Best Scoliosis Braces of 2020, Reviewed


Scoliosis is a spinal condition that affects roughly 6 to 9 million Americans, accounting for between 2 and 3 percent of the nation’s population. When you have scoliosis, problems in vertebrae (small bones in the back) cause your spine to bend sideways.


A normal spine has a slight curve at the lower back and another curve in the shoulder area. You may have scoliosis if your spine is curved sideways in a characteristic “C” or “S” (also known as double curves) shape.


Doctors can identify the cause of only 20 percent of scoliosis cases, while the rest (idiopathic scoliosis) have no recognizable cause, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).


Some of the identifiable causes may include genetic disorders, birth defects, muscular dystrophy, injury, cerebral palsy, and other neurological abnormalities. Sex, age, & family history are the most common risk factors.


Scoliosis is more commonly diagnosed by the age of 9, or during early puberty (10 to 15 years). Unsurprisingly, roughly 3 percent of adolescents have the condition.


Although mild and unproblematic in most cases, a severe form of scoliosis can be disabling, with the spinal curvature reducing the chest cavity space. This may lead to heart or lung damage, as well as respiratory complications.


All factors considered, here are the 13 best scoliosis braces on the market right now.



What We Cover In This Article

 1. King of Kings Lumbar Back Brace

Lumbar Back Brace

Best scoliosis brace for performance

Superbly designed and crafted, this detachable brace by the agile brand King of Kings has a state of the art technique for holding in place. Thanks to the pulley mechanism, it’s easy to adjust the brace’s tightness so that it can fit snugly around your back.


This design also means that the brace allows for unrestricted movement, plus it’s made from a breathable fabric that’s easy to wash. The thick material finish provides excellent support for the lower back.

What We Liked

  • Super easy to adjust and fit with the 4-strap pulley system
  • Thick construction offers superior lumbar support for the back
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to its breathable knit fabric
  • Heavy-duty, high-performance lumbar brace available in 4 sizes

What We Disliked

  • It’s a bit pricey for a lumbar brace

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 2. AidBrace Lower Back Brace

AidBrace Lower Back Brace

The best scoliosis brace for the lower back

With breathable mesh design, this brace offers relief from a variety of conditions, but most notably scoliosis. It’s a versatile brace that also provides support for degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and herniated disc. You can choose from a variety of sizes so you can find one that conforms to your body just right.


With stabilizing support stays and adjustable lumbar pad, you can target lower back areas that need the most relief. The icing on the cake is the curved side design that provides optimal correction without compromising comfort. Overall, this is a simple yet well-designed brace that’s ideal for curves at T8 or lower.

What We Liked

  • Has a versatile design perfect scoliosis bracing and relief from back pain
  • Hassle-free use as it’s easy to remove and put on
  • Very comfortable with adjustable lumbar pad
  • Great for posture correction

What We Disliked

  • Everyday use may wear it down
  • Lacks straps and you may have to adjust it severally during the day

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 3. Armstrong Amerika Thoracic Back Brace

Thoracic Back Brace

Armstrong Amerika’s back brace offers a dual benefit: it acts as a corrective bracing for severe scoliosis curves and corrects posture. It also provides lumbar support and alleviates lower back pain. Fabricated from the finest materials, this thoracic back brace has magnetic support and fully adjustable straps that allow for best fit and superior comfort.


Whether you’re suffering from a hunched back, slouching posture, sore neck or aching shoulders, this brace will reduce the load, relieve pain, and help you stand confidently tall. It’s available in beautiful black or beige that will go well with any outfit, whether it’s activewear, work, or casual clothes.

What We Liked

  • Fully adjustable straps for a comfortable fit
  • Magnetic technology deliver supreme back and lumbar support
  • Corrects multiple posture issues
  • Lifetime warranty plus 100% money-back guarantee for extra peace of mind

What We Disliked

  • Some users have complained about wrong sizing

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 4. EPROSMIN Back Brace Posture Corrector

Back Brace Posture Corrector

Best scoliosis brace for value

If you are looking for a super affordable scoliosis brace that’s more than a waistband, you’ll love this gem from Eprosmin. It’s a complete back brace that covers the full length of your torso. This way, the brace corrects both the curve and your posture all day long.


This full-back brace helps with back pain, as well as muscle aches around your shoulder and neck. For a budget product, it even includes a cleaning brush to ensure it is always in a spick-and-span shape. Perhaps the most notable downside is its thin design that may not do well under constant wear.

What We Liked

  • It’s versatile, offering ample support for both lower and upper back
  • Spans the whole torso length for maximum curve correction
  • A great budget brace that won’t break the bank

What We Disliked

  • Thin fabric and design won’t withstand heavy use
  • Material construction inferior to others on the category

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 5. Vive Lower Back Brace

Lower Back Brace

Best scoliosis brace for sturdiness

If you are searching for a nifty scoliosis brace that will offer supreme back support, look no further than this one by Vive. Reinforced design with a detachable lumbar pad applies extra pressure to the lower back region for the best curve and posture correction.


With compression therapy and sturdy support, this lumbar brace will keep your entire back in check. Don’t let the tight and strong knit fabric fool you; the thick material won’t cut into your skin. The design is also breathable which means day-long use won’t leave your skin damp and full of sweat.

What We Liked

  • Durable design with sturdy & tight-knit fabric
  • Offers fast relief for lower back pain
  • Provides great support for scoliosis
  • Lightweight and breathable material with effective moisture removal

What We Disliked

  • Not a big deal, but instructions aren’t included in the package
  • A little expensive for a lower back brace

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 6. RiptGear Back Brace

RiptGear Back Brace

Best scoliosis brace for an active lifestyle

RiptGear back brace is popularly recommended by doctors for use to treat scoliosis. If you have scoliosis with curvature lower than 35 degrees, this beauty will help correct and maintain your posture. It’s a unisex product best for cases detected early.


In addition to keeping a healthy posture and providing lower back support, it’s great for minimizing further curve progression. People with back issues after injury, surgery or trauma may also benefit immensely from this brace. Its lightweight design and comfortable fit make it an ideal brace for any active lifestyle.

What We Liked

  • Comes in two beautiful colors
  • Available in a broad range of sizes to fit anyone, from S to 3XL
  • Uniquely supportive for a variety of conditions that include scoliosis and herniated discs
  • Easy to adjust and wear

What We Disliked

  • Materials not very absorbent and breathable

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 7. Back Support Belt by Sparthos

Back Support Belt by Sparthos

Best scoliosis brace for back support

Sparthos Back Brace is designed to offer instant and ongoing relief from muscle spasms, sciatica, herniated discs, scoliosis, and other back issues. The design is agile, making it possible to wear 24/7, whether you’re sleeping, exercising, walking, stretching or bending. That’s unbeatable flexibility and a broad range of movements.


With a superb adjustable lumbar pad, this medical-grade brace applies additional pressure to your lower back. The stabilizing stays ensure the brace stays put, all while offering superior back support. Its high-quality production material is lightweight, breathable, and adjustable for a tight, comfy fit.

What We Liked

  • Dual support for your lower back and vertical posture correction
  • Best to relieve back pain
  • Top-quality, breathable material that’s light yet strong

What We Disliked

  • Lacks adjustable straps
  • Limited stock

Buy Back Support Belt by Sparthos on Amazon here



 8. Aspen Quikdraw PRO Back Brace

Aspen Quikdraw PRO Back Brace

Best scoliosis brace for targeted compression

Quikdraw PRO brace by Aspen provides great back support, targeted compression, and posture correction. You will absolutely love that it stabilizes L1 through L5 vertebra. The material is synthesized from latex-free fabric with breathable lining, allowing it to wick away sweat and dissipate heat.


In addition to back and lumbar support, it uses advanced technology which allows for localized compression therapy for all kinds of back pain. It can easily replace your physiotherapist. The agile design help maintain several postures with an all-day comfortable fit. Quikdraw Pro uses velcro that helps prevent slipping, especially during extreme exercises and workouts.

What We Liked

  • It’s well-ventilated and stays put thanks to velcro fasteners
  • Also suitable for sciatica and herniated discs
  • Provides superior back support
  • Easy to wear with unique technology

What We Disliked

  • Available in only black and white colors
  • If not careful, may cause damage to your t-shirts

Buy Aspen Quikdraw PRO Back Brace on Amazon here



 9. Emma Ya Anti Scoliosis Brace

Emma Ya Anti Scoliosis Brace

Best scoliosis brace with ergonomic design

If you’re looking for a competitively-priced scoliosis brace that doubles up as a posture corrector, you’ve just found it! This unisex full back brace comes in 5 sizes that can be adjusted to fit anyone with chest circumference ranging from 27.5 to 49.2 inches. That’s pretty much every body type!


