Top 22 Best Groomsmen Socks Money Can Buy


People often talk about how little girls dream of their wedding days. They plan every last detail–what they will wear, how they’ll do their hair, what the colors will be. But what about the guys? They want to look just as good as the ladies do!


When getting married, men pretty much always wear a neutral suit or tuxedo. These can be kind of plain and don’t really allow the groom to express himself. The groomsmen are usually dressed in a similarly neutral ensemble. So, how can the guys bring a little fun and personality to their wedding outfits? Their socks!


Choosing a pair of socks for the groom and groomsmen that bring in a pop of color, a different theme, or some crazy patterns is an easy way to have a little fun while staying within their dress code. Most of the time, people won’t be able to see these socks. But the groom and groomsmen know what they have. It can also make for some really fun wedding photos.


To help you choose the right pair of socks for your groomsmen, here are 22 of the best groomsmen socks that money can buy:



What We Cover In This Article

 1. No Cold Feet


No Cold Feet

Groomsmen socks from No Cold Feet are just the thing to add a pop of colorful fun to your tuxedo-clad wedding party. You can sort the socks by color or pattern to make shopping easy. They’re made from high-quality cotton and they fit most adult shoe sizes (8-13). Order a standard pair or buy ones specially packed for groomsmen with customizable wrappings and a gift box.

Buy No Cold Feet groomsmen socks here.




 2. BONANGEL American Flag Dress Socks


American Flag Dress Socks

Feeling patriotic on your wedding day? These American flag dress socks may be the groomsmen socks for you. You can buy them in sets of 2, 4, or 6 and you can choose from several different styles that incorporate the beloved stars and stripes. The fabric is 90% cotton and 10% polyester, so you’ll stay comfortable in them the whole day. They only come in one size that fits shoe sizes 6-12.

Buy these BONANGEL American Flag Dress Socks on Amazon here.




 3. Bisousox Men’s Fun Dress Socks


Men’s Fun Dress Socks

This 10-pack of brightly-colored socks from Bisousox is perfect for those looking for fun groomsmen socks. Each pair is a different color with different patterns and there are many different variety packs from which to choose. They can be worn again after the wedding and will always be a reminder of your special day. One size fits men US size 8-12 or EU sizes 39-46.

Buy these Bisousox Men’s Fun Dress Socks on Amazon here.




 4. Marvel Men’s Socks


Marvel Men’s Socks

These socks come in a set of six; each has a different Marvel Avengers character. If you’re big into the Marvel craze, these superhero socks for groomsmen are the perfect way to subtly bring that theme into your big day. Assign each groomsman a character or let them choose one themselves. This set comes with Ironman, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, and Falcon

Buy these Marvel Men’s Socks on Amazon here.




 5. DC Comics Men’s Socks


Men’s Socks

More of a DC man than Marvel? Don’t worry, we’ve got DC superhero socks for groomsmen, too. This set of socks features members of the Justice League, including Superman, Flash, Batman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. The characters on these socks look like the comic book versions, not the live-action ones, so they’re especially good for the purists out there who love the comic books.

Buy these DC Comics Men’s Socks on Amazon here.




 6. Zmart Men’s Crazy Food Socks


Men’s Crazy Food Socks

These socks from Zmart are decorated with different foods and bright colors. Choose from several pineapple patterns, avocados, or sushi. The socks are sold individually, so you can choose whether you want all the groomsmen socks to match or you want to pick a different style for each person. They are made with mostly cotton and fit men’s shoe sizes 7-13

Buy these Zmart Men’s Crazy Food Socks on Amazon here.




 7. HAPPYPOP Men’s Novelty Socks


Men’s Novelty Socks

HAPPYPOP’s novelty socks come with animals printed on them, including alpaca, sharks, narwals, and killer whales. These socks are sold in individual pairs, so you’ll have to order multiple. They are made with 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane, so they’re soft, breathable, and stretchy. These fun groomsmen socks are also perfect for everyday wear after the wedding day.

Buy these HAPPYPOP Men’s Novelty Socks on Amazon here.




 8. Jeasona Men’s Dress Socks


Men’s Dress Socks

This 12-pack of crazy colored dress socks is perfect for your groomsmen. Each pair features different colors and different patterns letting you show your creative side. Your groomsmen can make their own choices or you can assign to each one the pair that you think fits them the best. These socks are made from 70% cotton, 25% nylon, and 5% spandex so you know they won’t slip down while you wear them.

Buy these Jeasona Men’s Dress Socks on Amazon here.




 9. Marino Men’s Dress Socks (12-Pack)


Men’s Dress Socks

Marino’s dress socks are great if you’re looking for something funky and fun but not too loud. This 12-pack features some muted colors; just one or two pairs sport a really crazy design. These socks are made from 80% cotton, 10% spandex, and 10% polyester. They are also guaranteed to keep your feet dry, which is especially great for weddings in the summer months or for hitting the dance floor at the end of the night.

Buy these Marino Men’s Dress Socks (12-Pack) on Amazon here.




