The Best Spice Grinders to Get More Flavor in Your Life


It’s no secret that freshly ground spices help you whip up superior tasting, vibrant, and devilishly aromatic dishes. So, if you enjoy cooking, be ready to invest in one of these top-rated, high-quality, and versatile spice grinders.


Using store-bought ground spices is so last century, and don’t get me started on grinding both your coffee and spices in the same grinder. Unless you love the awful taste of paprika-laced java on your palate, that’s a big no. You owe it to yourself to snag the best spice grinder so you can step up your culinary game.


To pick the right spice grinder, however, think long and hard about how you plan to use it, consider your cooking style, and figure out how much free storage space you have for it in your kitchen.


In a quest to identify the best spice grinder, we’ve gone the extra mile to do thorough research and run a battery of tests. And the jury is in! Below are our takes on 15 of the best spice grinders money can buy in 2020 (and possibly beyond).


What We Cover In This Article

1. Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder, Stainless/Black


Price on Amazon: $39.95


Our pick for the best spice grinder overall, the Cuisinart SG-10 is a fairly wallet-friendly beast that makes light work of spices and generates a superbly uniform grind. It also takes the guesswork out of operation with one-touch control, and yet it gives you plenty of control to grind the spices to your preferred texture.


It sports one removable bowl that can hold up to 90g of content, and its heavy-gauge stainless steel blades will help you grind spices, nuts, seeds, and more in a breeze. Customers rave about its 18-month warranty, crazy-quick performance, and dishwasher safe bowl and lid.

Buy the Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder on Amazon here.



2. Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

Coffee and Spice Grinder

Price on Amazon: $20.95


Secura Electric is an excellent spice grinder, one of the more affordable units, and does amazingly well across the board. With stainless steel body construction, this stylish and chic grinder comes with two stainless steel cups. One cup features a duo of stainless-steel blades designed to grind spices, while the other boasts four blades tailored for chopping nuts, oats, and veggies.


Operating this device is a matter of pushing the on/off button. Other noteworthy features include a clear lid for easy checking and a built-in overheat protection system. And for extra peace of mind, Secura offers a 1-year year warranty. It can pulse anything from salt and pepper to cumin and even coffee beans.

Buy the Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder on Amazon here.



3. Kuhn Rikon 25551 with Ceramic Mechanism

Kuhn Rikon

Price on Amazon: $26.00


If you’re after an eco-friendly manual spice grinder, then Kuhn Rikon 25551 will simply knock your socks off. A Swiss product, it uses a ceramic stone grinding mechanism that moves back and forth, instead of a rotary crank like most manual grinders. You can fine-tune the coarseness of the grind with a simple turn of a knob.


You’ll definitely appreciate its wide funnel-like mouth and an easy screw-off lid that makes loading easy-peasy. Expect it to produce outstanding results with all kinds of spices and seasonings, from salt to pepper to spices and more. It’s available in four eye-catching colors: white, black, red, and green.

Buy the Kuhn Rikon 25551 with Ceramic Mechanism on Amazon here.



4. KRUPS GX332850 Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

Electric Grinder

Price on Amazon: $44.99


A best-seller and one of the highest-rated, the KRUPS GX332850 is a blazing-fast grinder that is extremely user-friendly. Like most reviewers, we love that it can convert into a superb dry herb grinder and a coffee grinder in no time.


This mess-free grinder is not only dishwasher safe but also comes with a detachable, dishwasher-safe bowl and dedicated snap-lock lid.  Its silent operation is sure to impress, thanks to the state-of-the-art Vortex Spin Technology that allows ingredients to be pulled towards the blade for super-efficient grinding. With 10,600+ five-star ratings on Amazon, there’s no doubt this little guy does a first-rate job.

Buy the KRUPS GX332850 Silent Vortex Electric Grinder on Amazon here.



5. Tera 18/8 Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle with Brush

Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle

Price on Amazon: $14.89


If a no-frills manual spice grinder is more your speed, we recommend the Tera 18/8 Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle. It’s a great choice for small batches of spices, herbs, and nuts, but you can also use it to crush hard-to-swallow pills and whip-up homemade beauty regimens.