Synthesized from top-quality neoprene, the material is strong, light and breathable. This makes it possible to wear the brace all day long with no discomfort. It’s specially designed to remedy computer posture, eliminating back, lower back, and neck pain. In addition, it corrects a slouching posture.

What We Liked

  • Amazing support keeping your spine in a straight posture
  • Skin breathable material that’s lightweight
  • Unisex and durable design
  • Adjustable fit-all sizes

What We Disliked

  • May have to pull down to stay that way
  • Stitching at the bottom is questionable

Buy Emma Ya Anti Scoliosis Brace on Amazon here.



 10. ComfyMed Breathable Mesh Back Brace

Breathable Mesh Back Brace

Best scoliosis brace for breathability

This mesh back brace from ComfyMed is hands down the best lumbar brace money can buy. And it’s a handy brace for scoliosis because it prevents spine curves from progressing and stabilizes your spine. On top of that, it relieves pain linked with back conditions like herniated disc, scoliosis, and disc diseases.


The design gives top priority to breathability and comfort. This means you can wear it all day long or use it for intense exercise without accumulation of sweat or moisture. It’s a perfect fashion accessory, as well.

What We Liked

  • Very sturdy Velcro that holds the brace in place
  • It doubles up as a compression therapy tool
  • Offers the best support with metal splints at the back for proper spine alignment and posture correction.
  • Overall, the brace is effective, strong and comfortable

What We Disliked

  • It’s only available in two sizes

Buy ComfyMed Breathable Mesh Back Brace on Amazon here



 11. Slimerence, Adjustable Posture Brace

Adjustable Posture Brace

The best scoliosis brace for posture

This adjustable brace is exactly what you need to correct humpback posture caused by scoliosis. It perfectly combines both lower back and upper support to provide scoliosis relief. It comes in 4 sizes, from small to XL, which allows you to choose a size that you adjust for a precise fit.


Overall, this brace supports orthopedic issues including shoulder lazing, kyphosis, osteoporosis, back pain, neck pain, and a slouching posture. It’s made with quality material with soft padding as well as an elastic fabric at the shoulders. So it’s lightweight, stylish, and provides optimal support for cartilages and the spine.

What We Liked

  • One of the most stylish braces that can be worn with activewear
  • Superior lumbar support combining lower back and upper back
  • Corrects posture too
  • Strong yet comfortable, lightweight material
  • Custom-fit with compression capability

What We Disliked

  • Covers a small real estate
  • Not best for men

Buy Slimerence, Adjustable Posture Brace on Amazon here



 12. Panady Back Brace with Adjustable Straightener

Back Brace with Adjustable Straightener

Best scoliosis brace for teenagers

If you are looking for precise-fit scoliosis back brace for your little one or teen, Panady has got you covered. It offers excellent support for the upper back, helping align the back and straighten scoliosis curves. It may be adjusted to fit small-set adults, as well.


This is a multi-functional brace with an invisible posture corrector and ergonomic design. It helps relieve back pain and correct for curvature with minimal discomfort. With a bit of stretch, it’s ideal for back muscle recovery and relief. Plus, it comes with a neck pillow for ultimate comfort.

What We Liked

  • Small, adjustable fit for children and teens
  • Ergonomic design with a corrector for slouching or hunchback posture
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

What We Disliked

  • Limited sizes

Buy Panady Back Brace with Adjustable Straightener on Amazon here



 13. JNTAR Back Brace

Back Brace

Best scoliosis brace for shoulder support

Even though this is a back brace by design, we find the JNTAR brace to be great for supporting shoulders. It’s also quite effective in correcting spine curves and thus ideal for scoliosis. By supporting both the thoracic spine and lumbar spine, it prevents the curve from bending further. This helps to maintain the back in a straight position and correct formation of posture.


