The Best Back Scratchers to Scratch that Itch


Back scratchers are the perfect tool to reach that pesky itch right in the middle of your back. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best back scratchers available on Amazon today. Keep reading to the bottom of the article for guidelines on how to pick the best product for you.


Back scratchers are a luxury item that you can get used to fast. Once you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Whether you’re in your car, at work, or sitting in the living room at home, these handy little devices are great to have around.


If you haven’t already discovered the magic of a back scratcher, it’s time to right that wrong. Back scratchers are pretty cheap, and you can even buy them in multi-packs. Oh, and a final note before we list the products–pets too absolutely love back scratchers! Try one on your cat or dog; they’ll be begging for more! To treat your pets as well as yourselves, consider a multi-pack.


To help you get started, here are six of the highest customer-rated back scratchers on Amazon today:



  1. StaiBC Back Scratcher Bear Claw Telescopic

Back Scratcher

Price: $10.99 for six



  • These stainless-steel back scratchers are designed with a telescoping handle that can measure between 8.66” and 22.83”. Fold them up and carry them with you wherever you go or store them conveniently around your home. Extend them when you’re ready to use them by choosing one of four length options.
  • The head of this backscratcher is claw-shaped. Because it is made with stainless steel, it is rust-resistant and will not bend or break with use. You also will have a great grip with the built-in soft rubber handle.
  • This order comes with a set of six back scratchers. They even have colorful designs for an added bit of fun and personality. Because there are so many, you can leave them in convenient places like work, your backpack, your car, or around your home. And no doubt you’ll lose them anyway!



These are the best back scratchers available on Amazon today according to customer reviews. Not only are they telescopic, but buyers love their vibrant colors. Each back scratcher has a different colored handle so each member of your family can have their own or you can have a different scratcher for different places: work, home, the car, etc. The back scratcher extends from 8.66” to 22.83”. People of all ages and heights can use these products because of the adjustable length.


Since these scratchers fold up, they are also very easy to travel with; bring them with you in your bag or purse. They’ll even be fine nestling in your beach bag, since the stainless steel protects against rust encountered in damp areas or climates–so when heading to the Caribbean for your vacation, be sure to pack that scratcher!


They are also sturdy enough that they will not bend with use or in transit, while the rubber handle will give you a great and comfortable grip. Of course, what matters is the quality of the scratch; this claw scratcher really gets to the nitty-gritty of your itch. We feel everything about this design is carefully chosen to create the best possible back-scratcher experience.


This pack of back scratchers has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Buyers agree that they’re great for traveling and they’re sturdy. One reviewer says that she’s very happy with how easily the scratcher can be collapsed, but it never collapses during use; that is clever design. Another reviewer notes that they offer just the right amount of “scratchiness.” Many bought this pack as gifts or used them as stocking stuffers and were very happy with the product.

Buy these StaiBC Back Scratcher Bear Claw Telescopic on Amazon here.



  2. ITCHSTIX Back Scratcher

Back Scratcher

Price: $9.95 for one



  • This bamboo back scratcher measures 17.5” long and 2.5” wide
  • It has a curved shape that makes it easy to apply pressure during use. It also has a built-in polyurethane scratcher pad for a different scratching option–maybe great for during body massages too, to give that contrast.
  • These back scratchers are handmade, designed, and assembled in the USA.



This bamboo back scratcher is a high-quality American product. The bamboo is polished for a finished, smooth appearance that won’t give you any splinters, and it looks beautiful. The entire stick is curved to help you more easily reach all areas of your back, and this is also a shape that encourages more pressure without any added strain. Though it is a bit more expensive than some other products, the ITCHSTIX scratcher has a very appealing design and is one of the best back scratchers on Amazon.


From top to bottom, the stick measures 17.5” long and 2 ½” wide. It’s easy to grip and long enough to reach any area on your back. Use the curved bamboo side to get small itches or flip it around and use the scratcher pad to cover more area. The scratcher pad is a few inches long and covered in small points, but as it’s made from polyurethane, it’s just stiff enough to scratch your itches, but not so stiff that it could be painful.


Reviewers give this bamboo back scratcher an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. According to reviews, it seems slightly smaller and thinner than advertised. However, the reviewers who pointed this out were still very satisfied with the quality of the product. Reviewers agree that the shape of it allows for more ergonomic back-scratching and a greater range of motion. Many reviews also say that the buyer has been using the product for months and they’re still happy with their purchases.

Buy this ITCHSTIX Back Scratcher on Amazon here.



  3. UNOOE Back Scratcher

Back Scratcher

Price: $9.99 for four



  • This back scratcher has a telescoping handle. When folded, it measures 8.46” long. When fully extended, it measures 27”. There are also different length settings in between.
  • It is made with high-quality metal that is rust- and break-resistant. At the base of the back scratcher is a rubber handle to offer a good grip during use and prevent slippage. The head of the scratcher has seven teeth to scratch a larger area, and the teeth are polished so they’ll scratch your itch but not hurt your skin.
  • This product is backed by a two-year warranty, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. This means you can get a total refund if you’re not happy with the purchase, no questions asked.



