59 Best Gift Ideas This Year


One of the beauties of gift-giving is that it provides you with an opportunity to show the people in your life how much you appreciate and care about them. Surely, nothing can beat that feeling when you find the perfect gift for your loved one.


Heartwarming as it may be, gift-shopping can easily turn into one Herculean task, especially if you have no idea what the person wants. You see, the longer you know a person, the more secretive and humble they become about the stuff they really fancy.


But if you truly want to celebrate your husband, wife, dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, sibling, BFF or your coworker the right way, then it’s all about finding practical, thoughtful and clever things they actually need.


This year, the last thing you want to buy is something that will end up gathering dust in the closet, or even worse get thrown out the next day!


If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next present, you in good company.


From stylish reusable water bottle to jewelry and everything in between, we found sickeningly adorable and thoughtful 59 gift ideas that’ll certainly make you the hero of your circle this year.




What We Cover In This Article

(1) Kool8 Water Bottle for the Minimalist Fitness Lover

Water Bottle

Easily one of the most gorgeous reusable water bottles in our humble opinion, Kool8 is completely designed with active lifestyle and convenience in mind. It has a modern look and sleek design, making it ideal to take anywhere, whether that’s hiking, morning run, office, company outing, and much more. Besides, it’s available in a variety of stylish colors, which means there’s something for every personality and style.


More than that, Kool8 is 100% BPA-free, fully insulated, eco-friendly, and built to last with stainless steel construction. As if that isn’t amazing enough, 20% of the proceeds go toward making clean water available to underserved regions across the world. Isn’t this the perfect gift for the social-conscious fitness lover in the family?


If you’re shopping for a tea fanatic who loves to brew on the go, then Kool8 will simply knock their socks off. It not only keeps drinks cool for 24+ hours but also makes sure your tea stays warm for up to 12 hours.

The icing on the cake is that it comes complete with a tea infuser that supports all your favorite teas. What more could you ask for?

Buy this Kool8 Water Bottle here.




 (2)Twinkle In Time Custom Star Map for an Astrology Fanatic

Twinkle In Time

If you know a stargazer in your circle of friends or family, they will definitely flip for this gift from Twinkle In Time. It’s a present that’s personal, meaningful and beautiful to boot. What is it?


Twinkle In Time is a wonderful service that’s all the rage currently in America, and with good. It enables you to create a personalized star map that depicts the stars exactly as they were arranged on a particular date and place. Plus, you can add a thoughtful message to give it a personal touch.


You can revisit the day the person was born, graduated, got married, or any other special moment. It’s hands down a unique present for any occasion, whether it’s for an upcoming anniversary, remembrance, Valentine’s Day, holidays, birthday, you name it!


This elegant custom star map comes in top-notch quality print, meaning it can blend well with any interior decor and style. You can have it hanging in your bathroom, bedroom, living room or even your office.

Buy Twinkle In Time here.




 (3)Bose Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones 700 for the Boyfriend/Husband Who Seems to Have Everything

Bose Noise Cancelling

Shopping for a have-it-all partner, boyfriend or husband is never an easy walk in the park. But these noise-cancelling headphones by Bose will cause his heart to skip a beat. With 11 levels of noise cancelling, built-in Alexa capability, wireless phone syncing, and lightweight construction, 700 will provide him with the much-needed opportunity to listen to his fave playlist and zone out.


And the best part? It features easy-to-use, intuitive controls on the ear cup, plus a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hrs for a single charge. That translates to pure, non-stop, hassle-free listening experience.

Buy Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 on Amazon here.




(4)Sister Ceramic Tea for One (for your Best Sister)

Pavilion Gift

This year, show your sister how gift-giving is done. This adorable Sister Ceramic tea set from Amylee Weeks at Pavilion Gift Company will make her love you even more. With an 8-ounce mug set and 15-ounce teapot nestled in one box, this is one of the best gift ideas to show your sister that there’s truly no friend like her.


The tea set has a delightful floral design printed on high-quality decal, meaning it’s not only microwave safe but also dishwasher safe. What’s more – the mug and teapot stack perfectly together so her favorite drink is pleasant to enjoy.

Buy Sister Ceramic Tea set for One on Amazon here.




(5) Candylocks 7-Inch Lacey Lemonade Collectible Doll for the Little One


The jury is out, and Candylocks has been named to Amazon’s Top 100 Toys, a list of the hottest toy gift ideas of this Christmas. Each 7-inch Lacey Lemonade collectible doll has a distinct scent of lemonade. Moreover, it comes packaged with a set of different accessories that will allow your little girl to change up her hair in a snap.


