The Best Shower Mirrors You Need in Your Bathroom


A deluxe shaving and showering experience shouldn’t be available only at a spa! And with the right shower mirror, it can happen in your own home. The best shower mirror should be well-lit, large and clear enough to ensure you don’t miss any spot or those scraggly whiskers.


Shower mirrors are a must-have in any bathroom. There are several types of these mirrors on the market, but they all have a few things in common. A good mirror needs to be big enough for hassle-free use but not too bulky that it’s difficult to install in the shower. If you’re using it to shave, it should be fogless and perhaps equipped with additional features such as magnification, angle adjustments, lighting, or a caddy to hang your shaving accessories.


There’s a broad range of shower mirrors available today, but a few cut above the fold. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best shower mirrors to fit just about any need, so keep reading to check out these 14 amazing shower mirrors and find the perfect one for your daily showering routine.


What We Cover In This Article

1. ToiletTree Products Deluxe Large Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror

Shower Shaving Mirror

Price on Amazon: $39.95

The ToiletTree Products Deluxe is our best shower mirror overall because of its ultra-modern look, durable design, and state-of-the-art hot water reservoir that helps keep the mirror nicely heated to ward off misting. Users rave about its rugged 360-degree tilting construction, perfect for makeup removal, tweezing, shaving, and more.


You’ll relish its large anti-fogging surface, and the price is very affordable. In addition to a caddy for hanging your accessories, it also comes with a detachable squeegee so you can wipe the surface spotlessly clean in a breeze. The reflective quality of the mirror is emphasized by the LED lighting on the border.

Buy the ToiletTree Deluxe Large Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror on Amazon here.



2. HONEYBULL Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Hook

Shower Mirror with Razor Hook

Price on Amazon: $23.99

Our top pick for the best bang for your bucks, the HONEYBULL Shower Mirror sports an anti-fog coating and a 360-degree swivel that allows you to catch a glimpse from every angle in the bathroom. It installs effortlessly and holds tight on virtually any surface; just twist and lock its strong suction cup in place.


The mirror is lightweight and highly portable. You will be impressed that it can withstand extremely steamy showers and lives up to its fogless hype. It also features a hook for your razor and other shaving accessories. For its low price, this mirror scores big for its solid construction and quality, plus this beauty is easy to clean and maintain.

Buy the HONEYBULL Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Hook on Amazon here.



3. The Shave Well Company Deluxe Anti-Fog Shower Mirror

Anti-Fog Shower Mirror

Price on Amazon: $13.00

If you’re looking for a product with simple bells and whistles that gets the job done without hurting your wallet, your choice is easy: the Shave Well Company Deluxe Anti-Fog Shower Mirror. This is a budget-friendly and basic option that still offers seamless fog-free experience, whether you’re brushing your teeth, applying makeup, or shaving.


This particular shower mirror is the deluxe member of the Shave Well Company topnotch lineup, spanning 6.83 x 5.25 inches, so it’s compact yet incredibly functional. We love the overall quality and portability of the product.

Buy the Shave Well Company Deluxe Anti-Fog Shower Mirror on Amazon here.



4. Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror

Fogless Shower Mirror

Price on Amazon: $14.98

In even the steamiest and hottest showers, you’ll be able to get that clean shave with Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror thanks to its high-quality reflective surface covered in a fog-resistant coating. This is an upgraded version that rotates 360 degrees to pick up every possible angle in the bathroom.


The suction cup attachment installs in a snap and works on just about any flat non-porous surface, from marble and enamel to porcelain and ceramic. It’s lightweight and compact, making it a great gift idea for him. Overall, this is a basic mirror without many bells and whistles but still gets the job done.

Buy the Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror on Amazon here.



5. OXO Good Grips Stronghold Suction Fogless Mirror

Fogless Mirror

Price on Amazon: $19.99

Fogless, durable, and affordable, the OXO Good Grips Stronghold Suction Fogless Mirror is perhaps the best shower mirror you can buy for under $20. It’s sturdy and strong, with a contemporary design that works for both skincare and shaving needs. Moreover, customers can’t seem to stop praising OXO’s friendly and highly responsive customer service.


A beautiful gem, this mirror will complement your existing bathroom décor. It secures tightly to any type of walls using a firm phthalate-free strong-hold suction cup which stays out of the way for permanent installation. The mirror setup with hooks is strong enough to hold shaving supplies and even bath towels.

Buy the OXO Good Grips Stronghold Suction Fogless Mirror on Amazon here.



6. ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

Fogless Shower Mirror

Price on Amazon: $39.95

If you’re looking to upgrade to your current shower mirror, this deluxe LED fogless option from ToiletTree Products will fill in the gap and then some. It’s an oversized bathroom mirror that provides you with that close-up look you need to achieve an impeccably clean shave.


Why do we love it? This nifty fogless mirror will guarantee many years of hassle-free shaving experience. You won’t have to keep wiping it down every now and then. It uses easily removable silicone adhesive rather than suction cups for a more dependable grip. And its bright LED lighting makes it perfect for tweezing, makeup, and other grooming endeavors.

Buy the ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror on Amazon here.



7. Upper West Collection 2x Magnification Fogless Mirror

Fogless Mirror

Price on Amazon: $19.99

Priced under $20, effective fogless design, and low maintenance make this stylish circular shower mirror such a darling with both men and women. It’s easy to mount; simply pop and lock its suction system. We absolutely fancy how this mirror instantly updates any shower.


With a few splashes of hot water, it will stay fog-free for the entire shower duration, and you don’t need to keep wiping it down every few minutes. This touch-n-go mirror with a 45-degree tilt is a great choice for a single person who uses the shower frequently. The only downside is that it requires a smooth surface to hold onto. But with 2x magnification and a powerful suction lock system, it’s definitely worth every dime.

Buy the Upper West Collection 2x Magnification Fogless Mirror on Amazon here.



8. Zadro ZWTAR20S LED Fogless Shower Mirror

Fogless Shower Mirror

Price on Amazon: $49.99

If you have shaky eyesight that needs help locating sneaky whiskers, then the Zadro Products ZWTAR20S will make easy work of getting that perfect shave every time. This LED lighted option with cascading fogless technology will certainly spruce up your daily shower routine.


The LED lighted bezel goes around the entire mirror frame, providing even lighting without being distracting. It features a sturdy backing with dual-sized tape attachment and adjustable-height mounting bracket so you can tilt it to just the right angle. Most people seem to love its 5-minute auto-off timer that helps to save battery juice.

Buy the Zadro ZWTAR20S LED Fogless Shower Mirror on Amazon here.



9. ReflectXL Shower Mirror Updated for 2020

Shower Mirror

Price on Amazon: $13.99

If you’re after an affordable mirror that’s large enough for most bathrooms but compact enough for easy travel, look no further than ReflectXL Shower Mirror. The travel-friendly mirror you love has been updated for 2020 with new waterproof backing.


The mirror has two adhesive detachable hooks, enabling you to install it pretty much anywhere you want. And since it hangs from a rope, you can easily remove and pack it for travel in seconds, helping you ward off annoying shadows when shaving in poorly lit hotel bathrooms. Did we mention that it comes in five styles – unclad, blue, green, red and wet steel? Well, it does, not to mention it is USA-made, fogless, and shatterproof to boot.

Buy the ReflectXL Shower Mirror Updated for 2020 on Amazon here.



10. DecoBros 8-Inch Two-Sided Extension Wall Mount Mirror with 7x Magnification

Wall Mount Mirror

Price on Amazon: $25.97

People who are on the market for the best shower mirror with wall mounting should seriously consider this two-sided mirror from DecoBros. With an 8-inch diameter and matte nickel finish, we love the tough metal built and reversible design.


Magnified mirrors have long been a preserve for women, but this elegant option has captured the hearts of men who like to groom as well. It can work superbly with or without being magnified, allowing you to find and shave hard-to-reach hairs. The extendable arm and lavish art deco appeal make it a great choice for shaving, tweezing, and general grooming.

Buy the DecoBros 8-Inch Two-Sided Extension Wall Mount Mirror with 7x Magnification on Amazon here.



11. ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving

Fogless Shower Mirror

Price on Amazon: $18.95

If your bathroom counter is space-constrained and you love shaving in the shower, then you need a sturdy mirror that mounts on the wall and provides a hands-free experience so you can focus 100% on the matter at hand.


Our favorite, the ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror, has everything you need to take your morning routine to the next level. It’s lightweight, compact, and built to last. And the mirror is fuss-free to install thanks to its powerful suction cup with a strong lock. The surface can withstand extreme temperatures and holds true to its anti-fog reputation. We give it an A+ for overall solid quality plus an attractive price.

