The 7 Best Christmas Characters to Put in Your Home This Holiday Season


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the stories. Decorations, gifts, and holiday cheer are wonderful things, but we wouldn’t even have them if not for the story. The stories give us the carols, the TV specials, the books to read by a crackling fire with chestnuts roasting, and—of course—unforgettable characters.


There’s the original story, of course, from the Bible, but also the post-Biblical stories that grew up around Christmas throughout the centuries, adding color and flavor to the Christmas season while underscoring themes and lessons that date back to the first Christmas.


Lights, holly, and icicles are fine, but nothing brightens up a home for the Christmas holiday like decorations that bring to life the indelible cast of characters that populate the great Christmas stories. Here are our picks for the seven best Christmas characters, and the best way to use them to add a little Yuletide spirit to your holiday decor.


What We Cover In This Article

1- The Grinch

Introduced by Dr. Seuss in a classic 1957 picture book, the 1966 animated special How the Grinch Stole Christmas! improbably made this grumpy, Christmas-hating green goblin one of the all-time favorite Christmas cartoon characters ever. For adults and children alike, it never gets old to see the Grinch dress up like Santa in a slapstick attempt to steal his neighbors’ Yuletide trappings, only to have his heart grow three sizes when he discovers the true meaning of Christmas.


Department 56 Snowpinions Grinch SnowThrow Holiday Fleece Blanket

Holiday Fleece Blanket

Department 56 makes an adorable version of their popular fleece throw blankets with the devilish smile and puke-green coloration of this popular Christmas movie character. When rolled up and tied off, it looks like the head of the Grinch with earmuffs that double as a carrying handle.

Buy the Department 56 Snowpinions Grinch SnowThrow Holiday Fleece Blanket on Amazon Here. 



Vandor Dr. Seuss Grinch Sculpted Ceramic Cookie Jar

Ceramic Cookie Jar

Nothing puts people in the holiday spirit like fresh-baked Christmas cookies. No time to bake? Grocery store Christmas cookies are great too. What better way to store and serve those cookies than in a ceramic cookie jar shaped like the head of the Grinch in his Santa hat? This 9”x10”x11” decorative jar comes in a colorful gift box with a silicone gasket on the lid to create a freshness seal.

Buy the Vandor Dr. Seuss Grinch Sculpted Ceramic Cookie Jar on Amazon Here.


Amscan The Grinch Centerpiece

The Grinch Centerpiece

This cardboard centerpiece features the Christmas movie character sneakily hanging decorations on an array of three signs modeled after Whoville city planning, directing guests to “Annoyance Boulevard,” “Naughtiness Avenue,” and “Grinchiness Road.”

Buy Amscan The Grinch Centerpiece on Amazon Here. 



2- Frosty the Snowman

Conceived in 1950 by songwriters Steve Nelson and Walter “Jack” Rollins, this jaunty popular Christmas carol became another classic Christmas cartoon character thanks to a 1969 animated TV special. Frosty personifies the magic of Christmas giving, his departure at the end of the song with the changing of the seasons a poignant lesson in letting go.



Frosty The Snowman Solar Bobble Head

Snowman Solar Bobble Head

This fun figurine version of the Christmas cartoon character is the one snowman you actually want to expose to sunlight. When the solar cells on the base are placed in the glow of the sun or electric light, Frosty’s head starts to bobble and wobble cheerfully. A delightful treat for small children.

Buy the Frosty The Snowman Solar Bobble Head on Amazon Here. 


FROSTY THE SNOWMAN Blue Winter Wonderland 13″ Classic Plush


This huggable 13-inch plush toy version of Frosty looks great sitting on a shelf, mantle, or table. It also makes a great comfort toy for a baby boy at holiday time.

Buy the FROSTY THE SNOWMAN Blue Winter Wonderland 13″ Classic Plush on Amazon Here. 


Enesco Frosty the Snowman Candy Cane Figurine

Snowman Candy Cane

Beautifully crafted with rich detail, this stone-resin figurine depicts not only the Christmas cartoon character holding a candy cane, but also Santa Clause, who figures into the Frosty animated special.

Buy the Enesco Frosty the Snowman Candy Cane Figurine on Amazon Here. 




3- Santa Claus

What child doesn’t tingle with anticipation over the gifts Santa Claus might bring them if they are good? Inspired by the generous 4th-century Greek Saint Nicholas and depicted as Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or Sinterklaas throughout the centuries, Santa’s red snowsuit, team of flying reindeer, and habit of delivering gifts on Christmas Eve night by chimney makes him every child’s favorite Christmas character.