Your little one can also swap the doll’s outfit with fresh ones, use hair chalk & clip, adorn her with a purse and sunglasses … her options are truly unlimited. If she doesn’t love the lemonade scent, you can go for the 7-inch Straw Mary. The latter is laced with a sweet strawberry scent.

Buy Candylocks Lacey Lemonade Collective Doll on Amazon here.




(6)Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat for the Yogi


This year, show the yogi in your life that you’re always thinking about them. This self-rolling smart yoga mat by renowned Backslash Fit will leave her speechless. It’s a perfect gift that will help her say adieu to shared mats found in her yoga studio.


Talking of smart, you can enjoy free, bonus routines delivered by Women’s Health Yoga via your favorite Alexa-enabled smart speakers. 5mm thick, the yoga mat is superbly soft, comfy, and style. Plus, it is quite roomy, so much so that two fair-sized yogis can fit in.

Buy Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat on Amazon here.




(7)Transformers Toys Heroic Bumblebee Action Figure for the Fan of Transformer

Transformers Toys

Designed for kids aged 6 and older, Transformers Toys Heroic Bumblebee Action Figure is two toys in one. And just like in the franchise film, this Amazon-exclusive toy can transform from Bumblebee, a big-hearted Autobot into a car in a matter of seconds. It only takes six simple steps that any child older than 6 can easily follow.


This action figure is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for anyone who loves Transformers movie or comic books.

Buy Transformers Toys Heroic Bumblebee Action Figure on Amazon here.




(8)Anker Astro E1 Portable Charger for the Wanderlust

Portable Charger

More than 9,000 Amazon users swear that this portable charger by Anker has truly turned their lives around. If your recipient is someone who likes to travel, especially to areas without power, this handy device is what the doctor prescribed.


The charger is not only lightweight but also works in a breeze, charging your devices at 4x the speed of a computer. It can fully juice up two devices. As a bonus, it comes with a travel pouch, and fits snugly in the pocket. Available in either white or black, it also comes with single micro-USB cable.

Buy Anker Astro E1 Charger on Amazon here.




(9) Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer for the Lady with Locks

Dyson Supersonic
Drying wet locks is often a huge hassle. With Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, that’s a thing of the past. It is designed from the ground up to safeguard her beautiful locks from excess heat damage. The allure behind this dryer is that it gets the job done in under 10 minutes. It decreases flyaways & frizz by more than 60%, improves hair shine by 132%, increases smoothness by 75%.


No matter your hair type, this limited gift edition Dyson Supersonic may as well be the king of hairdryers! It’s available in rich black-pink and comes in a lavish travel bag.

Buy Dyson Supersonic hairdryer on Amazon here.




(10) Wacaco Minipresso GR for the Espresso Aficionado

Portable Espresso Machine

Give this Wacaco portable espresso maker to someone who always craves a hot, delicious cup of espresso. This hand-operated coffee maker is so portable and handy you can enjoy your brew wherever you want – at the office, on your commute to work, or while camping.


With a slick, modern design based on a semi-automatic piston, Wacaco Minipresso is lightweight, looks great, and feels awesome in your hand. From caffè lungo to ristretto, water tanks of varying capabilities are also available.

Buy Wacaco Minipresso GR on Amazon here.




(11) Intelligent Change Productivity Planner for the Workaholic

Productivity Planner

Meet Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change, a daily planner that will help your ever-busy friend, relative or coworker crush their goals. Smartly designed, the planner allows you to prioritize your monthly, weekly and daily tasks, chores, and duties, whether at home, work or in your social life.


Don’t let the fact that it’s an undated journal fool you; this planner has lots of space for staying on top of your days, weeks and months. It also helps you journal your prompts and reflect on topics to get you writing. Most Amazon users who have bought the productivity planner say it has actually saved them from the jaws of procrastination.

Buy Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change on Amazon here.




(12) Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

Mini Steam Iron

Having wrinkle-free clothes on the go is now effortless! If your recipient is always traveling and has to pay a pretty penny for concierge laundry services, this portable mini steam iron will be a true lifesaver for them.


Steamfast SF-717 is so lightweight it can fit in any travel bag. And it works well on all kinds of fabrics. The tiny yet powerful steam iron heats up in only fifteen seconds. With a 1-touch steam button and 3 heat settings, it’s poised to get the job done fast and without a hitch.