Buy the ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror Magnification on Amazon here.



12. Mirrorvana 2019 Fogless Shower Mirror

Fogless Shower Mirror

Price on Amazon: $29.99

A multitasking beast, this fog-free shower mirror promises low maintenance and hassle-free use. Installation via the suction cup is a complete breeze – it took us just five seconds! Unlike most mirrors, it’s made from acrylic, so it’s 100% shatterproof, safe, durable, and yet quite reflective.


We love the modern look that makes this mirror appear expensive despite its very affordable price. A few complaints say its reflection can be a little distorted, and it doesn’t offer any magnification. Even so, this is a quality product that’s backed with a 1000-day warranty.

Buy the Mirrorvana 2019 Fogless Shower Mirror on Amazon here.



13. Asani Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-in Razor Holder

Fogless Shower Mirror

Price on Amazon: $24.99

The Asani Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-in Razor Holder is another stunning-looking option with a circular face measuring 6.7”. It leverages a strong-hold suction system at the back so you don’t have to deal with messy adhesives and hard-to-install wall mounts. The fog-free construction with distortion-free and clear reflections ensures a perfect shave with no scraggly unshaved bits.


Let’s not forget to mention that its sturdy built-in razor holder can accommodate your shaving accessories, makeup, and even toothbrush. Asani has combined a shatterproof mirror with a rust-proof construction and a sleek finish to make the product truly elegant and durable.

Buy the Asani Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-in Razor Holder on Amazon here.



14. Moen DN2692BN Glenshire Frameless Pivoting Bathroom Tilting Mirror

Bathroom Tilting Mirror

Price on Amazon: $57.15

Definitely a pricey mid-range mirror, the Moen DN2692BN Glenshire provides a warm and inviting lightly brushed metallic look that’ll add some oomph to your bathroom. It’s available in either nickel or chromium finish. In either case, expect this elegant mirror to offer unmatched flexibility.


This frameless shower mirror brings a unique atmosphere into any traditional or modern bathroom. It incorporates pivoting hardware that allows you to tune the angle of the mirror whichever way you like. You will love the metallic finish that’s both fingerprint and water-resistant. As if that isn’t incredible enough, the manufacturer has backed it with a lifetime warranty. In this Moen product, elegance truly meets quality.

Buy the Moen DN2692BN Glenshire on Amazon here.


How to Pick the Right Shower Mirror for Your Bathroom

A sound shower mirror can serve several design, décor, and functional purposes in your bathroom. Whether you need to make your bathroom feel bigger and appear brighter, want to enjoy unobstructed shaving, or simply wish to take your showering experience to the next level, a shower mirror could be the answer.


Magnifying mirrors, full-length mirrors, hanging mirrors, wall mirrors, and fogless shower mirror options – there are a myriad of shower mirrors you can buy. But which is the best for your needs?


Whether you are outfitting a new bathroom or looking for an ideal replacement for your current mirror, we’ve put together tips and factors to consider when choosing the perfect shower mirror for your bathroom.


Major Considerations


1- Mirror Purpose

What function(s) will your shower mirror serve in your bathroom? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common reasons to install one:

Magnifying mirrors: The vast majority of people use shower mirrors with a magnifying capability to look at their skin closely while shaving, showering, plucking eyebrows, and exfoliating. Magnification ensures you don’t miss those whiskers and do prep your skin/face properly for moisturizing or makeup application.

Shaving mirrors: Wet shaving can be so delightful even if you use an electric or cartridge shaver. You probably shaved in a hurry only to notice later that some whiskers evaded your razor – it happens to the best of us. That’s where a fogless shower mirror can be a great addition to your bathroom.

Reflection: Checking your reflection is the most common usage of mirrors, but it’s useful for more than just seeing how you look. A full-body shower mirror can help you check out your body from head to toe and help you catch new moles, changes in old moles, pigmentation changes, or skin tags–important especially if you’ve been exposed to a lot of UV light.

Decoration or design purpose: Decorative shower mirrors are installed most commonly to add dimension, character, and design to the bathroom, instead of serving only a functional use. These mirrors tend to be smaller and in many cases sport more frame and hardware than mirror. They may have etching, engravings, and other design styles to add more dash and flair to the bathroom environment.

No matter the purpose, bathroom shower mirrors are required by most federal, state and local authorities to be made from tempered glass. This type of special glass typically breaks into small blunt-edged shards in order to prevent any injury.


