Fantastic Gift Ideas for the Movie Buff in Your Life


Don’t know what to buy for the major cinephile in your life? We know how you feel, especially now that DVDs seem to be a thing of the past.


Here are 7 fantastic gift ideas for the movie buff in your life.



1. Star Wars Archives

Star Wars Archives


Fun fact: did you know that stormtroopers in the original Star Wars films were all going to have a lightsaber rather than a blaster pistol? Did you also know that the Emperor’s throne room in Return of the Jedi was going to be surrounded by a lake of lava? Probably not, but importantly, neither have your friends.


There is always something new to learn about George Lucas’s iconic film series. This makes TASCHEN’s Star Wars Archives the perfect gift for a movie buff. As long as you can deal with being asked all sorts of questions afterward, there is no downside.


Make your way through the original trilogy as you experience high-quality images of the production, original script and unused concept art, each detailing how much work and effort went into creating these legendary films.

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2. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer


Great films are judged by the quality of acting, visuals, and production. The script is also important for making the film a success. But none of these factors matter unless you are able to hear what’s going on, no matter who is cast in the leading role.


This is why this next gift is ideal for the movie buff in your life. Inspired by Gift Wits, the Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer brings the movie theatre experience to your own home. Turn any movie into the most immersive experience ever. From Jurassic Park to The Avengers, you’ll never want to watch another movie without this soundbar.

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3. Inflatable Movie Screen With Storage Bag

Movie Screen With Storage Bag

Movie parties are a great way to chill out with a group of friends or just one loved one. For those of you who want to make things interesting, this inflatable movie screen is an awesome gift idea. It can also be used outdoors, making the next camping trip that much more appealing.


Whether used in the basement or next to the pool for a birthday party (weather permitting), let everyone get comfortable, sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment. The screen is huge so no one will miss a second of the action.


It comes with a storage bag too, making it easy to take to a friend’s house if it proves to be a hit – which it will.

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4. Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook For Movie Lovers

A Cookbook For Movie Lovers

The gifts on this list so far have been at the higher end of the scale. This one is great if you are on a budget or you just want a stocking filler. Eat What You Watch features 41 different recipes tailored just for movie lovers. It teaches you how to create delicious dishes based on popular movie scenes.


For example, fans of Charlie Chaplin can enjoy fluffy dinner rolls inspired by The Gold Rush, while pizza lovers can embrace the double New York pizza slice as seen from the opening scene of Saturday Night Fever. For a more romantic setting, the When Harry Met Saily pastrami dish is sure to make the evening great.


Andrew Rea is behind all the recipes in this book so you can be sure that the food is more than just a gimmick.

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5. Cinephile: A Card Game

Cinephile: A Card Game

This is the game for those who claim they know movies. Cinephile has several game types you can play in order to prove you are the ultimate movie lover. These include its own version of trivia (such as figuring out the highest-paid actors) and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.


That said, this game really stands out from the rest thanks to the cards themselves. The illustrations are gorgeous, paying close attention to detail in every one. They are so good, you could be forgiven you were playing with art straight from the movie studios!


This is another gift that won’t have you breaking the bank. Look no further if you need something small, simple but effective.

Buy Cinephile: A Card Game on Amazon here.




6.  Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game

Awkward Family Photos Movie

While the above game is for the hardcore movie buffs, this next one is best suited for aspiring movie buffs. The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game requires a little imagination and a subtle taste for irony.


Playing the game is simple: pair a famous movie quote with an awkwardly hilarious family photo. The person that all players think made the funniest match wins.


It’s quick, easy to play and always creates a good time for everyone involved.

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7. The Art Of Mondo

The Art Of Mondo

Movie buffs must have seen the amazing Mondo movie posters somewhere online. If not online, then surely they will have spotted them on a t-shirt or at a convention.


Mondo art covers everything from blockbuster hits on the big screen to the classics. However, if you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on one, you’ve probably had the same problem as countless others before you as they tend to sell out within minutes of going on sale.


But no worries!  The Art of Mondo solves all of these problems. This fantastic gift idea for the movie buff in your life provides incredible art without having to wait in an online queue to buy a piece the second it becomes available.


There are over 350 pages of art to enjoy and covers films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Planet of the Apes and more.

Buy The Art of Mondo on Amazon here.