 10. Marino Men’s Dress Socks (6-Pack)


Men’s Dress Socks

This is another set from Marino, but it is smaller. This set is specifically called the Spunky Collection, but there are a few others from which you can choose. Although these socks are a bit more muted than others on this list, they still have personality and color. They come with the same moisture guarantee to keep your feet warm without causing them to sweat.

Buy these Marino Men’s Dress Socks (6-Pack) on Amazon here.




 11. Zmart Men’s Crazy Novelty Socks


Men’s Crazy Novelty Socks

This 4-pack from Zmart features 4 different designs with aliens, a yeti, and a sasquatch. They each have different colors and characters; two of them also have text, reading “Humans aren’t real,” or “Bigfoot was here.” If you’re a believer, these socks are for you. They’re made from 80% cotton and they fit men’s shoe sizes 7-13.

Buy these Zmart Men’s Crazy Novelty Socks on Amazon here.




 12. BONANGEL Men’s Fun Dress Socks 


Men’s Fun Dress Socks 

This set of fun groomsmen socks from Bonangel is called Pizza 3, but there are many different sets. These socks feature some of our favorite food items, including pizza, fried eggs, tacos, bacon, and sushi. The set comes with 8 pairs of socks, each pair is a different color and features different pictures. They’re made from 80% cotton and fit men’s US shoe sizes 8-12 and EU sizes 41-46.

Buy these Bonangel Men’s Fun Dress Socks on Amazon here.




 13. Captain America Men’s Dress Socks


Captain America Men’s Dress Socks

If you’re looking for something that will satisfy the comic book nerd in you while also keeping it understated and classy, these superhero socks for groomsmen may be just the perfect balance for you. They feature a polka dot pattern with small pictures of Captain America’s shield. They aren’t so loud as to be distracting if they are peaking out of the bottom of your pantleg, but they still allow you to bring a bit of the Marvel universe into your wedding day.

Buy these Captain America Men’s Dress Socks on Amazon here.




 14. HAPPYPOP Men’s Nerdy Socks


Men’s Nerdy Socks

These “Nerdy” socks from HAPPYPOP feature formulas and diagrams related to basic math and science principles. There are several different designs featuring different colors and equations. You can buy separate pairs or choose a 2-pack.  Just make sure to order enough for everyone. These socks are made from 80% cotton and fit men’s shoe sizes 7-13.

Buy these HAPPYPOP Men’s Nerdy Socks on Amazon here.




 15. BONANGEL “Red Corn” Dress Socks


“Red Corn” Dress Socks

This 10-pack set from BONANGEL is named “Red Corn” but that really only refers to the one pair, the set altogether is very random. There really is no theme to this pack, but the colors and designs cohesively work together. They are made with 80% cotton and fit men’s US shoe sizes 8-12 and EU sizes 41-46. They are fun groomsmen socks to spice up the tuxedos but also casual enough to wear again in the future.

Buy these BONANGEL “Red Corn” Dress Socks on Amazon here.




 16. BONANGEL “A-Flamingo 5” Dress Socks


BONANGEL “A-Flamingo 5” Dress Socks

Here’s yet another pack from BONANGEL, but they make such fun groomsmen socks, we just can’t help ourselves. This set is perfect for a summer wedding, with colors like bright oranges, blues, pinks, and yellows. They feature designs with flamingos, watermelons, bananas, donuts, and more. They’re made from 80% cotton and fit men’s shoe sizes 8-12.

Buy these BONANGEL “A-Flamingo 5” Dress Socks on Amazon here.




 17. Oooh Yeah Men’s Cotton Crew Socks


Men’s Cotton Crew Socks

For you Bob Ross lovers, Oooh Yeah has several sock designs featuring the iconic artist. This particular pair reads “Happy Clouds” and has images of Bob Ross’s face surrounded by clouds and blue sky. These socks are sold individually, so you’ll have to order enough for everyone. Order multiples of one pair so everyone matches, or go crazy and order different designs for everyone!

Buy these Oooh Yeah Men’s Cotton Crew Socks on Amazon here.




 18. Sock It To Me Alien Socks


Alien Socks

These socks come in several different designs with outer space themes from constellations to rocket launches, to aliens. There are 11 designs in total so you can pick a different design for each groomsman or just stock up on your favorite. These socks are made from 63% cotton, 35% polyester, and 2% spandex. They fit men’s shoe sizes 7-13,

Buy these Sock It To Me Alien Socks on Amazon here.




 19. Boldfoot Socks

Boldfoot Socks

These 2-packs from Boldfoot feature more basic designs if the wild and crazy pairs aren’t for you. These socks are still bright and fun while staying a little classy and conservative. There are 7 different sets from which to choose.  Each set has two pairs with the same or compatible colors. They are made with 75% cotton, 23% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Buy these Boldfoot Socks on Amazon here.




 20. K. Bell Novelty Crew Socks


Bell Novelty Crew Socks

These novelty socks feature a video game controller design that is perfect for any gamer. These fun groomsmen socks are made with 60% cotton, 38% nylon, and 2% spandex. The gray background of the sock will be perfect for the big day because they add some personality without being too distracting. Socks are packaged in single pairs, so make sure to order enough for the whole party!

Buy these K. Bell Novelty Crew Socks on Amazon here.




