30 Gorgeous Gift Ideas For Your 30th Anniversary


Purchasing a gift for any occasion can be incredibly difficult, but there’s an added pressure with special occasions like a 30th wedding anniversary.


While some people might appreciate something sentimental, for example, others couldn’t think of anything worse than receiving anything overly-romantic.


Regardless of the personality of your other half, however, we’ve managed to come up with a list of things they’re sure to enjoy on your special day.


Split into gendered categories, this list covers everything from sentimental gifts for the loved-up couple to silly gifts for those who think there’s never an inappropriate time for a joke gift.


There is, quite literally, something for everyone on this list, so there’s no reason to hesitate before delving in to find the perfect 30th-anniversary gift for your significant other.



What We Cover In This Article

Gifts For Her On Your 30th Anniversary


Kool8 Bottle 


The Kool 8 water bottle is built to last using stainless steel materials and is double-insulated to ensure drinks stay hotter or cooler for longer. The manufacturers have also included a tea infuser with every bottle, making it the perfect gift if your wife is a tea lover.


For the health-conscious, this bottle is also BPA-free, and also comes in a variety of colors for all personality types, making it the perfect gift for those wanting to reduce their consumption of disposable plastic water bottles.

Buy the Kool 8 Bottle here 



Bamboo Cheese Board With Cutlery Drawer 

Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Whether your significant other is a keen entertainer or a sucker for date nights in front of the TV, this bamboo cheese board is sure to go down well.


The perfect size for a moderate feast, this set also comes with premium cutting knives that fit perfectly into a slide-out drawer, preventing you from forgetting anything when you sit down to enjoy your feast.


Paired with a nice glass of your favorite red wine, or another beverage of your choice, this gift is perfect for every kind of person. 

Buy Bamboo Cheese Board With Cutlery Drawer on Amazon here 



LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs 

Bath Bombs Gift Set

What better way is there to remind your wife to take some time for herself than to gift her these homemade, moisturizing bath bombs made in the USA? 


For less than $30, you will receive 12 bath bombs that are individually wrapped to ensure freshness for a long time, giving your wife ample time to engage in self-care when she needs to the most. 

Buy LifeAround2Angels Baths Bombs on Amazon here 



Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set

Burt's Bees Classics Gift Set

Burt’s Bees is one of the most popular cruelty-free brands among all generations, and this gift set containing some of their most loved products is sure to go down a treat.


This set includes cuticle cream, hand salve, lip balm, Res-Q Ointment, Hand Repair Cream, and Foot Cream, providing her with almost everything she needs for an evening self-care/relaxation routine. 

Buy Burt’s Bees Classic Gift Set on Amazon here



I Wrote A Book About You

ill-in-the-blank book

Women are a sucker for sentimental, thoughtful gifts, and this one is definitely up there with one of the best.


Full of prompts, this book allows you to fill in your own memories and surprise your significant other with what they remember on your special anniversary.

Buy I Wrote A Book About You on Amazon here 



Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

If you’re looking to carry on with the sentimental 30th anniversary gift theme but want something a little more interactive, this hand casting kit is the perfect solution.


Not only will you be left with a unique masterpiece that perfectly showcases your hands, but it will also leave you with priceless memories from the hours spent to create such a beautiful ornament. 

Buy Keepsake Hands Casting Kit on Amazon here



Romantic Gift Picture Frame


If filling a book about your relationship seems like too much of a difficult task, you can still be sentimental by investing in a romantic picture frame, like this one that reads ‘lucky to be in love with my best friend’.


By adding a well-loved picture of you both, you’re showing your thoughtfulness. As a bonus, this is also something that can be displayed in your household for years to come as a reminder of your treasured anniversary.

Buy ‘Lucky to be in Love with my Best Friend’ Picture Frame on Amazon here



24K Gold Dipped Rose


Gold Dipped Rose

Buying a 30th anniversary gift for someone who has everything can be difficult, but this timeless 24K gold dipped rose could offer the perfect solution.


Roses are considered to be the flower of love, a sentiment that isn’t lost with this gift. Retaining the natural beauty of roses by using fresh flowers and covering them in resin for eternal life, this gift is a subtle way of proving to your significant other that you will always love them. 

Buy 24K Gold Dipped Rose on Amazon here 



Engraved Wallet Insert 

Engraved Wallet

For a little reminder of how much you love her, why not treat your other half to this wallet insert as a subtle, permanent reminder while they carry out their daily errands?


With four different colors to choose from to suit their taste and the aesthetic of their wallet, this sweet message is sure to offer reassurance when they need it the most. 

