The Best Car Phone Mounts to Buy for New Year


It’s probably fair to say that most US drivers understand the need to stay hands-free on the road. However, there’s also an increasing urge to stay in contact and to receive directions from Maps or Waze. This pretty much answers the question of whether or not a car phone mount is necessary. And yet, with so many options out there, how do you even pick one?


Whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or someone else, here are some of the best car phone mounts, and why they make great choices.


What We Cover In This Article

1) Mpow 051 Car Phone Mount

Car Phone Mount

This phone mount is perfect for central placement in a car, conveniently nestling in the CD slot of your vehicle. It also provides an incredibly stable support due to its three-pronged hold system, supporting the left, right, and base.


Supplied in black, gray, and red, this product offers a sleek look that blends right in with your vehicle. Not to mention, most people use auxiliary cables for their in-car audio these days, so this is a great excuse to repurpose your outdated in-car CD player.

Buy the Mpow 051 Car Phone Mount on Amazon here.



2) RAXFLY CD Slot Car Phone Mount

Car Phone Mount 

Another mount easily giving your car’s CD player a new reason to exist, the biggest benefit of this mount is its 360-degree rotation. Flip your phone whichever way is best for you.


This super-stable mount not only sits firmly in the CD player, but the attachment stays in situ without slippage on rotation of the mount head. No more groveling around in the footwell for that car phone mount that always nosedives to the floor!


Finally, it’s easily adjustable to fit your phone size.

Buy the RAXFLY CD Slot Car Phone Mount on Amazon here.



3) Universal Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Universal Magnetic Car Phone Mount

For some users, a clamped mount takes too long to get in place, which is why magnetic mounts are handy. This one claims it has a strong enough magnet to keep a 13-inch tablet in place.


The mount easily attaches to the vehicle via a 3M adhesive pad, then the magnet connects to your phone. Better yet, since you only have to peel off adhesive backing and press it firmly into place, you can site it just about anywhere. Just make sure you get the positioning right before you stick it! 360-degree rotation is offered once in situ.

Buy the Universal Magnetic Car Phone Mount on Amazon here. 



4) APPS2CAR CD Slot Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

This Apps2Car phone mount conveniently combines magnetic strength and ease, again repurposing your–probably–largely redundant in-vehicle CD holder. The mount attaches to a platform that can be secured within your CD player.


This holder takes any size phone (or tablet) since it’s not restricted by any sides/uprights to hold a phone in place, and what’s more, it boasts a neodymium ‘supermagnet’ for extra holding capacity. It’s currently competitively priced and has a 360-degree rotation feature, plus an expandable grip base.

Buy the APPS2CAR CD Slot Magnetic Car Phone Mount on Amazon here .



5) VANMASS Rare-earth Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

The Vanmass car mount is truly innovative, yet still keeps its price below $20. With its 6-magnet structure for enhanced weight-bearing, it offers a staggering fifteen pounds of carrying capacity! This should make it usable for any phone, tablet or even a laptop if fixing instructions are followed correctly.


This is also extremely robust, boasting a number of materials/construction advantages; check out the product listing below for details. On top of all this, it’s dash-mounted (top of dash) with an unusual telescopic arm.


Made of premium aluminum alloy and especially damage-proof, it’s surely one of the best car-phone mounts available.

Buy the VANMASS Rare-earth Magnetic Car Phone Mount on Amazon here .



6) Dashboard Car Phone Holder and Mount

Dashboard Car Phone Holder and Mount

With combined magnetic and suction capabilities, this cell phone car mount conveniently sits atop the dashboard and hangs down. With a rotating function, it can easily be angled to whichever direction you need.


This mount is also compatible with any one of a number of phone types, comes in a sleek black look, and has 360-degree rotation. Note, however, that this mount hangs over the central dashboard, so placement might not be the most convenient, but that depends on your purpose.

Buy the Dashboard Car Phone Holder and Mount on Amazon here .



7) Colorful Cell Phone Magnetic Dashboard Mount

Magnetic Dashboard Mount

If you’re not up for the simple black-and-white mount variants and crave something a bit flashier yet still as effective, this might be the best car phone mount for you. The crystalline base serves as a mount for sleek, metallic, brightly-colored domed mounting heads that come in blue, black, yellow, pink, red, or green. They are extremely eye-catching. Beautiful, in fact!