The brace is also highly recommended to an array of other back conditions such as spinal fractures, degenerative discs, herniated discs, kyphosis, and rehabilitation of injuries. It’s an under-cloth brace made with high-quality, breathable materials.

What We Liked

  • It is light and breathable for a comfortable fit
  • Works perfectly for various back conditions
  • Combines thoracic and lumbar support for maximum posture and scoliosis correction

What We Disliked

  • The price is on the high-end for the category

Buy JNTAR Back Brace on Amazon here



Other things to consider when buying a scoliosis brace

Symptoms of Scoliosis

Scoliosis symptoms vary depending on the severity of the condition.  For most people, the most common signs may include uneven hips & waist, chronic back pain, uncentered head, lopsided shoulders, and an apparent rotation or twist in the spine.

In most cases, the left shoulder blade may protrude more than the right one. The other way around may also be true. Some people with scoliosis may experience difficulty while breathing due to reduced chest area.

Types of Scoliosis

Where the cause is known, there are two major types of scoliosis: neuromuscular and congenital scoliosis.

In congenital scoliosis, the spine curvature results from embryological defects which are usually noticeable at birth.

Neuromuscular scoliosis, on the other hand, entails curvature of the spine that occurs following muscular or neurological abnormalities, diseases, and complications.

Neuromuscular scoliosis normally becomes worse much quickly and may require surgical intervention sooner than later.

All cases of scoliosis also fall under two broad categories: nonstructural and structural. Temporary spinal curves that can be rectified fall under the nonstructural scoliosis umbrella.

In structural scoliosis, the spine curvature is permanent and typically caused by birth defects, injury or disease.

Treating Scoliosis With Braces

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with scoliosis, talk to your doctor about your treatment options, especially if it’s causing discomfort, pain or interfering with your daily life.

The doctor will most likely recommend surgery or bracing. The choice often boils down to your child’s age, sex, and whether he/she is still growing, as well as the location, degree, and pattern of the curvature.

Surgery is recommended for mostly girls whose spine curvature is larger than 40 degrees. If the curvature is expected to progress faster, a surgical procedure called spinal fusion may be prescribed.

If your child is still growing and the spine’s curvature is between 25 and 40 degrees, your provider will likely recommend a brace. Bracing is an ideal treatment option for scoliosis cases caught early.

Bracing plays a role in preventing further curve progression. Some studies have shown that scoliosis braces, when used according to doctor’s instructions, may help stop curvature progression in about 75 percent of cases.

Be that as it may, wearing a brace will not reverse the curvature or cure scoliosis.

Your child will have to wear the brace at least 16 hours (ideally up to 23 hours) per day until he/she reaches adolescence or until growth spurt stops. The longer your child wears the brace, the more effective the bracing treatment.

For girls, braces may be safely removed right after they get their first periods.

Braces are designed and shaped to conform snugly to the body. Most of them are made from plastic, and they typically fit around the hips, lower back, rib cage, and beneath the arms. That means they are unobtrusive and virtually unnoticeable under the clothes.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Scoliosis Brace for your Child

Types of Scoliosis Brace Options

There are several different types of back braces available to treat scoliosis. They offer a breadth of designs that differ in how pressure is distributed to the ribs and spinal cord to help prevent the curve from further progressing.

The most common type are full-time braces meant to be worn night and day, usually 16 to 23 hours per day.

Some braces are designed to be worn during night time only, which is typically between 8 and hours a night while the child is asleep.

A – Nighttime Braces

There are two primary designs of nighttime braces:

Providence Scoliosis Brace

Providence scoliosis brace is the latest design in the category of nighttime braces. Its design is optimized for minimal discomfort and maximum rectification of the spine’s curve.

It was created in 1992 by the duo of Barry McCoy and Charles d’Amato at the Children’s Hospital of Rhode Island in Providence. They discovered the design accidentally while trying to develop a pre-surgery spinal X-ray technique.

Unlike earlier braces that correct by trying to bend the spin, the Providence type applies direct, dual pressure to straighten scoliosis curve. For this reason, the Providence brace is ideal for treating small curves.

Most doctors prescribe Providence scoliosis brace alongside the Boston brace. The later is a full-time brace that helps correct more pronounced curves.

