The Coolest 25 Tech Gifts Money Can Buy


Techies are notoriously hard to shop for. You never know what gadget they may have already picked up themselves without telling you, and that whizzy device that only came out last week is already considered outdated.


Plus, techies have an uncanny ability to stay in the know—the latest Apple Watch, the sparkly new Beats headphones, the cutting-edge Ring fitness tracker… So, when holiday gift-giving time comes around, it can be impossible to know where to start!


Here are 25 cool tech gifts that might actually catch your tech-forward loved one by happy surprise.



What We Cover In This Article

1- FORM Augmented Reality Swim Goggles

Swim Goggles

If anyone on your “nice” list heads to the pool for their cardio, these goggles will thoroughly blow their mind. FORM Augmented Reality Swim Goggles take an ancient sport into the AR/VR era.


The see-through smart display allows the swimmer to track any number of metrics in real time, projected in front of their eyes inside their goggles.


Available metrics include pace, stroke rate, stroke count, split time, laps, distance, calories, and heart rate (when paired with Polar OH1 heart-rate sensors, sold separately).


Chemical and fog-resistant, these premium goggles pair with the FORM Swim App for Android or iOS, and sync with popular workout apps like Apple Health, Garmin Connect, and Strava.

Buy FORM Augmented Reality Swim Goggles on Amazon here.



2- Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo never stopped innovating. Over a decade after the Wii Fit blew our minds with the concept of video games that could double as workouts, the Japanese gaming giant has done it again with Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch.


Ring Fit Adventure allows you to pilot your character through an enormous fantasy world, running and jumping to escape or defeat enemies using state-of-the-art Ring-Con and Leg Strap controllers. Your character moves when you move! And in this dangerous terrain, you had better move fast.


Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure can also be used to customize workout routines. It’s the perfect gift for techies who love video games — and who could afford to lose a few pounds at the same time!

Buy the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure on Amazon here.



3- Anker PowerCore Slim 10000

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000

Devices like smartphones and notebooks charge faster than ever, making a portable USB battery charger a more useful accessory than anyone thought possible.


If your loved one likes to stay connected while on the go, the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 will become your loved one’s new “favorite thing,” their “lifesaver.” Packing 10,000 mAh of battery power into an ultra-light, ultra-low-profile package, it offers compatible ports for USB-C, USB-3, and Lightning connections.


The PowerCore Slim 10000 is the perfect product to keep your devices charged when you’re on the run and far from a wall charger.


Buy the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 on Amazon here.



4- Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

“Alexa, turn off the living room lights.” Need we say more?


The SmartHome revolution has never been more accessible. Now, anything you plug into the wall can be a part of your Amazon Alexa SmartHome.


This device really is idiot-proof. Just plug it into the wall, then plug your electronic device into the Smart Plug.


Older souls will be reminded of old-school timers that used to turn on your TV and lights when you were out of town.


Unlike those “antiques”, the Amazon Smart Plug responds to voice commands and can be programmed via your Alexa-enabled device to respond to custom commands like “Alexa, start my day” or “Alexa, good night!”

Buy the Amazon Smartplug on Amazon here.



5- Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest

Oculus VR technology has been rumbling on the horizon for years. The wait is finally over. Oculus Quest is an all-in-one virtual reality gaming headset that comes ready to use right out of the box—no setup, no accessories needed. Just dive into another world.


It does this with built-in “insight tracking” to translate your movements into the VR world, as well as two Oculus Touch Controllers that reproduce the movements of your hand in VR. The VR environment even adapts to your room so you can play sitting or standing, in big rooms or small, fully immersed in your virtual surroundings.


Possibly the coolest tech gift on the planet, for a limited time, the Oculus Quest includes three episodes of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series and Lightsaber Dojo.

Buy the Oculus Quest on Amazon here.



6- Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

This is a cool tech gift, especially suited to men known to complain about the sound quality of their television set out of the box. Even high-end home theaters that wow with their visuals tend to disappoint on the audio.


Getting that high-fidelity “surround sound” used to require the tedious setup of up to five speakers, all connected to the television by a set of trailing, ugly cables. Sony offers an easy fix for this fiasco with its HT-S350 Soundbar. A single, attractive unit sits on your hutch or attaches to your wall, and is compatible with Bluetooth or HDMI. 350W of power makes your home theater audio positively pop.


The HT-S350 also comes with a wireless subwoofer for that extra oomph, the easiest, most affordable way to make the TV-lover in the family jump up and down.

Buy the Sony HT-S350 Soundbar on Amazon here.



7- Amazon Echo Studio Speaker

Amazon Echo Studio Speaker

In a crowded field of Bluetooth speakers, the Amazon Echo Studio stands head and shoulders above the pack. With five speakers broadcasting in five directions, it’s all you need. Just plop it on a counter, hutch, or coffee table, and your home entertainment or party audio is ready to go.


What makes this speaker sound so good? Dolby Atmos technology produces crisp high-end, dynamic midrange, and deep low-end fidelity, along with impressive depth and clarity. