27 Incredible Gift Ideas for a 3rd Wedding Anniversary


Wedding anniversaries are big occasions for any couples, and it’s easy to feel the pressure of finding the perfect gift.


This is especially true by your third anniversary, at which point you’d generally expect your significant other to know you well enough to know what you like.


With so many gifting occasions throughout the year, however, we know that getting it right is never that easy.


That’s why we’ve created a list with 3rd anniversary gift ideas for him and her below, giving you plenty of exciting options to amaze your other half on your big celebration day.


What We Cover In This Article

Gifts For Her On Your 3rd Anniversary


1— Kool 8 Water Bottle

Kool 8 Water Bottle

For wives with busy lives, these Kool 8 water bottles are the perfect accessory.


With three vibrant colors to choose from, and made from durable stainless steel materials, it won’t take long for this gift to become a must-have item whenever she leaves the house.


Made with double-wall insulation, this water bottle is also perfect for year-round use; keeping cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and warm drinks hot for up to 12.

Buy this Kool 8 Water Bottle here.



2— 3rd Anniversary Potted Leather Desk Rose

3rd Anniversary Potted Leather Desk Rose

If you’re looking for a more traditional 3rd-anniversary gift, this desk rose embraces the leather theme commonly associated with the occasion.


Handmade from individual strips of real leather, this single rose is 7” tall, making it the perfect addition to her work desk or bedside table.


As a constant reminder for what this gift replicates, it also comes with a cute tag that pays homage to the occasion the gift was presented for.

Buy this 3rd Anniversary Potted leather Desk Rose on Amazon here.



3— Our Bucket List Journal

Our Bucket List Journal

Adventures are far more fun when you have a companion, and what better way to plan out the adventures of your future as a couple than with a journal like this?


Instead of writing it out on an empty page, this dedicated journal comes with numbered pages, allowing you to record your goals in detail on each page.


From skydiving to swimming with dolphins or backpacking around Europe, this gift is perfect to help encourage her to make her dreams a reality and bring you along for the ride.

Buy this Our Bucket List Journal on Amazon here.



4— SG SUGU Lightweight Medium Dome Crossbody Bag

Medium Dome Crossbody Bag

If you and your wife are fans of more practical gifts, why not surprise her with a 3rd anniversary gift that she’ll really love?


This medium dome handbag continues to pay homage to the traditional leather theme, but it’s also something she’ll get use out of on a daily basis.


Internally, this handbag comes with several pockets that ensure she’ll never lose anything in her handbag again, making it a staple part of her everyday wear.

Buy this SG SUGU Lightweight Medium Dome Crossbody Bag on Amazon here.



5— Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Sentimental gifts are almost a given for many couples on anniversaries, so why not treat your wife to one of these Willow Tree sculptures?


This one, in particular, is hand-carved by artist Susan Lordi and expresses your love and care through the gesture displayed on the sculpted models.


It’s also on the smaller side at just 6” tall, making it perfect for pride of placement on a mantlepiece or as part of a larger collection on a bookshelf or bedside table.

Buy this Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure on Amazon here.



6— Romantic Rose Scented Candle

Romantic Rose Scented Candle

This romantic scented candle is the perfect way to tell your wife how much you appreciate her on your special day.


With the largest size option of 17 ounces, your wife will be able to remember your commitment while relaxing during the candle’s 60 hours of burn time.


This company also recently transitioned to using two wicks for even burning, ensuring your wife can make the most out of her special third-anniversary gift.

Buy this Romantic Rose Scented Candle on Amazon here.



7— ENID Handmade Preserved Rose Flower 

ENID Handmade Preserved Rose Flower

Using unique preservation methods, ENID has created a real, immortal rose that lives as a permanent reminder of the promise you made on your wedding day.


Making a perfect 3rd-anniversary gift, this item is designed with luxury in mind.


To continue this theme, the rose itself comes protected in a golden metal gift box, which can be reused as a trinket box in years to come, once its original purpose has been fulfilled.

Buy this ENID Handmade Preserved Rose Flower on Amazon here.



8— Body and Earth Spa Gift Set 

Body and Earth Spa Gift Set

For the wives who need regular reminders to look after themselves, this spa gift set is the perfect anniversary gift.


With items including shower gels, bubble bath, body lotion, and more, it’s impossible for your wife not to enjoy the full spa experience.


Each included item also comes formulated with special, natural ingredients, making it the perfect item for those with dry skin.

Buy this Body & Earth Spa Gift Set on Amazon here.



9— KATE POSH Engraved Rawhide Leather Picture Frame

KATE POSH Engraved Rawhide Leather Picture Frame

If you’re looking for a third anniversary gift for your wife that perfectly combines sentimental value and the traditional theme, this picture frame is the one to go for.


With the details regarding your special day etched into the leatherette around the outside, your wife is sure to feel appreciated when opening it.