It has dual voltage and comes with a durable travel bag, so you can enjoy wrinkle-free clothes wherever you are across the globe.

Buy Steamfast SF-717 miniature steam iron on Amazon here.




(13) Valencia & Vine Women’s Emilie Dress for the Sleeved Dress Office Fashionista

Valencia & Vine Women's

It’s hard to find sleeved dresses that are fashionable and functional at the same time. That’s why this gem from Valencia & Vine Women will get all the attention, all whilst keeping her body healthy and warm. With full cotton lining and 100% viscose shell, this pretty dress in navy blue is perfect for just about any occasion, whether it’s for date night, girl’s night out or work. The fabric itself is non-stretch yet lightweight with ruffle trim and striped floral prints.

Buy Emilie Dress by Valencia & Vine Women on Amazon here.




(14) Herdzi Monitor Stand Riser with Drawers for the Minimalist Freelancer

Herdzi Monitor Stand Riser

A freelancer who has embraced the minimalist lifestyle values organization in their office. If this sounds like someone you are trying to gift-shop for, this Herdzi monitor stand fits the bill. It’s a lovely looking computer monitor stand riser that doubles up as storage.


By design, this multi-use stand helps raise your monitor, offering the perfect angle of viewing for proper neck and head alignment. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, this office accessory has plenty of space for the mouse and keyboard, as well as a slot for your smartphone or tablet and multiple drawers where you can tuck away your stationery and office supplies.

Buy this Herdzi monitor stand riser on Amazon here.




(15) OliveTech Mini Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser for the Wellness Enthusiast

Mini Aroma Essential Oil

If the giftee practices yoga, meditation and other mindful self-care routines, this mini essential oil diffuser will hit the right spot. This compact gift can function as a humidifier or an essential oil diffuser, allowing your loved one to pull double duty. BPA-free, this device that comes in the timeless wood grain finish will fill your room with clean, fresh scent and fragrance of your favorite essential oil.


It comes with three timer settings, 7 LED lights, and uses adopted ultrasonic tech, which means it’s uber silent, leaving your space serene. Thanks to its exquisite and stylish design, it can marry well with any home or office decor.

Buy OliveTech mini oil diffuser/humidifier on Amazon here.



(16) FINEDINE Expert Cocktail Shaker Home Bar Set for the Party Hostess

Expert Cocktail Shaker

Hosting a backyard, indoor or patio party with booze needs some serious mixology gadgets. This Manhattan-style cocktail kit set is what the perfect hostess needs to throw a killer party. The cocktail shaker set comes with a 14-item stainless steel home bar tools, including 6 pour spouts, a strainer, shot glasses, double jar jigger, a bar spoon, a flat bottle opener, and shaking tins.


The home bar set is crafted from high-quality stainless which means your kit will last long, and the tools don’t stain or retain odors. The metal construction of the shaker set has a feature that helps enhance flavors and chill drinks.

Buy FINEDINE cocktail mixer set on Amazon here.




(17) Julie Smith Lobster Claw Pendant Necklace for Her

Jules Smith Women's Lobster

When it comes to gift ideas for her, you can never go wrong with jewelry. This Julie Smith women’s lobster claw pendant necklace is a masterpiece with a polished finish and timeless appeal. As you might already know, chain necklaces are hot and trendy this fall, and the giftee will certainly feel fashionable and on-trend wearing this pretty piece.


It’s available in lavish yellow gold and can blend superbly with several hues and styles of clothing, ranging from pink to golden and florals. The outfit can be completed with a pair of large gold earrings and candy pink or cherry red lipstick.

Buy Julie Smith lobster claw pendant necklace on Amazon here.




(18) Hanhoo Blemish Patch for the Skincare Devotee

Blemish Patch

Sold in a two-pack of 36, Hanhoo Blemish patch is a lovely stocking stuffer that will definitely take your great skincare routine to the next level. Reddit users are raving about amazing results these dermal patches deliver. It can be used for spot treatment, which means you don’t have to apply patches on the whole face.


Your mom, girlfriend, sister or wife will absolutely love that the patches are virtually transparent, blending effortlessly in with their skin. Recommended use is six to eight hours, making it the go-to skincare solution of both overnight and daytime use.


It’s not only drug-free and irritant-free but also boasts anti-inflammatory properties. You can use it alongside bubble up peeling pad for youthful-looking and blemish-free skin.

Buy Hanhoo blemish patch (2-pack) on Amazon here.