With all-stainless steel construction, this is a simple yet durable and rust proof mortar with a straight pestle. Expectedly, it’s effective and easy to clean, making this bright grinder a stylish addition to any modern kitchen countertop.

Buy the Tera 18/8 Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle with Brush on Amazon here.



6. Kozo Best Aluminum Herb Grinder

Aluminum Herb Grinder

Price on Amazon: $41.97 – $64.97, depending on the size


The newly revamped Kozo Herb Grinder is a compact monster. Unlike most manual models, it uses a sturdy magnetic lid to lock in all the natural oils, flavors, and pungency from your spices and herbs.


The grinder is made from a heavy-duty aluminum alloy so it won’t get stuck or refuse to open even after years of use. This uniquely-designed grinder can grind all kinds of herbs and spices. It also comes with a screening mechanism that ensures that even the smallest particles are captured so you can retain all the spicy goodness.

Buy the Kozo Best Aluminum Herb Grinder on Amazon here.



7. SHARDOR Coffee & Spice Electric Grinder

Coffee & Spice Electric Grinder

Price on Amazon: $38.50


If you’re in the market for an electric model that is versatile and produces a uniform grind, SHARDOR Coffee & Spice Electric Grinder is your best shot. In many ways, it resembles and works like the Cuisinart Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder.


It has two grinding bowls designed to prevent flavor cross-contamination. One chopper bowl with four blades takes care of wet grinding like basil and garlic; the other grind bowl is the workhorse of dry-grinding, pulverizing spices, grains or coffee beans.


The stainless steel blades are powered by a strong 200W motor with a steady lock to seal all the natural flavors. The bowls and lid are removable for fuss-free cleaning.

Buy the SHARDOR Coffee & Spice Electric Grinder on Amazon here.



8. Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Grinder

Anatolia Turkish Grinder


Price on Amazon: $9.95


If you’re looking for a super-affordable hand-cranked manual spice grinder, it can’t get better than this. Bazaar Anatolia is a well-respected Turkish maker of kitchen equipment, and this hand-powered grinder is worthy of the hype. Stylish and functional, this is one of the most compact and affordable grinders on this list.


We voted Bazaar Anatolia the best manual spice grinder owing to its heavy-duty metal construction, ornate embossed design, and low price point. It’s a great conversation piece too.

Buy the Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Grinder on Amazon here.



9. Hamilton Beach 80335R Fresh Grind 4.5oz Electric Spice Grinder

Electric Spice Grinder


Price on Amazon: $23.73


Resembling a coffee travel mug, the Hamilton Beach 80335R is an inexpensive and fairly compact electric option for someone looking for precision grinding of spices or coffee. With stainless steel blades and a centered container, it helps prevent the flavors from crossing between grinds.


The whole grinding chamber is removable for easy loading and hassle-free cleaning. Owners rave about its higher capacity, hide-away cord design, and easy on/off operation. It’s also quieter than most rivals, all while delivering meticulously even grinds with precise grinding settings.

Buy the Hamilton Beach 80335R Fresh Grind 4.5oz Electric Spice Grinder on Amazon here.



10. Giraffe-X Electric Herb Grain Spice Grinder

Spice Grinder

Price on Amazon: $43.99 – $89.99


If you batch grind large amounts of spice at once, the vast majority of models out there are not going to be up to scratch. Enter Giraffe-X Electric Herb Grain Spice Grinder. This mammoth comes in a choice of three large capacities: 150g, 500g, and 700g.


With a powerful 2,400W motor, it quickly grinds all types of spices. Whether you want powdery-fine curry powder or peppercorns with a bit of crunch, this grinder has got you covered. It’s so tough it can smash corn, rice, herbal medicine, and even soybean. Overall, this is a perfect grinder for a commercial setting.

Buy the Giraffe-X Electric Herb Grain Spice Grinder on Amazon here.



11. Zip Grinders Mega Crusher

Zip Grinders

Price on Amazon: $19.99


Hands down the best-rated manual herb and spice grinder, the Zip Grinders Mega Crusher is a manual setup that’s surprisingly compact and very handy. Like most herbal grinders, it’s ideal for only small spices and herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano, and cumin.