Add to the gift’s meaning with a memorable photo of your time together, and it’s the perfect gift that anyone will appreciate.

Buy this KATE POSH Engraved Rawhide Leather Picture Frame on Amazon here.



10— Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Fur Women’s Slippers

Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Fur Women’s Slippers

For wives who are passionate about being comfortable or enjoying a good night in, these luxury slippers from Jessica Simpson make the perfect gift.


Created with memory foam for a thick, supportive cushion underfoot, and faux fur materials that ensure warmth, her feet will never get cold again.


They also come with an anti-slip sole to prevent slips or falls, protecting your partner on slick stone floors or smooth hardwood floors, making this a great purchase for your special partner.

Buy these Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Fur Women’s Slippers on Amazon here.




11— Romanda Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Romanda Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Aromatherapy has become a popular trend for treating everything from stomach upsets to anxiety in recent years.


Providing soothing and anxiety-reducing aromas, this oil diffuser bracelet is perfect for the busy woman on the go, enabling her to reap the rewards of essential oils all day long.


From work situations to social events, having her favorite oil in this bracelet is the perfect reminder of your dedication to keeping her as happy as possible, as she uses it effortlessly relieve stress and tension.

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12— Oversized Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt 

Oversized Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt 

Another unique 3rd anniversary gift is this oversized Sherpa Blanket that can be worn as a thick sweatshirt for ultimate warmth.


The blanket itself is designed large enough to fit most body shapes and sizes, and for most people, it is big enough for them to bring their feet up to keep their whole body as warm.


It also comes in many different colors and designs, giving you the ultimate freedom to choose the one that best fits your wife’s personality.

Buy this Oversized Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt on Amazon here.




13— WTF Is My Password Logbook 

WTF Is My Password Logbook 

Does your wife have so many different passwords that she struggles to remember them all? If so, this logbook makes the perfect joke anniversary gift!


As soon as she opens it, she will be presented with alphabetical pages so that she can store her passwords in a way that is easy to find whenever she needs them.


If she’s constantly asking you what her passwords are, or the ones for your joint accounts, this will smooth over the password sharing problem!

Buy this WTF Is My Password Logbook on Amazon here.




14— 4 Funny Wine Coasters + Holder Gift Set

4 Funny Wine Coasters + Holder Gift Set

If your wife is a true wine fiend, these humorous wine-based coasters make the perfect third anniversary gift.


With each one following a meme that has become popular among all generations, each coaster comes with a different slogan for her to enjoy and laugh at.


The coaster holder that it comes with is also extremely practical as it doubles up as a wine bottle holder when the coasters are in use.

Buy this 4 funny Wine Coasters + Holder Gift Set on Amazon here.



Gifts For Him On Your 3rd Anniversary 


15— 3 Year Anniversary Engraved Leatherette Stainless Steel Flask 

Engraved Leatherette Stainless Steel Flask 

Are you looking for a traditionally sentimental 3rd-anniversary gift your husband would actually use? If so, this stainless steel flask works perfectly for almost any man.


With writing etched into a light brown leather on the front of the flask as a constant reminder of your anniversary, he’s never going to forget the occasion this gift arose from.


It’s also 6 oz in size, providing plenty of room for him to fill it with alcohol or another beverage of his choice to have it on hand whenever he desires a drink.

Buy this 3 Year Anniversary Engraved Leatherette Stainless Steel Flask on Amazon here.



16— Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie Headphones Hat 

Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie Headphones Hat 

For someone who lives in a colder climate but still wants to enjoy their music without faffing around with headphones with numb fingers, this hat is revolutionary.


In addition to music, its stable Bluetooth connection and upgraded HD speakers make it perfect for taking calls in a loud environment.


Your husband won’t have to worry about cold ears, either, as this device also comes with the thickest material of any similar products on the market.

Buy this Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie Headphones Hat on Amazon here.



17— MyLivell LED Flashlight Gloves

MyLivell LED Flashlight Gloves

An anniversary gift perfect for midnight cyclers or anyone who has hobbies that involve being outside at night are these LED flashlight gloves.


Built into the gloves themselves, the lights enable your husband to light up any activity he’s doing and use both hands without having to hold a flashlight.


The gloves themselves are also water-resistant so they can be worn during wet weather, unlike the usual iPhone torch, making them a feature your husband will love instantly.

Buy these MyLivell LED Flashlight Gloves on Amazon here.


18— Leather Anniversary Memory Album

Leather Anniversary Memory Album

If your man is sentimental and likes to have memories of your relationship to look back on in years to come, this memory album is perfect.


Created from leather with a reminder of your third anniversary on the front, there are 24 pages for you to fill with memories of your relationship so far.


You could either do this for him or provide him the gift and make it a date night occasion to recap the most special of events you have shared over the course of your relationship.

Buy this Leather Anniversary Memory Album on Amazon here.



19— Nostalgia TCS2 Grilled Cheese Toaster 

Grilled Cheese Toaster 

Regardless of whether your husband is a proud or understated lover of grilled cheeses, we’re sure a gift like this on your anniversary will be a special treat for him.