(19) DampRid Hanging Bag for Homemaker

DampRid Moisture Absorber

If your friend, mom or colleague has been complaining of moisture-related smells around the house, this gift is the magic wand she needs. From afar it may look just like an ordinary bag, except that it isn’t. It’s an absorbent bag that can be placed in the closet, locker room, laundry room, shed, attic or the basement, helping get rid of mucid odors.


By wicking off excess moisture, it removes dampness in the air which usually cause the growth of mold and mildew. All’s left to do is attach the bag to a rod in your closet, and it’ll do its magic, eliminating odors and musty smells. Besides, it comes in a 3-pack and lasts for months on end.

Buy DampRid hanging bag on Amazon here.




(20) Krups Burr Coffee Grinder for the Coffee Fanatic

Coffee Grinder

Any coffee aficionado knows that a bean grinder is a must-have. With Krups Burr compact device, the person can grind their own coffee beans without any hassle or drama, every day! It’s electric-powered with 9 grind levels for all kinds of pour-over brews, cold brews, and drips.


This electric coffee grinder has removable components, making it super easy to clean and maintain. More excitedly, it can grind enough coffee for up to 12 cups per session!

Buy Krups Burr coffee grinder on Amazon here.




(21) Kendasun Jewelry Personalized Cuff Bangle Bracelet for Someone who Needs some Inspiration

Bangle Bracelet

Kendasun Jewelry is known for its stylish inspirational pieces, but this cuff bangle bracelet is one of its best creations. It’s engraved with encouraging words: You are Braver Than You Believe Stronger Than You Seem and Smarter Than You Think. This is the perfect message to remind her how smart, strong and bold she is. On top of that, it is made from stainless steel and available in silver, white, rose gold or gold.

Buy Kendasun inspirational cuff bangle bracelet on Amazon here.




(22) Swiss Diamond Classic Nonstick Fry Pan Set for your Wife

Fry PanLet’s not kid ourselves; the toughest person to gift-shop for is your wife. If you aren’t planning to splurge on diamonds this year, this classic set of nonstick fry pans from Swiss Diamond will do for now. After all, they are coated with genuine diamond crystals, making the fry pans amazingly nonstick.


Given that they are made from heavy-duty aluminum, the heat spreads uniformly around the pan’s surface, so your fry or sauce won’t burn. As a set, you will for sure have a blast cooking as a couple.

Buy Swiss Diamond nonstick fry pan set on Amazon here.




(23) HaloVa Multifunction Cosmetic Bag for the One Who Can’t Leave the House Without Makeup Kit

Cosmetic Bag

Perhaps your mom, wife, girlfriend or bestie has a vacation or travel plans on the horizon. This hanging cosmetic bag is designed to hold all of her toiletries, makeup, and other travel necessities. If you are feeling a bit generous, fill this cute bag with perfume, makeup, lipstick, and other travel must-haves. After all, this is one of the most affordable gift ideas on this list.


You can choose from a variety of color styles, include gray, blue flowers, beige, dark blue, and plain blue. It’s made from an elastic, waterproof fabric which is very light, so she will certainly be happy to get it.

Buy HaloVa multifunction toiletry bag on Amazon here.




(24) Gorilla Grip Bath Mat

Bath Mat

Some products are just overflowing with genius, and Gorilla Grip patented bath mat is one for the books. This uber strong bath mat will do you good in your bathroom and shower. With a whopping 324 suction cups, the mat sticks to the bath surface like no one’s business.


But don’t worry about a build-up of mildew and mold because it has scores of drain holes, preventing musty smells and odors that come with dampness. More than that, the antiseptic floor mat is machine-washable, comes with a sub-$20 price tag, and you can choose from 13 cool colors.

Buy Gorilla Grip bath mat on Amazon here.




(25) Meku Slim Leather Wallet for the Minimalist Man in your Life

 Leather Wallet

The minimalist movement is slowly catching on, and the chances are good that you know someone who swears by the lifestyle. If you are trying to buy the perfect gift for such a man, this slick real leather wallet will certainly tickle his fancy. It’s sewn by hand and features 3 handy pockets for his IDs, bank cards, and whatnot.


On the overall, this handmade slim cardholder is ideal for any minimalist who thinks using cash has gone the way of the dodo.

Buy Meku slim leather wallet on Amazon here.




(26) Victor Fly Magnet Reusable Trap for the Camping Enthusiast

Fly Magnet

Looking for a heartwarming gift for your friend, family or coworker who is a seasoned camper? If yes, look no further than Victor Fly magnet reusable trap. It’s so handy that you can use in your own home to catch all those nuisance bugs that have colonized your kitchen, living room or patio.