Despite being manually-powered, it’s impressively easy to use. It sports four detachable chambers fitted with diamond-shaped sharp teeth to create an ultra-fine, even grind. It’s double the size of standard manual grinders, so expect it to churn out 6 spoons of spices at once. Another unique feature is the stainless steel micron screen that filters only fine bits into the receptacle.

Buy the Zip Grinders Mega Crusher on Amazon here.



12. Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder

Spice Herb Grinder

Price on Amazon: $10.99


So far, this is the cheapest manual spice grinder we’ve reviewed. Yet, this stylish and compact grinder is very effective for most spices and gets the job done quickly. This Golden Bell grinder comes in a four-piece design with three grinding chambers crafted from zinc alloy, making it durable and rustproof.


The diamond-shaped teeth are super sharp and the round design ensures smooth rotary speed for an even, fine grind. It includes a magnetic lid that keeps all the good flavors and scents inside, plus a pollen scraper and the mesh screen filter guarantee no flavor contamination.

Buy the Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder on Amazon here.



13. Westinghouse WCG21SSA

Westinghouse Grinder

Price on Amazon: $20.50


An Amazon exclusive, the Westinghouse WCG21SSA is a reasonably wallet-friendly and quality spice grinder that also serves as a handy coffee bean grinder. It’s designed more for small batches and per-recipe use.


We love its ornate and functional design, a great look perfect for your kitchen countertop. Both the blade and the exterior housing are made from all-stainless steel, and the grinder is powered by a strong 120V, 200W motor. It’s no surprise this grinder will grind pretty much anything fed into it.


Ease of use is another area where the WCG21SSA scores high marks. Its power cord is retractable with a lock function for easy storage, and the container is removable for effortless cleaning.

Buy the Westinghouse WCG21SSA on Amazon here.



14. KitchenAid BCG211OB Blade Coffee and Spice Grinder Combo Pack

Coffee and Spice Grinder

Price on Amazon: $49.00


One-touch control, durable stainless-steel blade and exterior, two removable stainless-steel bowls, and ample capacity — the KitchenAid BCG211OB has just the right amount of everything. Clearly, this is an elegant unit that will fit right in with your kitchen décor and other stainless steel appliances.


One of the bowls is dedicated to spice grinding, while the other is marked so you can grind just the perfect quantity of coffee for your drinking bliss. With this unique bowl design, you don’t have to worry about flavor cross-contamination.

Buy the KitchenAid BCG211OB Blade Coffee and Spice Grinder Combo Pack on Amazon here.



15. Braun MQ60 MultiQuick Hand Blender and Spice Grinder 

Hand Blender and Spice Grinder 

Price on Amazon: $29.95


We’ve come to expect topnotch quality from German brand Braun, and the Braun MQ60 MultiQuick continues this long-standing tradition. It’s a blender, coffee grinder, and a spice grinder, all wrapped in one compact product. This is a sort of grinder that you can expect to mill and blend salt, coffee beans, herbs, and spices without any hassle. And it does its magic in a snap!


If you’re looking for a versatile unit, you will appreciate that the MQ60 MultiQuick offers multiple options, including shredding, whisking, crushing, slicing, dicing, chopping, and mashing. I dare you to find a better multitasker.

Buy the Braun MQ60 MultiQuick Hand Blender and Spice Grinder on Amazon here.


Tips on Picking the Right Spice Grinder for Your Kitchen

It’s easy to be tempted to use pre-ground spices. After all, why go through all the trouble when you can just scoop already prepped spice grounds from a tin or bottle?


If you love to whip up your own dishes, you have probably noted that freshly ground spices taste and smell way better than store-bought powders. That’s not by chance.


Just like coffee beans, whole spices retain freshness, aroma, and flavor longer than the pre-ground stuff. Used right after being ground, these full-bodied spices are sure to treat your taste buds to deep, savory flavors and aromatic scents.


But, what makes a great spice grinder? Here are various considerations to consider before you make your purchase.


What’s Your Budget?

Unless money is no issue to you, price should be one of the most defining factors to keep in mind right from the outset. As with most kitchen gadgets, spice grinders are available in many different options, and they come at varying price points. That’s why you need to set a firm budget, so you can look for the best spice grinder in that price range.