The small, compact mount sits on a swivel so you can avoid something big and bulky, but the strength of the magnet is sure to keep our phone where it needs to be. You can easily pop it on and off and the magnet allows it to work with any number of phone models.

Buy the Colorful Cell Phone Magnetic Dashboard Mount on Amazon here. 



8) Bomxy Car Phone Cradle

Bomxy Car Phone Cradle

With a more unique design, the Bomxy cradle does just what it sounds like: it cradles your phone cozily. This works best with phones that don’t have bulky cases or socket holders, but can adapt to devices of any size.


This car phone mount functions by prongs that securely keep the phone nestled in place, and will not block up your dashboard since the prongs slot perfectly into an air-conditioning vent. It comes in black, red, or gray.

Buy the Bomxy Car Phone Cradle on Amazon here .



9) Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder

Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder

Much subtler, this magnetic holder has a sleek, smooth line and again fits easily into an air vent, then is securely held in place with a bi-pronged structure. It’s easily removable if you do not want it displayed all the time in your car.


The magnet is strong enough to hold phones as well as miniature tablets, and the mount offers a more luxurious and subtler design than many of the centrally located mounts. The four magnets in the silicone casing are durable and lasting, offering one of the best car phone mount options.

Buy the Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder from Amazon here.



10) Joyeky Cell Phone Holder

Joyeky Cell Phone Holder 

While the Joyeky is a bit larger and bulkier than some other mounts, this one still manages a 360-degree swivel. It securely holds the phone both horizontally and vertically, and what’s innovative here is that the design–available in black or gray–blends in seamlessly to look like an integral part of your vehicle.


This cell phone car mount functions somewhat like a clamshell, is securely held in place by a sticky base, and can be closed when not in use to avoid detection or to hide an ‘eyesore’ device! The base adhesive mount can be washed and reused if its adhesion deteriorates.

Buy the Joyeky Cell Phone Holder on Amazon here.



11) Fitfort Universal Silicone Cell Phone Holder

Universal Silicone Cell Phone Holder 

The flat, adhesive base on the Fitfort mount is almost unnoticeable when the phone isn’t seated inside the mount. The base width can be adjusted to fit the phone length, allowing for a more secure holding.


The silicone base of this car-phone mount can be washed and reused, so if the adhesive feels like it’s weakening, simply remove and wash the piece. Position it according to your preference.

Buy the Fitfort Universal Silicone Cell Phone Holder on Amazon here .



12) IPOW Upgraded Truck Windshield Mount

Windshield Mount

Some vehicles sit higher, have limited dashboard space, or their drivers might prefer to not have to look down, instead wishing to keep the phone at eye level. The windshield mount uses suction and adhesive technology to secure the mount to the front windshield, therefore meeting all three needs.


With a swivel base and holder, the flexibility and adjustability of this mount are major bonuses. Its long, adjustable arm makes it convenient and easy to use.

Buy the IPOW Upgraded Truck Windshield Mount on Amazon here.



13) 360-Rotating Car Mount for Cell Phone

360-Rotating Car Mount for Cell Phone

Like many, this dashboard mount has 360-degree rotation as well as the ability to lie horizontally or vertically. Even better, It can also be adjusted in its backward or forward angle.


With a patented, three-point support on the holder and reusable gel tape adhesive to firmly hold the mount in place, it then functions as a cradle, so removing your phone is quick and easy. This is great for those driving shorter distances who just need to pop a phone in quickly.

Buy the 360 Rotating Car Mount for Cell Phone on Amazon here.



14) Miracase Phone Car Mount

Miracase Phone Car Mount

The Miracase mount is strong, durable, mechanical, and multifunctional. It looks heavier duty–simply because it is, and that’s what is great here. It comes with an arm mount as well as an AC vent clamp, so pick whichever suits you better.


The arm can hold up to 15 pounds in weight and the adhesive on the mount is reusable when washed of dirt and debris, making it one of the best car-phone mounts when it comes to strength. The arm can also be adjusted for length to fit smaller or larger cars with ease.