The reusable fly trap comes preloaded with non-toxic bait, which makes it not only human but also eco-friendly. When it has caught enough flies, all you have to do is dump out the content, add a little water, and load a fresh batch of bait. It’s that easy to reuse it, plus the trap is safe around pets and kids, as well.

Buy Victor fly magnet reusable trap with bait on Amazon here.




(27) Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker for the Breakfast Dad

Sandwich Maker

Dads do love their breakfast sandwiches but how many of them are willing to make them? That’s about to change thanks to Hamilton Beach 25475A, a breakfast sandwich maker so easy to use that every dad is down for it.


All you have to do is layer your favorite ingredients, press it down, and voila — there’s your sandwich! It can make pretty much any sandwich in fewer than 5 minutes. You can use small bagels, biscuits, English muffins, and so forth.

Buy Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker on Amazon here.




(28) UGG Miranda Robe for the Nostalgic Vacationer

Miranda Robe

Do you know someone who would never get tired of being in the vacation mood? This Miranda Robe by UGG will make her feel like she is kicking back and relaxing in a faraway vacation destination right in the comfort of her own home. This devilishly soft robe will help bring that awesome hotel experience to her home.

Buy UGG Women’s Miranda Robe on Amazon here.




(29) Maps International Scratch Off World Map Poster for the Globetrotter

World Map

Travelers and anyone full of wanderlust love to keep track of where they have been around the world. This scratch-off map is exactly what they need to keep the globe-trotting spirit on. It’s a perfect present for your relative, friend or neighbor whose Instagram and Facebook account are full of photos from anywhere but home.


I absolutely love that it’s delivered crease-free and ready for some scratching off.

Buy Maps International Scrap Map on Amazon here.




(30) Starfrit Electric Rotato Express for the Avid Chef

Electric Rotato

Show the chef in the family that you love and appreciate what he or she does with Starfrit Electric Rotato Express. It’s a nifty kitchen peeler that is certain to take the hassle out of food prepping. Contrary to what you might think, this electric veggie peeler removes only a thin layer, which leaves the chef with more to cook.


Above all: Rotato Express can peel off a huge selection of veggies and fruits in under 10 seconds, and it works with a simple touch of a button. It’s a great companion when you’re making mashed potatoes and apple pie.

Buy Starfrit Electric Rotato Express on Amazon here.




(31) FIBO STEEL Personalized Initial Cufflinks Tie Clips Set for Men

Cufflinks Tie Clips

With just under 5 bucks, you can get your dad, boyfriend, husband or any other beloved man in your life a personalized initial tie clip and cufflinks set. Be that as it may, this is an ideal gift for a gentleman with exquisite taste in fashion. I bet he won’t even know that you spent five bucks for cufflinks and tie clips with his initials on them.

Buy FIBO STEEL Personalized Initial Cufflinks Tie Clips Set on Amazon here.




(32) Royal Home 3-in-1 Pizza Cutter, Slicer, and Server for the Pizza Lover

Pizza Cutter

You read that right. This is a pizza slicer, cutter, and server, all rolled into one handy gadget for your home or restaurant kitchen. Once your pal tries this gadget, he or she will never go back to slicing, cutting or serving pizza the old way. Not again!


Royal Home cutter boasts an ergonomic handle with nice grip for no-sweat and hassle-free serving of pizza. That means your hand won’t get fatigued, slippery or sweaty, no matter the size of pizza or the number of guests you’re serving.


It’s dishwasher safe, but you have to take it apart before throwing in the washer or rinse in the sink with lukewarm, soapy water. Did we mention that it can cut, slice and serve other stuff, including dough, pastry, calzones, pie, and bread? Now you know.

Buy Royal Home 3-in-1 Pizza cutter, slicer & server on Amazon here.




(33) Bentgo Bento-Style Lunch Box for the One Who Loves Home-cooked Meals

Lunch Box

Finding a stylish lunch box that can handle more than cliches such as soup and sandwiches is not always easy. Bentgo Lunch Box is the best gift you can give to someone who enjoys home-cooked lunches at work, in school, etc.


It’s a bento-style lunch box that boasts 4 compartments that enable the person to separate ingredients for versatile and more fun lunches. Available in 6 fantastic colors, lunchtime will never be the same again.

Buy Bentgo Lunch box on Amazon here.




