here.



45 – Bluetooth Musical Sleep Headphones

Bluetooth Musical Sleep Headphones

Is your dad a night shift worker who struggles with sleeping while it’s light outside, or someone who’s been plagued by chronic insomnia? Either way, this sleep mask makes the perfect gift. Made from ultra-soft materials, it comes with a Bluetooth speaker that can be utilized for relaxing music to help him drift off effortlessly.

Buy these Bluetooth Musical Sleep Headphones on Amazon here.



46 – Coffee Mug Desktop Warmer 

Coffee Mug Desktop Warmer

This coffee warmer is the perfect addition to any forgetful dad’s workspace. The product itself is small enough to be portable, but this doesn’t compromise the built-in heat technology that keeps things warm all day. For sure, this device will prevent your dad from drinking cold coffee ever again!

Buy this Coffee Mug Desktop Warmer on Amazon here.



47 – Dad Hammer Multitool 

Dad Hammer Multitool 

Birthday gifts for dad aren’t as hard to decide on when you go down the sentimental route. This gift, in particular, combines that sentimental value that is sure to have him tearing up with practicality, with the engraving of your choice reminding him of those who mean the most to him while he works.

Buy this Dad Hammer Multitool on Amazon here.



48 – Revell Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger Model Kit

Revell Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger Model Kit

Is your dad a big fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, or older retro cars? If so, help him keep his hands busy during downtime with this plastic model kit. With 122 realistic pieces that directly replicate the original car, he’s sure to feel a great sense of achievement when it’s done.

Buy this Revell Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger Model Kit on Amazon here.



49 – Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat 

Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat 

When looking for gifts for dad, many consider hats and scarfs as staple items, but these can soon become old. Why not mix things up for your dad and include one that has built-in Bluetooth capabilities? This way, he can spice up his dog walks with music without compromising his warmth.

Buy this Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat on Amazon here.



There’s no judgment here; we know finding the best gifts for dad isn’t an easy task. This is especially true when finding gifts for dad who wants nothing. But we hope this gift guide has helped you get started. With ideas to suit all personality types (and budgets!), your dad will be tearing up with joy regardless of what you settle on.