The Best Buddha Boards Money Can Buy


Zen living — a life that values meditation and mindfulness — has gone digital thanks to Buddha Boards. They help you paint your way to a clearer state of mind and “live in the moment.” Here are 14 of the hottest picks for the best Buddha Board you can buy in 2020.


There are several ways to blanket yourself with some zen. You can read books, use apps, or do yoga, but a good quality Buddha Board will take it up a notch. So, what makes a good board?


Functionality should not be your only concern when picking a good Buddha Board. You need one that is stylish, durable, and suitable for your personality. For more tips on how to choose the best Buddha Board, check out our buying guide at the bottom.


When you are ready to buy, take a look at our top picks.


What We Cover In This Article

1. The Original BUDDHA BOARD


Price on Amazon: $34.95

Our pick for the best Buddha Board, this product is the true pioneer of the niche, which speaks volumes of its superior quality, original construction, and authentic design. Just paint on its extra spacious surface with water and see images or designs start appearing through the magic of time. As the water evaporates, paint strokes will gradually disappear, allowing you to “let go” and immerse yourself in the art of zen living.


The Original Buddha Board is crafted from the finest materials, including a well-designed, durable, waterproof stand. It props up the drawing surface, holds the paintbrush, and has a spacious reservoir for water. You can rely on this board to not peel off, degrade or bubble even with heavy use.


Customers rave about its gorgeous construction, the bamboo paintbrush with uber-soft thick bristles, and roomy canvas measuring 12 x 9.5 x 0.25 inches. The board’s pleasantly clean design will remind you to live in the moment.

Buy the Original BUDDHA BOARD on Amazon here.



2. Buddha Board Enso: Water Drawing, Painting & Writing Board with Water Brush

Buddha Board Enso

Price on Amazon: $24.95

Slightly smaller than its original counterpart, the Buddha Board Enso is a compact masterpiece that is ideal for practitioners aged 5 years and up. Your mind will become clear and you’ll feel refreshed after a few relaxing minutes spent drawing, writing or painting with water. Newbies to the world of zen living will benefit from its sturdy, easy-to-use and refillable paintbrush that is feels incredibly comfortable in the hand.


This board comes with a set of fun, interesting extras, including a sturdy, easel-style stand that doubles as a handy case for easy portability and storage. You will be pleased to know that it’s made from topnotch, eco-friendly materials of superior quality. The drawing surface is resistant to peeling, bubbling, and more.


The bright background gives your drawings, paintings, and writings a touch of “pop.” We love the product’s elegant, gift-worthy presentation. From left-brained folks with attention to detail to right-brained creatives, everyone will be impressed by the simplicity and elegance of the Buddha Board Enso.

Buy the Buddha Board Enso on Amazon here.



3. Buddha Board Mini Buddha Board – White (Special Mindfulness Edition)

Buddha Board Mini

Price on Amazon: $15.95

If you want an ultra-small version of the Original Buddha Board, this Mini Buddha Board is designed especially for you. As with most boards, it uses water instead of colored ink so you can reap the benefits of the “clean slate” effect as the water evaporates making your work go ‘puff’ into oblivion.


The strong base acts as both the stand and the case, which makes it one of the most portable devices you will ever buy. This snazzy board in an aesthetically pleasing white is great for having fun, practicing mindfulness, and just relaxing. Sketch cartoons, scribble or doodle – the fun doesn’t end with Buddha Board mini as long as you’re willing to engage your creative genius. If you’re an eco-conscious zen warrior you’ll appreciate that it’s environmentally friendly and 100% reusable.

Buy the Buddha Board Mini Buddha Board – White (Special Mindfulness Edition) on Amazon here.



4. Nirvikalpa Samadhi Board: Water Drawing Set

Nirvikalpa Samadhi Board

Price on Amazon: $29.99

Water drawing is a great way to enjoy the magic of meditation and mindfulness, especially during stressful times. The Samadhi Board from Nirvikalpa is a water drawing set built from the ground up for meditative relaxation. It provides young and adult practitioners with an effortless avenue to master the ancient zen directive of “living in the moment.”