(34) Kate Spade New York ID Clip for the Fashion-Forward Work Lady

Women's Id Clip

Work ID holders shouldn’t be ugly, something Kate Spade New York is out to prove. This all-silicone ID clip is an accessory that any working lady will absolutely drool over. It comes with gold metal hardware accents and black & white dot design, meaning it can match perfectly with any work outfit.


If your loved one is a serial loser of driver’s license and other IDs, this present is not just adorable but also a game-changer. You can easily clip onto a lanyard to act as an identification badge or attach to your baggage for no-drama travel. Additionally, it features a back pocket for all your other IDs, bank cards, business cards, and much more.

Buy Kate Spade New York ID Clip on Amazon here.




(35) Fifth Sun NASA Logo T-Shirt

NASA Logo T-Shirt

Your giftee doesn’t have to be an astrophysicist or have a degree in quantum physics to deserve a NASA logo t-shirt. It will make him or her feel awesomely cool walking around in this vintage-style t-shirt. It’s 100% cotton, machine washable, and available in all sizes.

Buy Fifth Sun Nasa logo t-shirt on Amazon here.




(36) Theragun Liv Percussive Massager for the Gym Rat

Massager Muscle

We all know that one gym rat who pushes his or her body to the limits with intense workouts and training. This Liv percussive massage and muscle stimulator is the ultimate tool the fitness fanatic needs for faster and safer recovery. It’s backed by more than a decade of R & D, making it the best tissue massager for relieving muscle pain, soreness, tension, and much more.


Theragun Live massager comes with an industrial-grade motor that helps the user get exact muscle treatment their body requires to relieve pain and recover instantly. It also speeds up muscle repair and activation. No wonder some users say it’s as good, if not better than a personal physical therapist.

Buy Theragun Liv Percussive Massager on Amazon here.




(37) Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover for the Red Wine Lover

Red Wine Remover

Spilling some red wine on your favorite shirt, blouse or dress can be a huge bummer. Dubbed the “the one bottle no [red] wine lover should be without,” this remover is a thoughtful and yet affordable gift for all the red wine enthusiasts in your life. This is a professional-grade formula that is backed by science, and not old wive’s tale.


Because of the low price point, this can be one of the best gift ideas for every single colleague in your workplace. They will thank you when the happy hour strikes.

Buy Chateau Spill Red Wine Remover on Amazon here.




(38) 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post for the Cat Mom or Dad

Scratching Post

Don’t forget to buy a gift for your furry friends this year. Standing tall at 26 inches, this cardboard scratching post is what your cat needs this coming holidays. It has a nicely curved shape which is not only eye-catching but also purrfect for entertaining your cats for days on end.


It’s manufactured using recycled Premium Pressed cardboard, and everything can be recycled. That’s what an eco-conscious cat mama or papa wants to hear! With accompanying mounting hooks and adhesive, replacing and installing it is also a piece of cake.

Buy 4Claws wall-mounted scratching post on Amazon here.




(39) Breville BJE430SIL for the Juicing Lover

The Juice Fountain Cold

If your giftee loves freshly made juices and smoothies, Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold is a tried-and-true juicing monster. It’s one of the most versatile juicers when it comes to juicing kale, carrots, apples and a variety of other fruits and veggies.


Cold Spin Technology, 2-speed control setting, safety-lock, and ultra-wide feeding chute are some of the key selling points that make BJE430SIL stand out in the juicing community.

Buy Breville BJE430SIL juicer on Amazon here.




(40) I Love You Mom: And Here’s Why Journal for your Beloved Mom

I Love You Mom book

Unless you know someone more important than your mom, she deserves to be pampered, appreciated and spoiled once in a while, especially around the holidays. This year, go all-in with this I Love You Mom: And Here’s Why hardcover notebook by M. H. Clark.


Purchase this journal several weeks before Mother’s Day or any other special occasion. This way, you can take sweet time to jot down prompts and let her know what she means to you. Ensure to pair this present with a fine bottle of wine and a pack of the softest tissue.

Buy M.H. Clark’s I Love You Mom: And Here’s Why Journal on Amazon here.




(41) Deep Cleaning from AMAZON HOME SERVICES

Deep Cleaning

The chances are fairly high that you didn’t know Amazon offers home services like cleaning. That’s right; you can now hire qualified and vetted cleaners on the platform. Your mom, friend or spouse will probably appreciate a deeply cleaned house. The good news is that the crew from Amazon will arrive ready with everything they need to transform the home into an immaculately clean abode.

Get Deep Cleaning Service on Amazon here.