Buy Engraved Wallet Insert on Amazon here 



925 Silver I Love You Language Jewellery Set 

Silver Heart JewelryNecklaces that have ‘I Love You’ etched into the pendant in several different languages are all the rage right now, and this sophisticated piece by Nano Jewelry is the perfect option for a 30th anniversary gift.


Alongside the necklace, where the ‘I Love You’ carvings are engraved into, your significant other will always receive a pair of earrings in one of four colors to really complete the look. 

Buy 925 Silver I Love You Language Jewellery Set on Amazon here



Elephant Good Luck Jewellery Stand 

Evelots Ring HolderThis decorative ring collector will make the perfect ornament on your wife’s bedside table or chest of drawers and is perfect for keeping miscellaneous jewelry items organized.


With a trunk for rings and a bowl underneath that is perfect for earrings, this ornament is a must for every woman who believes accessories can make or break an outfit. 

Buy Elephant Good Luck Jewellery Stand on Amazon here       



Travel Jewellery Organizer 

Travel Jewelry Organizer

If your wife likes to travel, an ornament jewelry organizer isn’t going to cut it. This roll-up travel jewelry organizer, on the other hand, has space for everything she may need to bring on your next holiday, including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.


The sophisticated rose gold or black designs are made from luxurious, high-quality materials, meaning not only will they look nice but they will also last your significant other a long time, too.

Buy Travel Jewellery Organizer on Amazon here 



Himalayan Salt Lamp 


Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt lamps have become extremely popular for alleviating symptoms including stress and anxiety in recent years, making it the perfect gift for busy people who need to restore a sense of calm in their lives.


Even if your significant other is relaxed, this gift is gorgeous and emits mood lighting that can bring relaxation into any room its placed in. This is sure to go down well with anyone who is conscious about interior design or wants to hone in on the hygge effect. 

Buy Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here



Bucket List Wish Jar 


Bucket List Wish

You are bound to have achieved a lot of things your significant other has wanted to in a 30-year relationship, but if there’s more they’d like to so, getting a bucket list wish jar could be the perfect way to enhance your relationship.


By presenting them with this jar, not only are you telling them that you care but also that you are willing to go on an adventure and continue your lives together.


This could also be an interesting way of discovering joint wishes, which could be a great topic of conversation! 

Buy Bucket List Wish Jar on Amazon here 



Levenger 5 Year Journal 

Levenger 5-Year Journal

If you’re looking for a gift that combines the sentimentality of a 30th wedding anniversary and the creative side of your wife, this 5-year journal does the job perfectly.


With 366 pages of high-quality paper with enough room to write something every day for the next 5 years, this keepsake is sure to put you in her good books. 

Buy Levenger 5 Year Journal Here 



Gifts For Him On Your 30th Anniversary 


Ray-Ban Men’s Hexagonal Sunglasses 

Hexagonal Sunglasses

The man in your life might be getting older, but that doesn’t mean they are any less deserving of a pair of stylish sunglasses in their life.


The hexagonal design by Ray-Ban is the perfect option for a 30th anniversary gift as, while modern, is sophisticated enough to suit people of all ages.  

Buy Ray Ban’s Hexagonal Sunglasses on Amazon here



Engraved Wooden Watch 

Wooden Watch

Following the sustainability theme, this wooden watch uses sustainable materials that are long-lasting, meaning your partner will get a lot of use out of them.


It also comes with a subtle engravement on the back of the watch to remind your significant other that you are always there in the moments where they may need a little pick me up. 

Buy Engraved Wooden Watch on Amazon here



TAC-FORCE Engraved Pocket Knife 

Opening Pocket KnifeMen may not show the same sentiment as women, but a practical, personalized 30th anniversary gift is still likely to go down well.


TAC-FORCE allows you to choose up to two lines of text to be engraved on the pocket knife, which is made from high-quality materials. This engraving is then inspected afterward to make sure it’s completed up to the high standard you expect.

Buy TAC-FORCE Engraved Pocket Knife on Amazon here


Personalized Romance Wallet 

Engraved Wallet

If your man is anything like the stereotyped, chances are he’ll want to carry around as little as possible in his pockets. This leaves you with few opportunities to gift something sentimental that they’ll get lots of use out of, but adding a personal touch to an otherwise essential item could be the answer to this.


With personalized messages on the two front pockets, this is the perfect way to show your love in a subtle way that he can use as a constant reminder, regardless of where he is when he reads it.

Buy Personalised Romance Wallet on Amazon here



Tactical Self-Defence Pen 

Tactical Pen


For the survival enthusiasts, this tactical self-defense pen comes with everything you need to survive an emergency—or everyday inconveniences.


With several different functions in addition to being a pen, this gadget also includes a glass breaker tip, bottle opener, and flashlight, your significant other will never be caught short again.  