 21. Zmart Men’s Taco Socks


Men’s Taco Socks

The bottoms of these socks read, “If you can read this bring me tacos.” The sleeve of the sock is decorated with small pictures of tacos. This sock design has become really popular over the last few years and is a fun way to incorporate a little of your personality into your outfit. If tacos aren’t your thing, there are other sayings you can choose, such as chocolate, sushi, or bacon.

Buy these Zmart Men’s Taco Socks on Amazon here.




 22. Zmart Shark Crew Socks


Zmart Shark Crew Socks

The designs on these socks are drawn to look as if a shark is latched onto your foot. This particular line of socks also comes with other nautical designs like narwhals, anchors, or whales. They are made from 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane. They fit men’s shoe sizes 7-13.

Buy these Zmart Shark Crew Socks on Amazon here.



How to Pick the Perfect Groomsmen Socks

The options for groomsmen socks are nearly endless. To complement the chosen wedding colors, there are already socks available in every pattern with every color combination. There are also socks to fit just about every theme you can think of, whether it’s a movie or TV show you like, a hobby, a food, or something completely random, there is probably a sock out there for it.


To choose the right socks for your groomsmen, there are a few points you should consider. Ultimately, you get to choose whatever you want. But, thinking about the themes, colors, and designs will help you decide which one will work best for your big day. Let’s look at each of those characteristics separately to flesh out what exactly you are looking for.



Of course, one of the first things you should consider is the color of the sock. You have likely already chosen wedding colors; that’s a good place to start. If you want to keep everything feeling unified and matched, try to find socks with colors and patterns that work with the other items in the wedding.


If the wedding colors aren’t your favorite, that’s okay too. They don’t have to match. The whole point of picking out unique socks for yourself and your groomsmen is that you have complete control over them. If you’re marrying someone who dove headfirst into planning without asking for your opinion, this is the perfect place for you to make sure that your taste is represented.


So, whether the colors of the socks match the colors of your wedding or they’re totally unique, this is a good starting point for you to decide on a design that you like. Take a moment to think about your wedding colors, maybe even do a quick search to see what your options are with that color. Also consider your favorite color, a color completely opposite of the wedding colors (for shock value), or colors that are symbolic of something else, like a sports team or superhero.


Conservative vs. Loud

When choosing groomsmen socks, the next thing you need to decide is whether you want to keep it a little conservative and traditional or you want them to be really loud and crazy. Do you want your socks to be classy and conservative, or do you want to have a little fun with them?


There are some arguments for keeping it conservative. Of course, people love to keep tradition alive. Almost all of the things we do before, during, and after weddings are a result of traditions that have been passed down for decades. So, keeping it traditional makes sense. Just because you’re keeping things a little conservative doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. Socks don’t have to be a plain neutral color to be classy. You can still choose from many colors and patterns.


However, most socks on our list are really crazy, loud, bright colors and designs. Sometimes, these socks can be a little distracting when they peek out from the bottom of the pantleg, but they can also be a fun surprise. On a day when everything is so buttoned up and formal, a crazy sock is a really safe way to show that you still have a personality all your own.



Speaking of sports team and superheroes, those would be great themes groomsmen socks. Picking a theme is a fun way to bring your passion into your big day. Are you a diehard fan of a specific team? Make all of your groomsmen wear their logo, especially if they support a different team. This is your day, what are they going to do? Were you begging your fiancée to let you have a Star-Wars-themed wedding but they wouldn’t have it? Buy socks with Star Wars characters on them.


These themes don’t have to be specific, they can also be really general. Maybe you are fascinated by outer space so you buy socks with different cosmic patterns on them. Maybe you’re known for the fact that you never miss a Taco Tuesday so you buy socks with pictures of tacos on them.


If you decide to go with a theme, make sure that it’s something you’ve been passionate about for a long time. After all, the pictures from this day will be in your family forever. You will revisit them often or have them framed on the wall for years to come. Don’t pick the latest craze or freshest meme unless you’re ready to be reminded of it every day.


Matching vs. Unique

Once you’ve decided on a color or theme, you can decide whether you want all of the groomsmen to match or whether they should each have an individual pattern/design. If you decide to give them each unique socks, will you let them choose their design or will you pick for them?


Having everyone match has obvious benefits. You only have to pick one design and order enough for everyone. No one feels like they have a better or worse design than someone else. It’s easy. Also, it is more traditional for members of the wedding party to dress to match each other. You don’t want them to pull too much attention away from the Bride and Groom.


But, choosing unique socks for everyone allows you to choose multiple designs or include a theme in a more in-depth way. For instance, if you went with a superhero theme, you could buy everyone matching socks with an Avengers logo, or you can assign them each their own Avenger and have that superhero’s logo on the sock. It allows for that extra layer of creativity and individuality. It also makes for some great pictures.


Choosing the right socks for your groomsmen is completely subjective. Only you can say what’s right for your wedding day. So, do some shopping around, see what catches your eye, and go from there. Don’t get too caught up in rules and traditions. We hope that this list and these guidelines have sparked your creativity so that you can pick the best groomsmen socks for your wedding party.