(42) LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set for the Bath Enthusiast

Bath Bombs

This set of 12 handmade bath bombs has already garnered over 5,000 5-star Amazon reviews. That means it’s a product that has been tried and tested, making it a perfect gift for someone who likes to take long, relaxing baths. Best of all: it’s made right here in the US, and comes in calming and soothing scents, including lemongrass, vanilla, green tea, and black raspberry. As a bonus, it’s packed in adorable packaging.

Buy LifeAround2Angels bath bombs gift set on Amazon here.




(43) Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine for the Mom with Newborn

 Noise Machine


Are you looking for a class-act baby shower gift or something to surprise a mom with a newborn this year? Marpac Dohm classic white noise machine is what the mom needs to care better for her little one.


This machine emits ambient sounds that create the same environment as the womb, which naturally makes the infant feel at home. This makes it a perfect gift for a new mom who lives in a particularly noisy area. The device is available in a range of beautiful colors that’ll mesh into the room perfectly, including white, black, gray, blue, green, pink, tan, connect white, and much more.


What the color you go for, she will definitely love you more for it.

Buy Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine on Amazon here.




(44) Panacea Tomato Cage (Trellis) for the Gardener

Tomato Cage

A tomato trellis or cage is an amazing gift for the gardening enthusiast in your life. If they love to grow tomatoes, your loved one will absolutely go crazy for this cage from Panacea because it can house some of the largest varieties. Plus, it saves space and also quite inexpensive.

Buy Panacea Tomato Cage on Amazon here.




(45) Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper for Grandpa

Men's Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper

If your pop-pop is someone who seems to have everything he needs, it can be hard to find a gift that will earn you a high five. But don’t worry; Minnetonka has got your back!


This suede moccasins lined with plush shearling are so comfy your grandpa won’t ever want to take them off. They are fitted with rubber soles, which accentuates real leather for a timeless appeal.

Buy Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper on Amazon here.




(46) Sterling Silver AAA Cubic Zirconia Grandma Double Heart Pendant Necklace (obviously for grandma)

 Double Heart Pendant Necklace

Sometimes all grandma needs is a thoughtful gift of jewelry. After all, she already has the kitchen pantry covered. This cubic zirconia heart pendant will set her ticker on fire with joy and love. It’s pocket-friendly (you know grandma doesn’t like it when you splurge), and inscribed with the word: “Grandma”. Get it in gold, silver or rose — whatever makes grandma blush.

Buy Sterling Silver AAA Cubic Zirconia Grandma Double Heart Pendant Necklace on Amazon here.




(47) World’s Best Grandma Trophy-7 for the Boss Grandma


You have the best grandma in the whole wide world. Why not show her what she means to you with a trophy that says it all? This World’s Best Grandma Trophy-7 by aahs!! Engraving will top cubic zirconia gem above.

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(48) Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Razor for the Stylish Gentleman

Electric Razor for Men

Stumped on what to get the ever-busy stylish gentleman in your life? This electric shaver from Braun will simply knock his socks off, especially if he is the kind of guy who complains that there aren’t enough hours in the day.


It’s a wet-dry electric razor with both a clean and charge system. The icing on the cake is that it boasts a trimmer plus 5 shaving elements for a smooth shave and holistic grooming.

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(49) FOREO LUNA Face Exfoliator for the Chic Lady in your Life

 Face Exfoliator Brush

Looking for an anniversary, birthday, holiday or just because gift for the chicest lady in your life? This silicone cleansing and brush exfoliator device is what she has been craving all her life. The brush is designed to deliver gentle yet deep cleansing, all while getting rid of wrinkles and those unsightly fine lines.


You can choose from pink for normal skin, blue for a combo, or gray for someone with sensitive skin. Whatever you go for, this anti-aging device will take her cleansing game to the next level.

Buy FOREO LUNA Face Exfoliator Brush and Silicone Cleansing Device on Amazon here.




(50) LEGACY Wine Country Wine & Cheese Tote Bag for the Avid Wine Lover

Picnic Time Brand Wine Country

Shopping for a wine lover is usually a breeze: buy a fancy bottle of wine! This year, however, think outside the “bottle” with this unique country wine tote bag. The design brings together a roomy compartment for personal and food items, a small front pouch with flap, and 2 insulated pouches for wine bottles.


That’s not all. It comes with a waiter-style stainless steel corkscrew, stainless steel cheese knife, and six-inch square hardwood cheese board. What more could a wine lover ask for a perfect picnic?