Bearington Kringle Christmas Plush Stuffed Santa Claus

Santa Claus

As minimalist as it is adorable, the Bearington Kringle plush stuffed Santa Claus is oriented in sitting mode, making it the perfect free-standing decoration to use as a centerpiece, place on a mantle, or arrange on shelves and countertops.

Buy the Bearington Kringle Christmas Plush Stuffed Santa Claus on Amazon Here. 


Windy Hill Collection 16″ Inch Standing Naughty or Nice Name List Santa Claus Christmas Figurine

Santa Claus Christmas Figurine

This 16-inch figurine by Windy Hill is one of a whole collection of Santa Claus figurines that depict the Christmas character in loving detail, with extra accents like gold trim on the robe, spectacles, and hat. This depiction of Santa wears a huge smile and carries wrapped gifts, the bough of a Christmas tree, and a sprawling “Naughty or Nice” list on a paper scroll.

Buy the Windy Hill Collection 16″ Inch Standing Naughty or Nice Name List Santa Claus Christmas Figurine on Amazon Here. 


Department 56 Possible Dreams Santa’s One Horse Open Sleigh

Santa's One Horse

While Santa is known for piloting a sleigh of flying reindeer, in this lovely figurine by Department 56 a romantic Santa seems to be on a date night with Mrs. Claus in a different Christmas carol—”Jingle Bells,” with its one-horse open sleigh.

Buy the Department 56 Possible Dreams Santa’s One Horse Open Sleigh on Amazon Here. 



4- The Three Wise Men

The Bible refers to an unknown number of “Magi,” foreign kings who visited Bethlehem to worship the newborn savior at risk of King Herod’s wrath. Tradition (and Nativity scenes) assign these Christmas characters as “three wise men,” while the gifts they presented to the child (gold, frankincense, and myrrh) suggest they followed a western star all the way from India and the Arabian peninsula, where those rich substances can be found.



Willow Tree “Three Wise Men” Sculpted Hand-Painted Nativity Figures

Three Wise Men

Perfect for minimalist decor, this beautiful representation of the Three Wise Men by Willow Tree depicts the Christmas characters in different poses hand-carved from wood and painted in soothing neutral tones.

Buy the Willow Tree “Three Wise Men” Sculpted Hand-Painted Nativity Figures on Amazon Here. 



Precious Moments “We Three Kings” Wise Men Figurine

We Three Kings

These figurines by Precious Moments depict the Three Wise Men as small children with big, adorable, worshipful eyes. A perfect decoration for homes with children to depict the lesson that the values of Christmas apply to people of all ages.

Buy the Precious Moments “We Three Kings” Wise Men Figurine on Amazon Here. 



Nativity Three Kings Wise Men Figurines

Nativity Three Kings

Molded from polymer resin, this lushly-painted set of three figurines depicts the three wise men mounted on animals—a horse, an elephant, and a camel. Each hand-painted figurine is five inches tall and depicts a Wise Man bearing one of the traditional gifts for the Christ child.

Buy the Nativity Three Kings Wise Men Figurines on Amazon Here. 




5- Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Introduced in a 1939 coloring book by Robert L. May, Rudolph exploded in popularity thanks to a 1949 hit song by Johnny Marks and became a beloved Christmas movie character thanks to the 1964 stop-motion animated special. Many important lessons in tolerance and self-confidence can be gleaned from the story of the runty reindeer in Santa’s stable, teased for being different, only to step up and save the day.


KIDS PREFERRED Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Stuffed Animal Plush Toy with Music & Lights

Animal Plush Toy

This plush toy, featuring Rudolph seated in a jaunty pose, sits easily on a table, shelf, or mantle. The inside of the ears are quilted with red fabric in white polka-dots, and Rudolph wears an adorable green-and-white scarf. When squeezed, it lights up and plays Rudoph’s signature song.

Buy the KIDS PREFERRED Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Stuffed Animal Plush Toy with Music & Lights on Amazon Here. 



Rudolph & Friends 32″ Pre-Lit LED Lighted Hermey The Elf Dentist Riding Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Decoration Yard Art

Rudolph & Friends

Rudoph is a popular character to depict in lawn art. This figure depicts not only the popular Christmas cartoon character but one of his companions from the stop-motion special, Hermey the Elf. Both Christmas characters are illuminated by 70 LED Christmas lights.

