The Best Purple Christmas Trees for a Unique Holiday Look


When German settlers arrived in America in the 1700s, they brought their Christmas tree tradition with them. But it wasn’t until the 1890s that these new Americans began importing Christmas tree ornaments from Germany and the Christmas tree began to catch on among other groups in the country. Today, around 50 million Christmas trees – real and artificial – are bought each year in the U.S.


Most artificial trees resemble the traditional evergreen variety, but all sorts of choices are available when it comes to color, size, and style. You can opt for the traditional style or make your tree more unusual and interesting by opting for a bolder color, like purple!  A purple Christmas tree can really make a statement that lets your house or personal space stand out.


Christmas trees, lights, and decorations are dominated by the standard Christmas colors: red, silver, green, and gold. While these colors are great for some, if you have another color you love or if you just want to be different from every other person on your block, it may seem like you do not have many choices. But if you love purple there are choices! As online shopping gets easier and more accessible, it is easier than ever to find purple Christmas tree decorations, purple Christmas tree lights, and even purple Christmas trees. Here are the best purple Christmas trees – and lights and decorations – for a unique holiday look.


What We Cover In This Article

Purple Christmas Trees


1. JRMU 7 Ft PVC Purple Christmas Tree Unlit, 210cm, Premium Artificial Hinged Full Christmas Tree with Sturdy Metal Stand, for Indoor Home Decoration

Purple Christmas Tree

If you want a big, eye-catching, purple Christmas tree this holiday season, this is the Big Kahuna” of purple Christmas trees. The tree stands 7-feet tall and is an incredibly impressive specimen. This artificial tree is made with a high-grade PVC material that makes the tree durable, long-lasting, resilient, and environmentally conscious, and gives it a more realistic look (well, as realistic as a purple Christmas tree can get!). The base is metal for ultimate strength and stability which you really need in a 7-foot tree. The tree is also easy to put up, take down, and store because it breaks down into 3 hinged sections. If you are looking for a purple tree that is a true statement piece, this is the tree for you.

Buy the JRMU 7 Ft PVC Purple Christmas Tree on Amazon here.



2. Homegear 6FT Artificial Purple Christmas Tree

Purple Christmas Tree

This is another large, traditionally-sized Christmas tree that truly stands out with its bright purple coloring. This purple Christmas tree stands out for its deep, rich color. It is 6-feet high and just over 3-feet in width. Although the stand is plastic, it is still a sturdy Christmas tree. The tree is  constructed of material that allows for indoor or outside display. It breaks down into 3 pieces and weighs just 11 lbs., so it is easy to assemble, disassemble, and store. The tree is made of fire retardant materials so you can have peace of mind that it is safe for use in the home.

Buy the Homegear 6FT Artificial Purple Xmas/Christmas Tree on Amazon here.



3. Wellwood 5 ft. Tinsel Christmas Tree with 24ct Assorted Ornament Set, Metal Stand, Easy Assembly – Purple

Christmas Tree

The next size down on this list of the best purple Christmas trees is this 5-foot tinsel tree. It is called a tinsel tree because even though the tree is shaped like a normal, artificial tree, the needles are made from tinsel as opposed to a synthetic material made to look like pine needles. This gives the tree a fun, festive, almost metallic look which makes it stand out, even among the rest of these purple Christmas trees. It comes with 24 decorative Christmas ball ornaments to create the perfect look. A reusable carton makes for ease of storage to protect the tree so the tinsel will look good and shiny for years to come.

Buy the Wellwood 5 ft. Tinsel Christmas Tree on Amazon here.



4. Northlight 3′ Metallic Purple Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree – Unlit

Artificial Christmas Tree

This 3-foot tree is a great in-between size that is perfect for small rooms and spaces while still giving you that bold purple color. The tree has a metal base for stability and is just under 2-feet in diameter. There are 111 tips, giving it a very full look.  This tree really sparkles, too! Metallic needles are interspersed among the purple needles that give this tree its shine. It’s a great size because, without occupying much space, there is enough surface area and branches on the tree that you can add many decorations and lights. For a small home, apartment, or office, this is a great tree.

Buy the Northlight 3′ Metallic Purple Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree – Unlit on Amazon here.



5. MyMagic Tabletop Xmas Tree, 24″/60cm Artificial Mini Christmas Pine Tree for Christmas Holiday Party Xmas Decor (Purple)

Mini Christmas Pine Tree

This 2-foot tree is perfect for a tabletop, desktop, bedroom, or even as the centerpiece of a dining table. Made from PVC material that looks and feels like it is of high-quality and will last for a very long time. It is also environmentally conscious, so it is safe for any home with children or pets. Simply put, this purple Christmas tree is incredibly cute and is a perfect little addition to any small space. The 70 branches on the tree are strong enough to hold ornaments.  However,  with a tree this size, you will need small ornaments or a short string of lights.