This four-pack of back scratchers is similar to the product listed at #1. It also has a telescopic handle. At its longest, the scratcher measures 27”, and when it’s folded up, it is only 8.46”, ideal for travel or work. The head of the scratcher is designed to look sort of like a rake. Each of the prongs is polished so it will not be too severe.


The four scratchers in this pack are each a different color, with the handle and the head matching. This pack includes a blue, red, yellow, and black scratcher. The handle of the scratcher has a rubber grip so it won’t slip from your hand during use, while the extendable arm is made from rust-proof, break-proof metal that will last for a long time. With this purchase, you also get a two-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product, get a full refund.


Buyers give this four-pack of back scratchers an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. They say that the scratchers are easy to travel with and make great gifts. One reviewer notes that this scratcher is able to reach their entire back–and they’re 6’5” tall!


Because the handle is retractable, these back scratchers are perfect for anyone, no matter their height or situation, and another reviewer was pleasantly surprised when he found that the head of the scratcher didn’t collapse or rotate during use as he feared it would.

Buy this UNOOE Back Scratcher on Amazon here.



  4. Telescoping Back Scratcher by ZWeihua

Back Scratcher

Price: $6.99 for two



  • This back scratcher is made with high-quality stainless steel despite a really affordable price. The extendable handle is made with a thickened stainless steel tube, designed so that it is hard to break and the segments of the tube will not come apart. The stainless steel prongs at the head of the scratcher are rounded so that they will offer a quality scratch experience without hurting your skin.
  • The extendable handle is split into four sections. Completely extended, it measures 23”, but completely folded up, only 8.5”. It is super easy to store and travel with.
  • This product is designed with the customer in mind. It’s great for users of any age and a great choice to use for scratching or as a body massage tool.



These back scratchers have the bear-claw-style head. The scratcher is made with stainless steel and has rounded prongs so that it will not scratch too hard. The handle of the back scratcher is extendable and is also made from stainless steel. It’s this stainless-steel design that makes the scratcher very versatile as it will not rust or bend with use, and you could even use it in the bathroom or shower.


This two-pack can also be bought with rake-shaped heads if you prefer–or why not have one of each, at this price?


As mentioned above, these back scratchers have the ever-popular telescopic handle to adjust the length between a mini 8.5” at the shortest and 23” at the longest. However, there are also two other settings in between, so it’s perfect for users of any height. It’s also very easy to pack up and bring with you on the go, maybe in your backpack, your purse, your car, or even your pocket when you leave home.


Buyers give this product an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. They agree that it is durable and good value for the price. One reviewer says that they already have a bamboo back scratcher that they love to use at home, but they bought this product to bring with them on the go. Other reviewers say that these types of back scratchers are better because they’re so convenient to store and they still work great. Overall, buyers are very happy with the quality of this product.

Buy this Telescoping Back Scratcher by ZWeihua on Amazon here.



  5. RENOOK Back Scratcher 6-Pack

Back Scratcher

Price: $9.17 for six



  • This back scratcher is made from bamboo cut from mature trees. Bamboo grows quickly and is easy to harvest, making it a great sustainable material, as well as being natural and smelling divine! Bamboo creates strong and sturdy back scratchers with a unique texture and appearance from the wood fibers.
  • These back scratchers are also handcrafted, so each one will be slightly different due to the combination of the handcrafting and the natural wood texture. The bamboo will also be different shades and colors naturally.
  • The back scratcher also has a sling tied on its end so you can hang it while not in use.
  • All edges are sanded down to the perfect level of scratchiness and are splinter-free, making this scratcher a lovely gift for kids or teens. Give one to each of the kids, for example, and they can tell the scratchers apart by their unique colors and fiber patterns. And as the ‘claws’ are dulled and turned slightly inward, the kids can’t even hurt each other with them when they play sword-fighting!
  • This bamboo back scratcher measures 17” long to reach every area on your back.



These traditional-design bamboo back scratchers come in a diverse pack of six. The bamboo is strong and durable so that it will last for years to come, and the scratchers are so nicely hand-crafted and finished that it shows off the natural texture of the bamboo, making each one a pretty and beautiful, unique gift. They are also decorative, should you choose to make a very unusual display of them.


From end to end, each scratcher measures 17 inches, perfect for reaching those itches in the middle of most people’s backs. It’s not an extending handle this time, but the traditional back scratcher really serves a different market and usage pattern than the more modern extending types. This one will appeal to traditionalists who just love to see things done the ‘old-fashioned’ way, and handmade.