Buy the Rudolph & Friends 32″ Pre-Lit LED Lighted Hermey The Elf Dentist Riding Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Decoration Yard Art on Amazon Here. 



Rashti & Rashti Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Collectible 9″ Plush

The Red Nosed Reindeer

This minimalist plush toy depicts the Christmas movie character in standing position, stable enough to be posed standing on a mantle or countertop. The seven-inch plush toy also makes a great stuffed animal for small children to snuggle with.

Buy the Rashti & Rashti Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Collectible 9″ Plush on Amazon Here. 



6- Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy was conceived in “Carol of the Drum,” a 1941 song written by Katherine Kenicott Davis. Unlike the Magi, the little drummer boy does not have rich gifts to present to the Christ child, but Baby Jesus’ delight over his drum serenade imparts the message that even small gifts and small people can make a big impact. A stop-motion animated Rankin/Bass TV special produced in 1968 made the Little Drummer Boy a popular Christmas movie character.



Lori Mitchell Me and My Drum Figurine

My Drum Figurine

Whimsical and stylized, artist Lori Mitchell depicts the Christmas character in an adorable 9-inch figurine, wearing an oversized marching-band hat that his skinny legs would seem barely able to hold up. Painted in rich holiday colors, this figurine is not exactly chronologically accurate, but cute nonetheless.

Buy the Lori Mitchell Me and My Drum Figurine on Amazon Here. 


Roman Cherished Teddies, Little Drummer Boy Figure

Little Drummer Boy Figure

Roman adds to their collection of teddy bear figurines with this depiction of the Little Drummer Boy in the outfit you would expect from the Christmas song—the clothing of a poor boy in Bethlehem. Crafted from resin, it is poignant and adorable.

Buy the Roman Cherished Teddies, Little Drummer Boy Figure on Amazon Here. 



Clever Creations Drummer Nutcracker

Drummer Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas character in its own right. This version of the traditional toy is beardless, with the face of a smiling boy carrying a drum, while retaining the martial trappings of the classic Nutcracker.

Buy the Clever Creations Drummer Nutcracker on Amazon Here. 



7- Ebenezer Scrooge

Few Christmas characters have the staying power of Mr. Scrooge, the dour and stingy millionaire at the center of Charles Dickens’ 1843 novel A Christmas Carol. Allergic to generosity, Mr. Scrooge hates Christmas with a passion until three ghosts visit him on Christmas Eve and open his eyes to the wounds of his past, his impact on the present, and the dire future awaiting a life devoid of love and kindness.



GALLERIE II Ebenezer Scrooge Joe Spencer Christmas Gathered Traditions Hand Painted Art Doll Collectable Figurine

Ebenezer Scrooge Joe Spencer

This sumptuous hand-crafted cotton figurine makes the perfect seated mantle decoration, depicting Mr. Scrooge in red-and-white striped pajamas and a sleeping cap, ready if perhaps not willing for his Christmas-eve comeuppance.

Buy the GALLERIE II Ebenezer Scrooge Joe Spencer Christmas Gathered Traditions Hand Painted Art Doll Collectable Figurine on Amazon Here. 



Lemax Caddington Village Scrooge Figurine

Village Scrooge Figurine

Affordable and elegant, the Lemax Caddington Village Scrooge figurine depicts a miserly Scrooge as we find him at the beginning of the Dickens story—dressed for work, clutching the keys to his money safe, unaware of the change of heart coming to him in only a few hours.

Buy the Lemax Caddington Village Scrooge Figurine on Amazon Here. 



Byers’ Choice Scrooge Caroler Figurine

Scrooge Caroler Figurine

The Buyer’s Choice Scrooge Caroler figurine depicts Scrooge as we would like to imagine him after his midnight revelation of the meaning of life—happily singing Christmas carols in his nightgown and cap, having leapt out of bed unable to contain his newfound Christmas spirit.

Buy the Byers’ Choice Scrooge Caroler Figurine on Amazon Here. 



Tips On Collecting Christmas Characters

The best collections are thoughtful collections. There are no “rules” to building a collection, but the unofficial rules of collection-building apply to collecting Christmas decorations. Here are some guidelines to go by when considering how to build your collection:


Pick a Theme

Sure, the theme is “Christmas Characters,” but narrow it down a bit. Will you pick one Christmas character (the Grinch, for example) and collect baubles and memorabilia featuring that character? Will you collect pieces featuring different characters but in a similar aesthetic? (Hand-carved, glass, metal, etc.) Will you collect figurines of Christmas cartoon characters from the classic 1960s Christmas specials? Whichever motif appeals to you will provide a lot of direction in how to build your collection.