Buy the MyMagic Tabletop Xmas Tree on Amazon here.



6. Jackcsale 2 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree with PVC Leg Stand Base Holiday Decoration Lavender (Pink Purple)

Artificial Christmas Tree

Another tiny tree rounds out this list. This 2-foot tall, PVC Christmas tree is an ideal tabletop decoration. The color of this tree is its major differentiator from other small trees on this list. The color is actually “pink purple” and, as the name suggests, the tree straddles the line between the two colors. If you love the color purple and are looking for a tree that truly presents as that color, this is not the tree for you. If you want a tree with vibrant color that is fun and a little different from other purple trees on the market, then this is a great tree for you.

Buy the Jackcsale 2 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree on Amazon here.


Purple Christmas Tree Decorations & Lights


1. AMS Christmas Ball Plating Ornaments Tree Collection for Holiday Parties Decoration (40ct Pearl, Light Purple)

Ball Plating Ornaments

For anyone who loves purple Christmas tree decorations, this box of purple ornament balls is a magical holiday treat. The pack comes with 40 balls, all in a beautiful light purple that will look great on any color tree. The pack includes balls of 4 different sizes. There are 18 40mm balls, 9 each of the 50mm and 60mm balls, and 4 of the large 8mm balls. They are made with shatterproof plastic and can be conveniently stored right back in the box they came in. This should mean they will have no problem lasting through many Christmas seasons to come. One point to note is that they do not come with any way to hang them.  Hooks or strings must be bought or made separately.

Buy the AMS Christmas Ball Plating Ornaments Tree Collection on Amazon here.



2. zerproc Purple Christmas Lights, 33ft 100 LED String Lights, 120V UL Certified Xmas Tree Lights for Christmas, Halloween, Patio, Holiday, Party, Home, Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

Xmas Tree Lights

These lights look great, are incredibly versatile, and, best of all, are purple Christmas tree lights! This string of lights is 33-feet long so one or two strings should be enough to wrap your tree, even if it is on the larger side. These lights are for both indoor or outdoor use.  You can decorate your house with them or use them as eye catching purple Christmas tree lights for an outdoor tree. They will work in temperatures from -20 to 40 degrees Celsius (-4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and you can connect up to 22 strings to cover a large surface. One more benefit is their LED energy-saving capabilities which use considerably less energy than standard holiday lights.

Buy the zerproc Purple Christmas Lights on Amazon here.



3. FULLBELL LED String Lights Fairy Twinkle Decorative Lights 200 LED 65.6 Feet with Multi Flashing Modes Controller for Kid’s Bedroom, Wedding, Christmas Tree, Festival Party, Garden, Patio (Purple)

Decorative Lights

This is another great set of purple Christmas tree lights but the big draw here is that they are twinkle lights with several different flashing settings for you to enjoy. There are 200 individual purple lights on a 66-foot string with 8 different twinkle settings you can use to make these lights dance. Settings include “Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, and Steady on”. This will give your tree, room, or house a very cool and interesting vibe.

Buy the FULLBELL LED String Lights Fairy Twinkle Decorative Lights on Amazon here.



4. DERVONUNS Poinsettia Christmas Decorations Christmas Flowers Glitter Christmas Tree Decorations and Ornaments (12 Pack)(Purple)

Christmas Flowers

There are all kinds of ornaments and Christmas tree decorations, but one style that doesn’t get as much attention is the poinsettia flower decoration. The poinsettia is the flower most associated with the holiday and clipping these ornate flowers onto your tree is a great, trendy look. The purple poinsettias in this 12-pack are shiny, ornate, and come in a stunning purple hue. They are lightweight, durable, and just over 6-inches in diameter. You can even buy multiple packs to mix and match colors because these decorations are available in red, blue, gold, and silver as well.

Buy the DERVONUNS Poinsettia Christmas Decorations Christmas Flowers on Amazon here.


Why Get a Purple Christmas Tree?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but let’s be honest, there is a certain sameness that comes along with the holiday season. The stockings get hung, the tree gets trimmed, the house gets lit, and the decorations are put up pretty much the same way each year. There is not much variety to the season. It is the same everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. People’s homes, offices, parties, and outfits are all very uniform and “Christmas-y”.


The same thing can be said for the colors of the season. Red, green, silver, and gold are the colors of the day.  They can be seen everywhere and on everything and everyone from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. You occasionally get some black or blue trimming, but that is about it. There are no bold, vivacious colors that really stand out and get noticed.


