Best Privacy Tents Money Can Buy in 2020


Privacy tents are a real asset if you want a quick shelter that’s easy and convenient to transport. These tents pop up in seconds and create a space where you can change, shower, use a portable restroom, or just have shelter from the sun, wind, and rain.


If you’re in the market for a privacy tent, here are 17 of the best privacy tents money can buy:



 1. Green Elephant Utilitent


Green Elephant Utilitent

This extra tall Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent is one of the best privacy tents on the market today. It’s made from a sturdy, waterproof material with a heavy-duty zipper. It’s built to withstand tough weather and all kinds of adventures.


This tent is extra tall with a height of 6’10.7”. The length and width of the base are 3’11” by 3’11”. At the top of the tent, there is mosquito netting to allow airflow and light without any exposure to the open air. If it’s raining or cold outside, there’s a rain cover that can be attached to cover the netting completely.


It also has an opening for a showerhead if you want to use it for an outdoor shower space. A towel hanger, clothing hanger, and storage pocket all make it convenient for showering, cleaning up, and changing. There is no floor to the tent to keep it mess-free if used for showering or an outdoor bathroom.

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 2. MECY Portable Pop-Up 


MECY Portable Pop-Up 

The MECY is another great option. The tent goes up easy, folds up quickly, and can be conveniently packed away into a flat, disk-shaped bag. It’s easy to leave in the car, camper, or to pack along on any trip.


It has a towel hanger, clothing hanger, and lantern hanger built-in so it can easily be used any time of day for showering, changing, using as a restroom, or a variety of other uses. It’s made from water-resistant material and comes with 8 stakes to keep it upright on windy days.


This tent is also extra tall, measuring 6’10” with a base length and width of 3’11” x 3’11”.

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 3. Alvantor Pop Up


Alvantor Pop Up

This pop-up privacy tent is one of the largest on the list, standing 7 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet deep. It’s great for tall people or for people who just want a little extra room in their privacy tent.


The tent is made from waterproof, tear-proof, oil-proof, and dirt-proof material that will withstand any climate. The bottom of the tent also has a wear-resistant layer to make it more durable.


To withstand bad weather, the tent comes with 4 sandbags for each corner, 4 guylines, and 8 stakes for stability. This tent is great for beaches, campgrounds, and even indoor usage when you need to create a small, private space.

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 4. WolfWise Pop Up


WolfWise Pop Up

The WolfWise Pop Up is a popular option on Amazon. It has no bottom to keep it easy to clean. The polyester tent material repels wind, rain, and UV light.


The frame is made from steel but is still light for easy transportation, making it one of the best privacy tents to take with you when you travel. Once it is folded up and packed into its convenient carrying bag, it weighs only 4.3 pounds and is only about an inch and a half thick. It pops up quickly and folds away just as fast.


The design of the tent has been recently updated to include another side window and a removable rain cover at the top.

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 5. Sportneer Pop Up


Sportneer Pop Up

This tent is made from waterproof, tear-proof material that also blocks UV light. It’s great for the beach, for camping, or for the sidelines of a kid’s soccer game. No more huddling under an umbrella or getting soaked to the bone.


It comes with only 4 stakes, one for each corner. Compared to others on this list, it is not the most secure when it comes to high winds. But, it will still do a fine job.


There is no bottom to the tent, but that makes it great for outdoor showers or restroom covers. Clothing line and storage pockets on the inside of the tent provide easy organization while using the tent for these occasions.

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 6. Leader Accessories Pop Up


Leader Accessories Pop Up

This Leader Accessories Pop Up is unique on our list so far because it has a permanent partial bottom. A single strip of fabric across the bottom gives you a space to place your feet if you don’t want to stand on the bare ground, but the open spaces will allow water to drain during a shower and will also allow for the tent to be used as an outdoor restroom. This is one of the best privacy tents for campers and hikers.