Charleston Bending Brace

Charleston bending brace is the most recommended and prescribed nighttime brace for children with scoliosis. It was created back in 1979 by orthotist Ralph Hooper and his colleague Dr. Frederick Reed.

First, the torso of the patient is cast to create a model for custom-fitting. Once the cast is ready, the corrective pressure is applied to brace according to the spine’s X-ray reading.

As the name suggests, Charleston bending brace works by applying pressure on the curve to bend and fixate the spine in an over-corrected position. In addition to that, it also applies lateral pressure, pushing the curve as close to the midline of the back as possible.

Because of this overstretched position, the patient is supposed to wear the brace while laying down, preferably when they are sleeping. It’s not ideal for moving around or standing.

This brace type is perfect for teenage girls who might be worried about the negative self-image, social anxiety, and other psychological issues associated with wearing braces during the daytime.

B – Full-Time Braces

There are several brace designs that belong to the full-time category. Most popularly-prescribed include:

Milwaukee Brace

The Milwaukee brace design was devised back in the 1940s, which is perhaps the reason it’s a little bulkier today’s brace design like Boston and Providence. This type of braces is best known as cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (CTLSO).

Because of the bulky design, Milwaukee braces are seldom prescribed. However, it may be recommended for cases where the scoliosis curve is high in the cervical or thoracic spine.

Boston Brace

Doctors and orthotics prescribe Boston braces more than any other type available today. In some medical literature, it may be referred to as TLSO (thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis) brace. Even though rare, CTLSO Boston braces are also prescribed to correct high thoracic curves.

Boston braces are not custom-fit. Instead, they are fashioned out of several options of premade molds. The orthotic chooses the mold that best suits your child’s curve type and size. From here, cutouts, trim lines, and corrective pads are added to the brace to conform to the patient’s body.

As a TLSO, a Boston brace applies corrective forces on the outside (convex) of the curve so as to push the spine towards the back’s midline.  Given that it’s worn up to 23 hours each day, it may an adverse impact on the patient’s breathing capacity.

Wilmington Brace

Like Boston brace, Wilmington brace belongs to the class of TLSO braces. Instead of using prefabricated molds, Wilmington braces are custom-fitted based on a cast derived from the patient while facing up and laying down.

Once the cast has been taken, corrective forces are added based on the patient’s X-ray images of the spine. Because it works much like a tight vest/jacket, this brace has no open spots or gaps, which is why it is sometimes called a full-contact TLSO brace.

The bottom line: Milwaukee braces are seldom prescribed by doctors. Ideally, Boston brace and Wilmington brace are helpful when corrective scoliosis curves at the bottom of the shoulder blade, mid-back, or lower. Depending on the experience of the clinic, either one may be preferred.

Nighttime Braces vs. Full-Time Braces

Which brace type you pick for your child depends largely on how long it’ll be worn, the severity of scoliosis, activities your child wishes to participate in and the degree of the curvature, just to mention a few factors.

Generally, most physicians prefer full-time braces over nighttime braces for correcting double (S) curves. Full-time braces, especially Boston type, are highly recommended for curves that are greater than 35 degrees.

In most cases, nighttime braces are favored for single (C) curves that are lower than 35 degrees. This is especially true for adolescent patients who prefer nighttime bracing for added privacy. In other words, teens can wear it at night without suffering from any associated social anxiety.

Similarly, nighttime bracing options like Providence braces may be preferred for lumbar curves and those located at the thoracic and lumbar (thoracolumbar) regions of the spine.

Soft Braces vs. Rigid Braces

Rigid braces are somewhat uncomfortable, particularly when worn day and night. They can squeeze the chest area, essentially reducing the wearer’s breathing ability.

For this reason, soft scoliosis braces have gained traction with both patients and their parents. They are crafted from fairly flexible and comfortable fabric, including an array of tight straps to hold the brace in place.

They may be comfortable, but there are no extensive studies to support the claim that soft braces are more effective than rigid braces. The choice often comes down to the patient’s preference.

Custom-Fit vs. Prefabricated Braces

Not all scoliosis curves and spines are created equal. And so should scoliosis braces. That’s why you should opt for custom-fit braces that will offer the most correction for scoliosis curve.

In a nutshell, stay away from prefabricated, one-size-fits-all scoliosis braces. The more personalized your brace, the more likely your curve will be corrected properly