Buy LEGACY Wine Country Wine & Cheese Tote Bag on Amazon here.




(51)  The Art of the Cheese Plate by Tia Keenan book for the Turophile

The Art of the Cheese Plate

If you are looking for a present that a cheese lover will appreciate this year, avoid a cheese/wine basket. She probably has no palate for those cheap cheeses included in the basket. Instead, get her this classic book by Tia Keenan.


The Art of the Cheese Plate is all about pairing some of the best cheeses in the world with unusual yet inspiring textures and flavors. Tia Keenan’s food matchings are immaculate, and your turophile friend will absolutely love this read.

Buy The Art of the Cheese Plate by Tia Keenan on Amazon here.




(52) Oculus Go VR Headset for the Gadget Guru

Virtual Reality Headset

There is a boatload of techie devices on the market, and it can be daunting to find one that will please the gadget geek in your life. Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset definitely a gift to consider this year.


Oculus Go will get you immersed in your fave movies and TV shows, play VR video games like never before, or just take virtual tours of some of the most remote destinations across the globe. And yeah — from the comfort of your couch!

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(53) SOCKWELL Compression Socks for the Season Traveler

 Women's Circulator Moderate Graduated Compression Socks

Made here in the US of A, this pair of compression socks from Sockwell is what your seasoned traveler friend or spouse has been missing for those long haul flights. Even though there is a myriad of compression socks out there, this pair appears to be way cooler and stylish.


More importantly, it’s jam-packed with awesome features, including ultra-light cushion sole, graduated compression and Accu-Fit technology. You can get them in a whole range of colors, from hyacinth to terracotta.

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(54) Swag Brewery Beer-infused Hot Sauce for the Beer + BBQ Lover

Beer-infused Hot Sauce

Also made in the USA, this beer-infused variety pack of three scintillating hot sauces might earn you the “best gift giver” title this year. Certainly, your BBQ dad who appreciates all-things beer will love it. Believe it or not, these hot sauces are infused with real beer to take the bite off the heat. The pack comes in three flavors: smokey roast chipotle, spicy garlic serrano and Asian Sriracha.

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(55) Harringdons Kitchen Dish Towels (practical housewarming gift)

Kitchen Dish Towels

You are super happy for your relative, friend or coworker who has just moved into a new place. Wondering what’s the most practical housewarming gift to get them? This 12-piece set of kitchen dish towels from Harringdons is Martha Stewart-approved.


They are all 100% cotton, which means they are absorbent and soft. Plus, they are available in an array of colors, blending well into any kitchen decor style.

Buy Harringdons Kitchen Dish Towels Set on Amazon here.




(56) Lumen BioLite Headlamp 330 for the Super Dad or Father in Law

BioLite HeadLamp

No gift is ever good enough for a super dad or your father-in-law. Well, meet BioLite HeadLamp 330 from Lumen, the ultimate lighting solution for the handy guy. This rechargeable head-strap lamp will definitely make his job easier, whether that’s when he is restringing his guitar, working on his bike or fixing a pipe leak under the sink.


Red night vision, moisture-wicking, and adjustable headband are some of the highlight features. Besides, it comes in several dad-friendly colors, including ember red, grey, ocean teal, and sunrise yellow.

Buy Lumen BioLite 330 on Amazon here.




(57) Piers Bizony’s The NASA Archives: 60 Years in Space for the Sci-Fi Enthusiast

The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space

If your giftee has a thing for everything space or sci-fi, this coffee table book will tickle his or her fancy. Written by veteran writer Piers Bizony, The NASA Archives: 60 Years in Space takes you through the fascinating history of NASA and space exploration. The pictures are stunning with quality prints.

Buy The NASA Archives: 60 Years in Space by Piers Bizony on Amazon here.




(58) Cooluli Mini Fridge for your Boss

Cooluli Mini Fridge

Buying a reasonable gift for your boss doesn’t have to be a chore. This electric mini fridge cooler and warmer will find a sweet spot in the boss’s office. In fact, it can help accessorize his or her desk space without much hassle. It can both cool and heat food or beverages. Let’s not forget that it comes in wonderful colors, including white, black, blue, fuschia, pink, and cow.

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(59) Friends: Monopoly

Friends Monopoly

This is a perfect board game gift for someone who can’t get enough of the iconic TV show Friends. Phoebe’s acoustic guitar, Chandler’s sweater vest, Ross’s dinosaur, and Rachel’s handbag are some of the most tantalizing tokens. Any Friends fans in the house?

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