This tent is also more rectangular shaped than triangular shaped. The top panel is larger to allow more light and airflow. It also creates a more spacious top half to the tent.


To keep the tent stable on windy or stormy days, it comes with 4 pull strings and 8 metal stakes to help the tent stay grounded and upright.

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 7. GigaTent Pop Up Pod


GigaTent Pop Up Pod

This tent is meant for lighter use: a day at the beach, an afternoon at the park, or a spot by the pool. It comes with just four stakes to stand against bad weather, but it is a great option for lightweight travel. Once packed, it only weighs 3 pounds.


It sets up instantly. Once it is set up, it stands at 6 feet tall. This is certainly not the biggest tent available, but it is a great value. If you’re under 6 feet, this tent is a great option for you.


There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can always give it a try and return it if it’s not what you’re looking for.

Buy this GigaTent Pop Up Pod on Amazon here.



 8. Abco Pop Up


Abco Pop Up

This Abco Pop Up tent folds up in nine easy steps. The storage bag can be carried or used as a backpack for hands-free transportation. It’s great for indoor or outdoor use as a changing tent, showering tent, or to create some poolside shade.


The top panel opens with a zipper to allow for airflow, sunshine, or an outdoor shower. There is also a side window and a large opening flap. Unlike other pop-ups, these openings do not have any mesh or rain coverings.


The bottom of this tent is detachable so you can put it on for changing and shielding from the elements but take it off to use it for a shower or an outdoor restroom.

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 9. WolfWise Easy Pop Up


WolfWise Easy Pop Up

Unlike the first WolfWise tent on this list, this pop up comes with a detachable bottom piece. It’s still a very lightweight option. Folded up it still only weighs 4.8 pounds.


The material is water repellent polyester and has reinforced zippers that prevent any leaks. The tent also reflects and/or absorbs 98% of harmful UV rays. It also has a removable rain cover that goes over the top to block sunlight or rain.


The frame of the tent is made from galvanized steel that won’t corrode or break. Once set up, it measures 74.8 inches high, and the bottom is a 47.2” x 47.2” square. This is a standard size for these tents. It allows for easy transportation while still being spacious and comfortable.

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 10. KingCamp Pop Up


KingCamp Pop Up

The KingCamp Pop Up tent measures 47” x 47” at the bottom and has a height of 75”. It sets up instantly and packs away just as easily. It’s made from polyester waterproof fabric.


This tent comes with a detachable bottom as well as a removable top piece that prevents rain and sunlight from getting into the tent. You can add these attachments if you’re trying to get out of the elements, but if you’re looking for more airflow, you can take them off and open the side mesh window.


To stay stable under high wind conditions, the tent comes with 4 stakes, 4 guylines, and weighted pockets in each corner that can be filled with stones, sand, or dirt.

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 11. WolfWise Spacious Pop Up


WolfWise Spacious Pop Up

This WolfWise Pop Up features an extra spacious design. Instead of the usual curved zipper door, this tent has a zipper that goes straight to the bottom edge of the tent. The zippers can also split and unzip left and right at the bottom edge of the tent. This creates more of a curtain effect than a door effect. This is one of the best privacy tents for everyday use like going to the park or the beach.


The material of the tent is waterproof and silver coated. It will keep you dry and protect you from harsh sun rays. The poles of the tent are constructed with steel so it will be durable and usable for years to come.


The top of the tent zips completely open (no mesh screen at the top) to allow for easy outdoor showers. The inside contains clothing lines and storage pockets for easy organization.

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 12. Ridge Outdoor Gear Pop Up


Ridge Outdoor Gear Pop Up

This privacy tent measures 6.5 feet tall once set up. It comes with a removable rainfly and removable bottom piece. To keep it stabilized, it comes with sandbags, ropes, and stakes.


The top has a mesh opening to allow water from a shower, airflow, and sunlight. The mesh protects you from any bugs or debris that may otherwise get in. The rainfly can be replaced if you are seeking protection from rain, cold air, or harsh sunlight.