Consider Curated Collections

Want a way to quick-start your collection? Many curated collections are perfect to start decorating your surfaces with a variety of Christmas characters that nevertheless follow a theme. Good options include Willow Tree wood-carved nativity figures, the Windy Hill collection of Santa figures, or the Buyer’s Choice collection of Dickensian carolers.


Go for Quality When You Can

It may be tempting to mimic Scrooge and pinch pennies as you start collecting. There’s nothing wrong with choosing cheap widgets to experiment with themes, but once you fall in love with a theme, try to buy the highest quality characters you can afford.


One of the best things about Christmas decorations is that they can become heirlooms, priceless keepsakes passed down from parent to child. Low-quality decorations may not make it to the next generation, breaking after a few uses. A high-quality Christmas character decoration, however, can evoke treasured Christmas memories down the ages.


Think About your Display Options

Consider where each piece of your collection will go. If you have the mantle covered, consider what might fit on a nearby side table or act as a centerpiece on the dining room table. Remember that a dining table centerpiece may have to stand up to wine spills.


Consider the space you have—if your coffee table is small, a gigantic Rudoph figurine may not be appropriate, nor will a plush toy pop on a shelf of glass baubles. Also, consider texture. A plush or cotton toy may be better suited to the bedroom than the kitchen.


Don’t Be Afraid to Impulse-Buy

Another great thing about Christmas decorations is that they are useless. That’s part of the fun. Sure, they may hold cookies or open wine bottles, but non-Christmas character gadgets can do the same work … and attract fewer weird looks than a Grinch cookie jar might attract.


The point is, building a collection of Christmas character decorations is not about saying “Do I really need this right now?” It’s about enjoying the rush of a frivolous purchase with no use other than to put a smile on yours and your families’ faces. Manage your emotions; don’t spend the mortgage money, but don’t be afraid to go a little crazy! That’s what collections are all about.


How to Store and Care for your Christmas Characters

Many of us still remember every detail of the Christmas decorations we grew up with because our families took great pains to preserve our best-loved Christmas decorations. If you care for and preserve your Christmas character decorations, they could fill that space in the lives of the children in your life and even become a generational keepsake.


By making a plan for the care, storage, and repair of your Christmas character decorations, you can prolong the joy they bring to your home across many holiday seasons.



The funny thing about Christmas decorations is that they live most of their lives in storage, tucked away in closets and garages 10 months out of the year and then jostled into place, sometimes roughly.


One of the biggest threats to your decorations, while they hibernate, is that they will collect dust, notoriously plentiful in storage sheds, basements, garages. Consider storing your Christmas character decorations in sealed containers to keep them from becoming grimey in the interim. The more you protect them in storage, the less cleaning and maintenance you have to perform when you pull them out.


Possible receptacles include cardboard boxes with form-fitting lids, canvas totes with zipper seals, or plastic totes with snapping seals. Plastic take-out trays or ziplock bags can protect small individual decorations in a pinch.


Wrap delicate items in acid-free tissue paper to avoid the wrappings staining or damaging the decoration.


Be extra cognizant of fragile decorations made from materials like glass, easily deformed plastic, or easy-to-break stone resin. These trinkets may look secure in their box, but once you stack dozens of boxes on top of the container you had better be certain that the distributed weight won’t crush your keepsakes. Consider sturdy plastic totes and individual containers for each fragile decoration.



Make sure you understand the best practices for cleaning the decoration in question.


Some plush or stuffed decorations may be machine-washable; others may require some sort of topical stain lifter.


Clean wooden decorations with a dry cloth. Other decorations should be dusted off with a dry cloth, paintbrush, or makeup brush. If a decoration has become grimey, consider cleaning it with vinegar and baking soda or alcohol so you do not strip away any paint or disfigure the decoration



Repairing a Christmas character decoration that has become damaged is a delicate proposition. In fact, minor scuffs and chips may add a little character to the decoration, unique imperfections that evoke the strongest memories. Don’t try to touch up a scratched or damaged paint job. It is nearly impossible to match paints, and you could end up making the disfiguration worse.


If pieces break off, consider repairing the decoration with school glue, which is easy to wipe away and dries clear. For more severe breaks or heavier components, consider hot glue or a strong adhesive like Magna-Tac.