Generally, it’s best to stick to cheaper models for your first-time purchase and then proceed to more expensive grinders once you’ve become a pro.


If you’re keen to land the most affordable machine, you’re better off limiting your search to manual options as they’re relatively inexpensive. Expect a decent manual spice grinder to cost between $5 and $15.


On the other hand, if you’re a spice connoisseur not afraid to splurge for something solidly built; high-end electric models might just be what you need. One should set you back around $100 or more.


Type – Electric vs. Manual Spice Grinder

There are two core types of spice grinders: manual and electric. Manual grinders are a great choice for someone looking for a portable device that won’t tie them to a power outlet. Perhaps you want a grinder that you can take camping or use in your patio and backyard where an electric outlet is beyond your reach.


Manual grinders come in several styles as well. There are mortar and pestle/angler grinders, most of which are crafted from materials like porcelain, stoneware, or earthenware. Some mortars are made from metal, bamboo, wood, stone, or marble.


Then there are also manual grinders that make use of mills or cranks; these are ideal for salt and pepper. Finally, there are micro-plane manual grinders, which are much akin to small graters — they’re best suited for grinding hard spices and garlic.


A manual spice grinder is obviously an affordable, eco-friendly and portable choice, but it requires a bit of handiwork. Given this, it can be a huge hassle for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or other conditions that affect the wrist or hands.


That’s where electric grinders come in handy. Using rotary blades, they make light work of grinding a range of spices to your specification. Some can double up as machines for grinding coffee beans and grains or chopping nuts.


True spice gurus will tell you that nothing gets the job done quite like a burr electric grinder. Rather than use blades to cut spices into pieces, burr models crush them, thus giving off more pungent and robust aromas, scents, and flavors.


One notable downside is that electric grinders may get too hot after long use. Plus, most of them are usually hard to clean and dismantle.


Motor Power

The motor power rating suggests how hard the grinder is going to crush or cut through the spice bits. Expect most budget and mid-range electric models to be rated between 150W and 200W.


Still, you can find powerful motors that can output over 500W, but they are usually designed for big restaurants, cafes, etc. By the same token, it’s best to go for a higher-rated device if you intend to grind spices in larger batches.


Blade Construction

The design and material construction of the blade or teeth can make or break the performance of your grinder. That’s because the material used will eventually affect both the durability and sharpness of the blade, which in turn impact the consistency of the grind.


This is particularly true if you frequently grind large or hard spices and nuts. You’ll need an extra sharp blade that will deliver a uniformly fine grind and fewer chunks.


Ideally, the blade should be made entirely out of industrial-grade stainless steel, but some incorporate equally strong and durable aluminum alloys. They are quite pricey, though.


Motor Speed – Resistance to Overheating

Most electric grinders work in pulses; otherwise, they’ll heat up quickly, compromising the spice flavors. That’s why speed is of paramount importance.


If you plan to make a small batch for one recipe, you’ll want to pick a grinder that is insanely fast to produce an even, fine powder in a matter of seconds. The motor speed usually goes hand in hand with the power rating.


Extra Features

Another factor to note the machine’s design – this is where brands go above and beyond to make their products distinct. Look for convenient features such as one-touch digital controls, magnetic lids, ability to grind coffee beans, etc.


Moreover, you might want to check if the unit comes with additional bits and pieces like spare power cords, spice bowls, and blades.


Ease of Use

The best spice grinders are often packed with complex bells and whistles, which may make it complicated to use. Make sure that the spice holder, bowl, or container is removable for hassle-free washing and assembly. Is the power cord long enough?


Check the functions: are they easy to understand? Ideally, you should pick a model with one-touch, digital controls. Most parts, if not the whole thing, should be dishwasher safe.


Available Storage Space

If you’re space-constrained in your kitchen, especially in your cupboard or pantry, stick with a compact model that still does an awesome job. Even better, you can look for an elegant free-standing grinder that can sit beautifully on your kitchen countertop.

Grind Size

Some options give you control over the grind size. You can select whether you wish your spices to be ground coarse, fine, or somewhere in-between.


For most professional cooks, this is an indispensable feature because certain recipes require a coarse grind while other dishes call for fine grinding. However, most home cooks may only ever prefer their spices to be ground powder fine.