Buy the Miracase Phone Car Mount on Amazon here.



15) Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount

Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount 

This arm-featured mount comes in more colors than most, with red, black, silver, and gray options. It can be clipped to the arm or to an air vent, depending on the user’s need and preference.


The design holds the phone on its sides as well as the phone base for enhanced security.  Additionally, its width can be adjusted to suit larger or smaller cell phones.

Buy the Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount on Amazon here.



16) Vanmass Car Charging Mount

Wireless Car Charger Mount 

The biggest perk to this one is the wireless charging factor. An easy lock-and-release button makes placing and releasing the phone quick and simple.


The downside is that it does need to be purchased with a separate wireless QC 3.0 charger device. However, that’s still an advantage over a mount that offers no in-situ wireless charging at all–as stated in the small print of many such attachments. Check them carefully.


This mount’s width suits any of the more recent phone sizes too, making it one of the best car phone mounts for family cars or multiple drivers.

Buy the Vanmass Car Charging Mount on Amazon here .



17) Squish Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount

Wireless Car Charger Mount 


This windshield mount comes with a handful of great features, from the adjustable arm that can be angled to the charging cord that easily powers your phone while you drive. Its tandem grip holds it securely in place while also allowing easy removal.


Suitable for newer iPhone and Samsung phones, it can be adjusted to a few sizes, but won’t work with bulky phone cases. The mount comes in three colors: gold, gray, and silver.

Buy the Squish Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount on Amazon here .



18) Zeehoo Car Mount for Phone with USB-C

Car Mount for Phone with USB-C

Another conveniently wireless car-phone mount, this one has the USB-C port included as well, an updated version of the former USB port. Owners also must already own the QC 3.0 car adapter portion to use the wireless charger.


The cushioned base, secured side mounts, and the bottom base stabilizer all make for a secure fit for your phone. The mount comes in black, brown, or white, and sits on a swivel base.

Buy the Zeehoo Car Mount for Phone with USB-C on Amazon here.



19) Choetech Wireless Car Charger

Choetech Wireless Car Charger 

This handy, durable set comes with a charger attachment within the mount itself, so you can avoid dangling cables. With the USB-C attachment, quickly pop your phone into the mount and it will charge in a short amount of time.


The mount includes a swivel base for angle adjustment, and sits conveniently on the dashboard but can hang lower if desired. It’s one of the best car-phone mounts for those who forget to charge their phone overnight!

Buy the Choetech Wireless Car Charger on Amazon here.



20) Magnetic Air Vent Mount for Phone

Magnetic Air Vent Mount for Phone

Super small, convenient, subtle, and discreet all describe this Penom brand phone mount, and the color range, sleekness and finish make it different. Available in metallic shades of black, silver, pink, or gray, it’s super sleek. This device is vent-mounted, with easy removal and insertion and magnetic phone holding sufficiently robust and strong to carry heavier phones.


This mount is super sleek, stylish and convenient for anyone who doesn’t want something bulky.

Buy the Magnetic Air Mount for Phone on Amazon here .



21) WizGear Universal Twist and Lock

WizGear Universal Twist and Lock

With a twist-lock mounting base, this magnetic design is another one that’s great for anyone who wants a temporary but effective fix for their car phone. It comes with extra metal plates, so if you have multiple devices or multiple drivers, no problem.


While it is an air-vent mount, it is also one that still features a swivel base, allowing the user to adjust the direction of the phone. Under $15, it’s a great choice for something simple and affordable but effective.

Buy the WizGear Universal Twist and Lock on Amazon here .



22) RYYMX Cell Phone Holder

RYYMX Cell Phone Holder

The Ryymx mount gets the job done and keeps the price under $10. It’s a super simple design without many of the adjustable features of some of the more expensive brands, and it works. It has a soft silicone base to protect your phone and your car from scratches.


Available in two colors, black and silver, your decision is not too difficult to make.  It fits most cell phones with an adjustable range of iPhone, Galaxy, Samsung, or Google.

Buy the RYYMX Cell Phone Holder on Amazon here.