We love the simple, sleek setup that includes a well-built canvas spanning 12″ high x 9″ wide x 1/4″ thick, a sturdy stand with a roomy reservoir for water, and a groove for its beautiful bamboo paintbrush with soft bristles. This is clearly an amazing gift for any zen follower in your life.

Buy the Nirvikalpa Samadhi Board: Water Drawing Set on Amazon here.



5. Mini Buddha Board, 5-inch x 5-inch, Pink

Mini Buddha Board

Price on Amazon: $14.95

Pink is an exquisitely delicate color that is often associated with tenderness, feminine, charm, romance, and cuteness; this Buddha Board mini brings out the best of these qualities. This playful gem will fill your life with calming memories. Thanks to its slim and sleek construction, it is perfect for any minimalist who can’t get enough of the pink essence.


Despite its small size, the board includes an inside section where you can jot down your mantras and personal messages. The strong stand is designed to serve as the storage case and features a groove for the small brush which comes with the board. This beauty is not only highly portable but also lightweight and super durable, offering the best bang for the buck!

Buy the Mini Buddha Board, 5-inch x 5-inch, Pink on Amazon here.



6. Zenbience Artist Board Water Painting Set

Zenbience Artist Board

Price on Amazon: $37.00

Inspired by the Zen principle that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff, this artist-oriented Buddha Board from Zenbience is a fantastic buy if you intend to channel your creativity to get rid of anxiety. The drawing surface measures 12” in length x 9.5” in width, which is quite large compared to other models available.


The set comes with everything you need for optimal meditative relaxation. In addition to the board, you’ll receive a solid stand that holds the drawing surface and a bamboo paintbrush, as well as an extra refillable brush with the capacity to accommodate water inside. All of these components arrive in an elegant felt carrying bag for convenient and hassle-free storage and transport. Customers love the lightweight element of this product so that one can meditate and de-stress anytime, anywhere.

Buy the Zenbience Artist Board Water Painting Set on Amazon here.



7. AOVOA Repeatable Water Drawing Board

Water Drawing Board

Price on Amazon: $29.99

Sometimes you need a large drawing surface to filter outside noise and truly live in the moment. The AOVOA Repeatable Water Drawing Board is so simple, fun and creative that no training or skill is required. It is certainly an awesome gift for anyone who loves to paint, calligraphy fans, and anyone who just wants to relieve stress. It can also be an excellent inspiration to instill a sense of creativity in your kids.


Unlike most water drawing boards, AOVOA’s board includes three brushes in different sizes, including 2 refillable water paintbrushes and one bamboo paintbrush. All these soft-bristled brushes are designed to create a variety of effects and lines. The results are quite a sight, and you will quickly see how fading lines bring calmness into your life.

Buy the AOVOA Repeatable Water Drawing Board on Amazon here.



8. Creative Mark Dream Board for Water Painting Meditation & Stress Relief

Creative Mark Dream Board

Price on Amazon: $19.97 – $31.99

Creative Mark took a rather luscious and vintage approach to its Buddha Board. This dream board is the ultimate stress reducer, allowing you to access your inner-self and express your creativity in an incredibly relaxing way. It’s made from ABS polymer plastic, which not only looks great but also resists bubbling, peeling, and other usage ills.


The drawing board is oversized with a rich and vibrant surface, adding a canvas-like appeal and vibe to your work. It comes with a stand shaped into a water basin. There is also a beautiful paintbrush with a fine point and large water-holding capacity – ideal for refining your watercolor brush strokes. You can choose from the best Buddha Board mini, regular size or bundle set — it’s your call!

Buy the Creative Mark Dream Board for Water Painting Meditation & Stress Relief on Amazon here.