Combine these two situations and you find the standard green tree in seemingly every home. Is it nice? Sure. Is it a little boring? It is. If you are the type of person who enjoys shaking things up a little bit and who marches to your own Little Drummer Boy, making a change to the same old green Christmas tree could be just the move you need to make to spice things up a bit.


A purple Christmas tree is distinct and different and sets you apart from the crowd that does the same thing every year. It is a great holiday conversation starter and will surely bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it and thinks, “Hey, that sure is different!”. You don’t even need to stop there. Purple Christmas lights and purple Christmas decorations are great ways to add even more pizazz to your holiday.  Leave the green and red to everyone else.


Tips on Picking Out an Artificial Christmas Tree

People go with artificial Christmas trees instead of real trees for all different reasons. Some people may be allergic to pine, others may like the convenience, still, others may want the long-term cost savings. Picking out an artificial tree is very different from picking out a real tree, but some of the same principles still apply. Here are a few quick tips for choosing an artificial Christmas tree.


Think about the height

When looking for an artificial tree – or a real tree for that matter – the height of the tree is probably the first thing you should consider. If the tree will be displayed on a table or desk, you want something that is 3-feet or less. For a free-standing tree, you want it to fill up the space but not hit the ceiling.  How close it gets to the ceiling is a matter of personal preference. Just remember, you should always leave room for a star or angel on top if you are trimming the tree.


Look at the body

Whether a Christmas tree is real or artificial, you want the body of the tree to look robust and full without any bare spots. You want the branches to be thick enough that you cannot easily see into the trunk area. Many artificial trees have opposable limbs so you can move them into a position to look as full as possible.  Even if the tree does have this feature, you need to make sure there are enough branches to make a difference.


Find a solid base

Toppling over is one of the worst things that can happen to a tree. This can be not only messy but dangerous, too. To prevent this, make sure the tree has a wide, solid base. The material doesn’t necessarily matter as long as it is strong. It should also be wide enough that the tree doesn’t wobble.


Standing it up and taking it down

An artificial tree will have to be set up at the beginning of every holiday season and taken down at the end. If the tree is big and cumbersome or it has pieces that are hard to attach, you are going to quickly end up disliking your tree. Read the instructions and make sure the setup and takedown process sound like something you can rather easily do.


Storing It

For 11 months a year, that tree is going to be somewhere other than on display in your home or office. You want to make sure that when the tree comes out next December, it looks just like it did last Christmas time. That is why making sure the tree breaks down or folds up in a manner that makes sense for your storage situation is so important.


Tips on Decorating Your Purple Christmas Tree

Even if you mix it up a bit and go with a purple Christmas tree, it is still a great idea to decorate the tree for an even more festive feel. There are some tricks to correctly embellishing a purple tree, so here are some tips for decorating your purple Christmas tree.


Pick your color combinations

It is relatively easy to pick colors that look good on a green Christmas tree. Since this is the traditional color, most colors have been used to trim trees in the past so no color tends to look out of place. When you pick a non-traditional tree in a color like purple, you have to be a little more thoughtful about what colors you use.


There are basically two schools of thought. One is that you go all-in on the purple motif and use purple Christmas tree decorations and purple Christmas tree lights to really drive home the theme. For some people, this may be great; others may feel this is overkill or too much of a good thing. The other school of thought is to use complementary and matching colors to catch the eye.  For purple, this means yellow, green, or orange. Of course, purple and pink is always the classic pairing.


Decorate to scale

If you decide to go with a 7, 6, or even 5-foot tree, this may not be as much of a concern. Decorating a full-size purple tree can be done using the exact same ornaments, light strings, and other decorations that you would use to decorate a green tree, or a tree of any other color for that matter.


However, many people like small purple trees to decorate a bedroom, office, or small living space. In this case, you can still decorate your tree in the traditional style but you want to make sure your lights and decorations are not too big for your tree. This is especially a concern when shopping for Christmas tree lights, which generally come in strings that are 20 or 33-feet long for larger trees.  You want to look for smaller options. With a little searching, you should be able to find 3-foot or 5-foot strings of light that will be perfect for smaller 2 or 3-foot trees.


Stick to Your Traditions

Different people bring different tastes to their Christmas tree decorating. Even among people who want a purple Christmas tree, there are bound to be differences of opinion as to what decorations are best. With a purple tree, the same holiday rules apply as they would for a run-of-the-mill green Christmas tree. These rules are: do whatever makes you happy! If you like tinsel, great! Strings of popcorn? Awesome! Lights and baubles? Fantastic! The point is, there is no right answer. How you decorate your tree, purple or otherwise, is a very personal decision based on your individual history and taste. Deck your halls however you see fit and in whatever way makes you smile. Happy Holidays!



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