With this purchase, you’re offered a 100% refund guarantee. If you’re not happy with the back scratchers for any reason, get your money back or get a replacement pack.


Buyers give this pack of bamboo back scratchers an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. They say that they are sturdy and worth the money they cost; bear in mind that here, you have six items for only just over $9! Some reviewers received these back scratchers as a gift and were very happy with them too.

Buy this RENOOK Back Scratcher 6-Pack on Amazon here.



  6. Bear Claw Back Scratcher Extendable by Awpeye

Bear Claw Back Scratcher

Price: $9.39 for eight



  • This is an eight-pack of stainless-steel back scratchers. They have a telescoping handle and a scratcher head shaped like a bear claw.
  • The extendable arm makes it easy to travel with.
  • The extendable arm and scratcher head are made from stainless steel and there is also a rubber handle built into the bottom.



Wrapping up our list of best back scratchers is this eight-pack from Awpeye. There are four different handle colors in this pack: black, green, blue, and pink. The handles are made with rubber for easy gripping during use, and the scratchers have the very popular bear-claw-style scratcher head.


The head element has been carefully made with stainless steel, smoothed down to deliver that perfect level of scratchiness that won’t damage your skin.


These back scratchers telescope to four different lengths ranging from 23” to 8.5”, perfect for users of all ages and heights. The telescopic handle is also made from durable stainless steel that will not rust or bend.


As a humongous eight-pack, this is easily the most cost-effective option on our list, so it’s perfect for those who want to keep the budget low.


Buyers give this pack an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. They say that they are comfortable and easy to use. One reviewer likes them so much that they keep them in multiple rooms of the house for easy use and also considers giving them as gifts. Another reviewer said that they liked them so much that they ordered three more packs immediately! Who’d have known there were so many itchy people around?

Buy this Bear Claw Back Scratcher Extendable by Awpeye on Amazon here.



Tips on Picking the Right Back Scratcher for You

Back scratchers are a low-cost luxury that everyone can enjoy. As you’ve already seen, there are many different options, some cheaply made and some to last you for years. If you have never bought a back scratcher before or you’re shopping for a replacement, use these guidelines to help you pick the best product:


  1. Material

On ‘best back scratchers’ are pretty much all made with either stainless steel or bamboo. The nice thing about the stainless-steel products is that they often have a telescoping handle, so these are very convenient to store or carry around with you.


Many people who buy bamboo back scratchers, on the other hand, leave reviews saying that these are the superior products. However, they’re a bit bulky and you can’t carry them around with you. Some reviewers say that they bought a bamboo back scratcher for home and stainless-steel back scratchers to use on the go.


Bamboo is, however, super light, so this may make them better for the suitcase–and safer for the kids.


Whether you go with a bamboo back scratcher or a stainless-steel one generally depends on how important portability is to you. No matter what, they’re both quality products.


  2. Telescoping Handle

As I mentioned in the point above, many stainless steel back scratchers have a telescopic handle. When folded, these back scratchers usually only measure 8” or 9”, but extended, they’re about 22” to 23”. These are very convenient for storing and traveling but as they’re usually metal, slightly heavier and perhaps just slightly less safe, depending on the age and fragility of the user.


These handles often have other height settings between the shortest and longest settings, so look out for this handy feature too. With the customizable length, these products are great for users of any height.


While reviewers say that they were concerned about the handle collapsing during use, many were happy to report that it was not an issue.


  3. Multi-Packs

Multi-packs of back scratchers are great because you can leave them in multiple rooms of your home, give each member of your family their own, bring one to work, leave one in your bag, assign one each to the cat and dog, etc. You will always have one on hand when you need it!


When you buy a multi-pack, you’re also getting a great deal. For some of the multi-packs on our list, each back scratcher costs just a dollar or two. It’s a great price for all of the enjoyment you’ll get out of the product.


  4. Guarantees and Warranties

When you shop online, finding products with satisfaction guarantees or warranties is always good. It’s hard to tell whether you like the item or if it’s of high quality when you can’t hold it and see it in person.


A satisfaction guarantee will give you peace of mind that you can get a replacement or a refund if you’re unhappy with the product. Warranties are also nice to have because you will be able to get a replacement if your back scratcher breaks or bends.


  5. Reviews

Reading customer reviews is a great way to discern the quality of any product. It may also reveal where the product description did not match up with reality. For instance, a reviewer of the bamboo back scratcher at #2 said that the item was shorter and thinner than advertised. However, the buyers were still happy with the product and gave it a good rating. Reviews help you gain insights like these so that you can make a truly educated purchase.


Buying yourself a back scratcher is a low-cost way to treat yourself. They also make for great gifts and stocking stuffers. If you’re thinking about buying a back scratcher off Amazon, use our list of great products to help you get started. Before making a purchase, be sure to review the guidelines for buying the best product for your needs.



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