With this device, you will have two grilled cheese sandwiches finished in just minutes, giving you more time to spend enjoying each other’s company and less time cooking.


There’s no need to worry about cleaning, as all you need to do is remove the toasting baskets and drip tray, rinse off and reinsert them for further use.

Buy this Nostalgia TCS2 Grilled Cheese Toaster on Amazon here.



20— Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Do you have a husband who likes to talk about the retro games of his childhood and is still attached to more modern devices to this day?


If so, help him revisit the best of his childhood games with this NES entertainment system, which is almost identical to the original though slightly smaller and sleeker in design.


While it might not be the most traditional 3rd anniversary gift, it’s a device that can be used by two people, making for the perfect fun date night with some game-playing on the side!

Buy this Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition on Amazon here.



21— 3 Years Of Marriage Engraved Leather Catchall Valet Tray

Engraved Leather Catchall Valet Tray

For husbands who like to come in after a long day at work and leave their things everywhere, here’s a 3rd anniversary valet tray.


Made from top-quality leatherette and engraved with sentimental expressions of your anniversary, it provides the perfect practical place for him to put the important stuff once he’s through the door.


Just place it near the door or on his bedside table and he’ll never again lose his cell phone, watch, keys, and more!

Buy this 3 Years Of Marriage Engraved Letter Catchall Valet Tray on Amazon here.



22— Hand Forged Celtic Pocket Knife 

Hand Forged Celtic Pocket Knife 

Another gift that perfectly combines practicality with traditional is this Celtic pocket knife, making the perfect gift for history or art lovers.


Completely hand-crafted, the sharp blade is effective for use with art projects or everyday activities like opening letters or boxes.


This knife also comes with a protective leather case, which was historically hung from a woman’s neck for protection but has since become a popular way to keep the knife close for everyday uses.

Buy this Hand Forged Celtic Pocket Knife on Amazon here.



23— Chillsner Beer Chiller Sticks

Chillsner Beer Chiller Sticks

What better third anniversary gift is there for a beer lover than specialized chiller sticks that will keep their bottled beer colder for longer?


Made from stainless steel, they’re durable enough to last the rest of your relationship and work well at controlling temperatures for at least 21 hours.


They’re also extremely easy to use, even last minute, simply needing to be chilled for 45 minutes before your husband opens his first beer.

Buy these Chillsner Beer Chiller Sticks on Amazon here.



24— The Book Of Unusual Knowledge

The Book Of Unusual Knowledge

For the husbands who seemingly know everything about anything, here are a total of over 700 pages full of factual information he’s probably not yet thought of


With some of it useful and some of it just fun, it makes the perfect 3rd anniversary gift for someone who likes to impress others with their breadth of knowledge and command of out-of-the-ordinary facts!


Even if your husband isn’t the biggest reader, this book breaks up the text with quirky illustrations, anecdotes, lists, and even games to keep him engaged.

Buy The Book Of Unusual Knowledge on Amazon here.



25— Global Spice and Salt Gift Set

Global Spice and Salt Gift Set

For adventurous couples who have visited many destinations around the world, or the women with foodie husbands, comes this mouth-wateringly delicious spice and salt gift set.


With twelve different bottles containing a variety of hot sauces and gourmet salts, there are many different flavors for your husband to experiment with over the coming months.


He may even fall so in love with one of the seasonings in this pack that you can buy him full-size versions for other occasions like birthdays, making this a gift that keeps on giving.

Buy this Global Spice & Salt Gift Set on Amazon here.



26— Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

This whiskey stone gift set provides your husband with everything he’ll need to kick back and relax after a long day of work.


In addition to the two coasters and glasses, this kit also includes eight whiskey stones that allow him to enjoy his whiskey cold without diluting the flavor with ice.


Made from high-quality materials and coming with a rustic, wooden gift box, this gift will last for many anniversaries to come without needing to be replaced.

Buy this Whiskey Stones Gift Set on Amazon here.



27— ‘To My Husband’ Engraved Pocket Watch

‘To My Husband’ Engraved Pocket Watch

The final gift idea on our list is this spectacular engraved pocket watch that serves as a permanent reminder of how much you love your husband.


As well as the loving message on the outside, there are also further customizable elements, with a section inside especially to place a photograph of you both.


With a working clock inside, this pocket watch perfectly mixes together an element of sentimental value and practicality, making it the perfect gift for any husband on your special day.

 Buy This ‘To My Husband’ Engraved Pocket Watch on Amazon here.




So there we have it, a complete list of 27 items to get the cogs turning in your brain for finding the perfect third-anniversary gift for your other half. From sentimental gifts that directly reference the big occasion to more subtle, practical items, this list provides something for everyone. Even if you and your husband aren’t the most romantic, one of our less specialized gifts is bound to have given you some ideas for your big day!