9. Zen Life Artist Board Mini

Artist Board Mini

Price on Amazon: $15.95

With life busier and more stressful than ever, now is not the time to slack on meditation and mindfulness. This stylish Buddha Board mini from Zen Life is available in a travel-size case so you can take it wherever you go. It is an eco-friendly workhorse that generates no mess, uses no paint, and leaves no fumes, and it is 100% reusable.


So if you’re keen on reducing your carbon footprint without compromising on your zen life, this little guy should be your go-to water painting board. It includes a reusable water paintbrush so you can truly focus your energy, calm your anxiety, and master the Buddha teachings of inner happiness and peace. When you are done, this hinged board folds into a compact size for easy transport and storage.

Buy the Zen Life Artist Board Mini on Amazon here.



10. Zen Life Artist Board Bamboo

Artist Board Bamboo

Price on Amazon: $34.95

If a larger painting board is more your speed, Zen Life has got you covered with this handmade bamboo board designed for stress relief and meditation art. The artist Buddha Board gives you plenty of space to unleash your artistic creativity and inner self.


We were blown away by the beautifully wrapped and presented package. Inside you’ll find a bamboo brush, detachable board, instructions, bamboo water tray, and carrying case. Just pour some water into the tray and start sketching, doodling, lettering, and painting the zen way!

Buy the Zen Life Artist Board Bamboo on Amazon here.



11. HOMELEX Water Artist Board

Water Artist Board

Price on Amazon: $29.99

Sometimes peace and serenity can be found in little, simple things, such as this HOMELEX Water Artist Board. Just light a few scented candles and start painting with water, then watch how your work disappears in a fun and calming way.


Each component, from the stand to the bamboo brush, is crafted from the finest hand-picked material to create a superior product that looks dashing. Besides encouraging you to practice the zen art of meditative relaxation, it’s also a decorative jewel that will fit right in with the décor of any office or home.

Buy the HOMELEX Water Artist Board on Amazon here.



12. Artefactio Artist Board with Chinese Calligraphic Set

Artefactio Artist Board

Price on Amazon: $26.99

If you are seeking true zen, this Artefactio Artist Board will knock your boots off. The collection includes a high-quality 11.8” x 9.4” artist board and a stand backing equipped with a water reservoir and a groove for the paintbrush. But what makes this board really cool is the inclusion of the Chinese calligraphic set.


The calligraphy set complements nicely the entire setup with 2 extra bamboo paint brushes, 1 water dish, a porcelain brush rest, and 1 Chinese ink stone, all packaged in a gift-worthy decorative box. The board is well-built, made of durable material, and expertly protected against scratches and bubbles.

Buy the Artefactio Artist Board with Chinese Calligraphic Set on Amazon here.



13. Trevida Premium Meditation Board

Meditation Board

Price on Amazon: $59.20

We have to admit that this is a pricey Buddha Board, but can you really put a price on luxurious relaxation? The Trevida Premium Meditation Board is exactly what the name suggests – a topnotch board designed to help you let your worries drift away with fuss-free water painting, writing, and drawing.


The compact board rests on a grooved stand so you can doodle, sketch or paint with the thick, soft-bristle wooden brush. The stand has a roomy space for holding water, which is perfect for all levels of meditation practitioners. The slightly chunky brush is easy to grip and does wonderful paintwork.

Buy the Trevida Premium Meditation Board on Amazon here.



14. Mini Buddha Board, 5-inch x 5-inch, Green

Mini Buddha Board

Price on Amazon: $14.95

If the white, black, and pink versions of the Original Buddha Board mini aren’t your style, this Mini Buddha Board in green might do the trick. It’s an easel-style mini board with a slimmer frame and compact design, a perfect combination for teaching your little ones the art of zen living.


Most users say they appreciate the way the stand doubles as a carrying case. It has space for the small refillable brush to make great paint strokes. The entire construction is environmentally-friendly and durable, so you can expect many years of use with proper care. The inside section has a nice spot where you can write your messages.

Buy the Mini Buddha Board, 5-inch x 5-inch, Green on Amazon here.