2- The Shape of the Mirror

Depending on its shape, a mirror can spruce up the look and feel of the bathroom or set its tone. Circle, oval, rectangle, and square are some of the most common shower mirror shapes, but you can also find some in distinct shapes like octagons and hexagons.

As far as square mirrors go, it’s important to note that either side is the same length. As such, it’s best to choose a mirror that will fit comfortably in the center of the bathroom wall, emphasizing the clean lines of the square. You probably want to install two square mirrors adjacent to one another to create perfect symmetry.

Rectangular shower mirrors are often considered full-body options, as they can cover the entire wall from floor to the ceiling. Think about the layout of the shower or bathroom before you mount a full-body mirror. For instance, does it face the shower, door, or elsewhere?

Circular and oval mirrors marry perfectly into showers with half baths or small bathrooms. They don’t dominate the room but do add more depth and dimension and make the space seem bigger and brighter than it is.

You can also use oval or circular mirrors as design elements to break up hard lines and angles in your shower or bathroom. They’ll certainly look dashing with tile floors and backsplashes.

Shower mirrors in odd or unique shapes (e.g. hexagons, octagons, etc.) can be used to bring in more character and creativity, creating one-of-a-kind bathroom appeal.


3- Angle and Size

Here’s the thing: don’t purchase a mirror that is too big for your bathroom. The edges of the mirror should not go beyond the shower. Too large a mirror can overwhelm your room and may wind up being its sole focal point.

The good news is that the same mirror can come in several different sizes, so take advantage of these options. The more size options you have, the easier it is to find something that will fit your bathroom.

The whole idea of the shower mirror is to be able to view your entire face at a good distance while shaving, showering, and so on. It’s imperative that the angle of the mirror can be adjusted so you don’t have to twist your head at all times.

In an ideal sense, the distance from the middle of the mirror to the shower’s floor should span between 57” and 65”. That’s eye level for the vast majority of users.


4- Fogless or Not

There’s nothing quite as annoying as trying to shave only for the mirror to mist or fog up because of steam. That’s why we recommend installing a quality fogless shower mirror.

Most anti-fog mirrors have a water reservoir that keeps the mirror warm, preventing mist from forming. That means you have to fill up the mirror reservoir occasionally. However, there are automatic fogless mirrors that make use of a special water-repellent coating to keep it from misting up as a result of condensation. Make sure this anti-fog coating will last as long as the mirror itself.


5- Mounting Type

When shopping for the best shower mirror, you will note that there are at least three mounting options to consider: wall mounting, hanging, and free-standing. Which one is right for you?

Hanging mirrors: This mounting option may not work well with bathrooms with just a bathtub. However, if you have a rain shower with a fixed showerhead, then a hanging mirror may just be what you need.

For a space-saving, less visible option, go for a mirror that hangs over the shower door, leaving more open space.

Wall-mounted mirrors: If you’re looking for a permanent solution for your bathroom, a wall-mounted shower mirror can be a great choice. They offer hands-free showering experience, and you don’t have to worry about the mirror being knocked over.

Most mirrors are mounted onto the wall using L brackets, screws, adhesive strips, or suction cups – it all depends on the mirror design and your personal preference.

Free-standing mirrors: If you’d like a mirror that you move around your bathroom or house, you’re better off choosing a free-standing shower mirror. Though it offers a certain degree of hands-free experience, the chances of it being knocked over are quite high.


6- Additional Features

Buying a shower mirror with extra features is a great way to get more for your money. Look for mirrors with handy features like LED lighting or a caddy to hang your razors and other accessories.

Note, however, that mirrors with high-end features can get pricey pretty quickly.


7- The Cost

As a general rule of thumb, most bathroom designers suggest that you buy a shower mirror in a similar price range as the rest of your bathroom furniture, fixtures, and decorations. If you do want to splurge, consider buying a slightly upscale model to make your bathroom really pop.

The most affordable shower mirrors will cost anywhere between $20 and $30, but they are usually small in the range of 15” to 20”.  They may be more suitable for a busy, crowded bathroom.

Mid-range shower mirrors will set you back between $30 and $50. They are crafted of quality materials and usually have simple construction. Most people should lean towards this price range for a combination of quality and cost-saving.

Finally, if you want to splurge on a luxurious piece that’s superbly made, colored, and shaped, be prepared to shell out at least $60 for your shower mirror.