Buy Tactical Self-Defence Pen on Amazon here



Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If the man in your life is a fan of interesting breakfast sandwiches but is constantly moaning about the effort it takes to create them, this device makes the perfect gift.


Able to create two complex, toasted breakfast sandwiches in just five minutes, this device will allow your significant other to experiment with new options to their heart’s content.

Buy Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker on Amazon here



20PC Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set 

 Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool

While some men are reluctant to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, you’ll find it hard to find one who isn’t willing to get stuck in when it comes to BBQ grilling.


Despite this, many are left using sets that are old and beginning to rust, so why not replace your significant others set with this durable, stainless steel option? With 20PCs, it comes with everything they’ll need to pull off the BBQ party of a lifetime! 

Buy 20PC Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set on Amazon here 



Whisky Stones Gift Set  Whiskey StonesFor more mature gentlemen, buying a sophisticated 30th anniversary gift like this Whisky Stones Gift Set may be more appropriate.


It comes with two whiskey glasses, two coasters, tongs and most importantly, a set of eight whiskey stones that will keep your partner’s drink cool without watering down the whiskey itself.

Buy Whisky Stones Gift Set on Amazon here



Black Leather 8 OZ Liquor Flask 

Flask for Liquor

For the classy type, this leather liquor flask will allow your significant other to discreetly bring their own alcohol into events without being caught.


Made from high-quality stainless steel and covered in durable leather, this gift also makes the perfect keepsake to be used on special occasions if your significant other isn’t much of a social drinker. 

Buy Black Leather 8 OZ Liquor Flask on Amazon here



Subtle Butt: Reusable Gas Neutralizers

Subtle Butt

If your partner is known for their funky farts and you’re looking for a playful 30th anniversary gift, these subtle butt neutralizers are perfect.


With the ability to be reused and easily self-adhering to underwear, you’re both going to benefit by bringing this present into your household. 

Buy Subtle Butt Gas Neutralizers on Amazon here



Spa Life Luxury Spa Gift Set Basket 

Spa Gift Set

While some men might turn their noses up at the idea of a pamper evening, this gift could be the one thing your man needs to convince them to take care of themselves.


This seven-piece set allows them to endorse in aromatherapy due to the rich sandalwood scents, while also enjoying a relaxing bath followed by an intense skincare routine. With so many full-size products, this gift is sure to last a long time, allowing them to change their self-care routines forever. 

Buy Spa Life Luxury Spa Gift Set Basket on Amazon here 



Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit 

Beard Grooming & Trimming

Loving a man with an unruly beard isn’t always easy, so why not encourage them to change their ways by treating them to this luxurious beard grooming kit?


Even if your man already cares for their beard, this kit comes with everything they will need to continue taking pride in their appearance, including a beard oil and balm that contain 100% natural ingredients. 

Buy Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit on Amazon here 



Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag 

 Bag for Men

If you’re an adventurous couple who regularly go away on holiday, treating them to a luxury toiletry bag could make a great anniversary gift.


It’s not usually something someone could justify treating themselves to, but this Vetelli bag is made from high-quality materials, sure to stand the test of time, making it the perfect investment.


This will, in turn, prevent them from needing to replace their toiletry bags so often, allowing you more money to spend on what actually matters; making memories. 

Buy Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag on Amazon here



Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager 

Neck and Back Massager

Whether your significant other is complaining of frequent neck and/or back pain, or you simply want to treat them to a massage, this Shiatsu massager is a great option.


It comes with deep heat and massaging balls that go far into the hard-to-reach muscles in the neck, back and between the shoulder blades, offering your other half the relief they may desperately desire. It’s also portable, meaning those with frequent pain can take it with them to receive relief whenever they need it. 

Buy Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager on Amazon here 



Handheld Retro Arcade Gaming System 

Arcade Machine

For men who are still big kids are heart, this handheld retro arcade gaming system is the perfect anniversary gift choice.


It comes with 200 built-in video games that will take them straight back to their childhood, allowing them to relax and reminisce during their well-deserved downtime.


Due to being lightweight and fitting into the palm of your hand, there are no limits to where this device can be used, allowing them to play to their heart’s content whenever the desire hits. 

Buy Handheld Retro Arcade Gaming System on Amazon here 




This list proves that you don’t have to void the personality of the receiver when choosing a gift they might like.


It’s also not about the money spent; this list has a number of affordable, sentimental items that don’t break the bank if your spends are limited.


The most important thing to remember when buying your gift for this occasion is to buy something they will treasure forever, regardless of how it looks to others.


We’ve carried this throughout our list, meaning you are bound to find something your significant other will enjoy whatever your requirements may be.