The inside is equipped with a large window, clothesline, towel hanger, storage pocket, toilet paper holder, and a lamp hook. This tent is a great option to take on all kinds of adventures.

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 13. Partysaving Portable Pop-Up


Partysaving Portable Pop-Up

This outdoor pop up is as basic as it gets. If you’re just looking for a little bit of privacy, this is the best option for you. It doesn’t have the bottom sheet, the rainfly, or any of the accessories inside that many of these other options have. Only the basics.


This pop up can easily be released and set up in 10 seconds. One of the four panels unzips around the tent poles to allow for a wide opening to step in or out.


There are 4 stakes to keep the tent upright and grounded. There is also a weight pocket that can be filled with stones or sand.

Buy this PartySaving Portable Pop-up on Amazon here.



  14. KingCamp Oversize Shelter Tent


KingCamp Oversize Shelter Tent

This tent requires more work than the other tents on our list. It does not automatically pop up; it needs to be assembled. It has 2 steel poles and 2 fiberglass poles. Once set up, the tent can be secured with 8 stakes and 4 guylines.


After set up, it measures 85 inches tall, 66 inches wide, and 66 inches deep. It comes with a bag to pack it all away in. Once packed, the bag is two feet long, 6 inches wide, and 6 inches deep.


The bottom of the tent is made of mesh to allow water out but prevent dirt from getting in. The top is also meshed to allow air, sun, and water from a shower. It also has a rainfly to protect from rain, cold, or harsh sun rays.

Buy this KingCamp Oversize Shelter Tent on Amazon here.



 15. Giantex Pop Up


Giantex Pop Up

This privacy tent from Giantex is made from polyester with a steel frame. It comes with 4 pegs to secure it once it’s been set up to prevent it from being blown over or knocked down.


There is no bottom for the tent, which makes it ideal to use an outdoor restroom. There is no opening at the top of the tent, which means you can’t use it with an outdoor shower unless you own a camp shower that can hook to the top panel. But it will prevent any rain from getting in and block harsh sunlight.


This tent is not quite as versatile as some of the others on the list. But it’s great for a beach day, an afternoon at the park, or as a private changing area. It goes up in seconds and can be conveniently packed away just as quickly.

Buy this Giantex Pop Up on Amazon here.



 16. Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent


Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent

This is another large option for a shower tent. Like the KingCamp, it does require some assembly of tent poles and tarps. It doesn’t go up or pack away as quickly as others. However, it is much larger.


Once assembled, the tent is 55” wide by 55” deep and stands at 86.5” tall. This is ideal to use camping or in your backyard for a pool party changing station. This isn’t the kind of thing that you want to set up and take down multiple times a day. But if it’s staying in one location all day or for multiple days, it can be a good option for you.


The top of the tent has a hook on the inside to hang camping showers. It has a floor on the bottom so your feet won’t get dirty, but there are also openings around the edge so water doesn’t pool at the bottom of the tent.

Buy this Vidalido Shower Tent on Amazon here.



 17. VIVOHOME Privacy Shelter


VIVOHOME Privacy Shelter

This VIVOHOME privacy shelter is unlike any other on the list because it is twice as wide. It looks like two privacy tents pushed together. You can zip up the partition between the two or unzip it to create one larger space.


This tent is great if you want to keep the bathroom area separate from the shower/changing area while you camp. You can also have a changing area and a showering area if you want to keep the changing area dry. If multiple people will need a tent, it will also them to use it at the same time while keeping their privacy.


The extra-wide shape of the shelter may make it more susceptible to tipping over in harsh winds, but the set does come with 14 plastic stakes and 6 guylines to prevent that.

Buy this VIVOHOME Privacy Shelter on Amazon here.


These are some of the best privacy tents available today. They can create private spaces for you so that you can comfortably create a changing station, a temporary shelter, or a convenient cover for an outdoor shower/restroom. Give one of these tents a try in 2020!