23) Miracase Pop It Car Phone Mount

Miracase Pop It Car Phone Mount

As one of the more unique and original designs, this would be a great choice for newer, younger drivers, using the pop-it attachment they already have on their phones.


This mount uses the pop-it piece to stabilize the phone on the mount, which is then placed into the air vent. It also includes a magnetic head, so versatility is also a solid bonus when considering this as an option.

Buy the Miracase Pop It Car Phone Mount on Amazon here.


Picking the Right Mount for You:

While there are certainly a lot of car mounts to choose from, there are some key factors to consider in each of the various types, brands, and designs.


As you sift through the available selection, take the following into consideration, and select the best car phone mount for you or for the person receiving your gift!


How long and arduous is the average drive?

If you spend a significant amount of time on the road, take this into consideration. Easy removal, charging capacity, and security, all might be impacted by the length of your average journeys.


For example, with people in retirement increasingly taking off in their campervans, car-phone mounts can make a phenomenal retirement gift if you choose the right one. And finding good gifts for people whose whole life fits inside a small metal box on four wheels is pretty challenging!


On long campervan trips like these, robust, more durable mounts would be appreciated; no one wants their satnav or phone mount to break or keep dropping off during a ten-month tour! Secure fixing would also be paramount.


Commuters are going to want a stable mount, and likely one that charges too. So many drivers use their hour-plus drive to work to knock out a favorite podcast or audiobook chapter during the commute.


If you have a significant amount of time on the road and you’re planning to use the phone, select a mount that comes with charging capabilities.


If you have long distances and need to charge up with cables or chargers you already own, you might want to consider an air vent mount to keep your phone physically closer to the charging unit.


Is your drive mostly quite short? Then you might prefer a magnetic mount without a charging port. These are great when you can just quickly pop a phone in and out of the mount, and they’re really unobtrusive.

Type and size of car

The type of car, the age of your car, and the size of it might also impact the type of mount you invest in.


A newer car might not even have a CD player slot.  Thus, there’d be no point in purchasing a mount that needs one of those! Likewise, if you’re on the more traditional side and still using CD’s instead of aux cords for your in-car audio, you’re going to want to avoid plugging the disk slot.


Additionally, newer cars with updated interiors might look better with some of the sleeker, modernized, more discreet designs. Would you want to place an adhesive or screw-based mount into a newer vehicle?


If your vehicle’s older, pay attention to the condition and wear-and-tear of the dashboard or air vents. If you have peeling or deteriorated materials, suction-based mounts might prove to be less effective in staying put.


Size is also a key factor. In a compact vehicle, larger arm mounts might be unnecessarily long, and bulkier pieces take up too much space. You will likely find the smaller, more discreet models fit better there, while if you drive a larger sedan or truck, the longer arms or dashboard mounts could make it easier to see or access your device when needed.

Typical usage and purpose

If you drive for work and often use your device to find directions and locations, the placement of your phone should be central. A dashboard mount is great for pieces that can remain in use without a lot of touching and maneuvering on your phone.


For family cars, especially when a parent is trying to distract backseat children on long drives via a movie on the tablet, swivel mounts that easily change direction are an added bonus.


For drivers needing to make hands-free phone calls, an air vent would allow for the closest placement to a driver. This means you can quickly search and hit ‘call’, then remain hands free while keeping the phone close enough to hear a caller on the other end. The same goes for podcast listeners who need to pause, play, skip, or fast forward.


Other factors can also come in to play, especially in terms of personal style. Do you like color?  Do you want something discreet? Do you want something that is firm, durable, and reliable? Do you often use your AC, and therefore should avoid blocking it?


Always consider what type of car you have, and how you plan to use your phone in the car before making a purchase. And lastly, if buying for a gadget fan such as your dad, remember to think about the features most beneficial to him and his vehicle, not yourself. For example, if he has a mobility issue, the mount with an extending arm may be useful, whereas if he’s a style-conscious dad, he might prefer one that’s sleek and esthetically pleasing.


One final note about the application of mounts: do think about in-car safety and ensure any protruding fixed items are mounted in sensible locations.