How to Pick the Right Buddha Board

If you ever owned or played with magic drawing boards as a child, then Buddha Boards will feel instantly familiar. They are an easy upgrade to your desk’s sand gardens and zen river rocks, with a technological take on Japanese-style watercolor painting.


From an aesthetic sense, they are gorgeous and, if used creatively, will add a touch of style and oomph to any space, be it your bedroom, office, living room or meditation station. They are quite fun as well, allowing you to engage your creative side while practicing mindfulness.


However, not all Buddha Boards are created the same. Fortunately, we have rounded up a few tips to help you find the best Buddha Board to enhance your zen experience.


Check construction quality

From the drawing surface to the stand, every component of the Buddha Board should be well-constructed from high-quality materials. Not sure what type of material is great for your board?


A big chunk of quality boards consists of glass and treated plastic, both of which offer some aesthetic appeal and tend to last considerably longer. Whether a Buddha Board is mini or full-sized, make sure it’s crafted from the finest materials so it won’t peel, bubble or attract dirt marks.


The stand itself should be waterproof with a clean finish, so that the board is easy to wipe and maintain. It should be built with durability in mind.


Bamboo and plastic are two popular materials from which Buddha Board paint brushes are typically made. It pays to ensure that your paintbrush has super-soft and thick bristles that are well glued to the handle.


Consider portability

If you intend to carry your Buddha Board around, it should be lightweight and compact. If it takes up too much space or is too heavy to carry from place to place, it can easily get damaged and fall apart.


We found that most boards weigh between 1.5 lbs and 3 lbs, so yours should sit somewhere in between. Remember the lighter your board the more portable and convenient it is to take to your office and other places where you might need to unwind and get your zen fix.


Get the sizing right

The most crucial feature of a Buddha Board is its size, which determines the real estate of the drawing “canvas.” The larger the board the more screen space you will have on  which to draw or paint.


Buddha Boards come in a range of sizes, but the standard size is 12 x 9 inches. Large Buddha Boards are a great choice for home use, while smaller versions are lighter and more ideal for kids to keep the load off their little hands.


However, don’t just go for the largest board your money can buy because every extra inch will add more bulk to the overall construction, making it less portable.


Think of it this way: if you can comfortably draw or paint on an A1 paper or canvas, stick to a board of about 23.4 x 33.1 inches. Fans of A2s and A3s should follow suit.


More importantly, keep in mind that you will have to tuck away your board somewhere when not in use, so there is no need to go oversize.


Consider the height

Size aside, you should pay particular attention to the height of the board. This is crucial for your drawing style and personal preference.


If you love to draw or paint while standing up, you will likely get more comfortable use from a Buddha Board that allows you to work without hurting your posture, especially your back. Many boards are designed to be placed on top of a table or an easel, in which case the height doesn’t play a big role.


Does it rotate?

Having a flexible board that can rotate or turn across many angles can be quite useful because it allows for a better drawing and zen experience. More crucial, a board that can rotate makes it effortless to examine and paint your work from a variety of angles.


Buddha Board style

You can find Buddha Boards in just about any color of the rainbow, and a broad range of color schemes. Which color to choose is more or less a matter of personal preference. Even so, you should go for a board that will encourage you to draw, explore your zen, and practice mindfulness every day.


It all comes down to your budget

Before you start doing your research, you need to assess how much board you can afford.

A Buddha Board is a fairly significant investment, but it is also one that will boost your zen experience and quality of life. That’s why you need to factor in the mental and spiritual value you will get from the board when setting your budget and making your purchase decision.


Talking of purchase, Buddha Boards vary a great deal in price based on their design, material, and size. However, you can expect to cough up around $25-$40 for a decent board.


For a Buddha Board mini that doesn’t offer much in the way of “canvas” size, you’ll typically pay between $7 and $15.


A midrange board with so-so features and moderate size, will usually cost roughly $20 to $30; high-end models will set you back between $45 and $100.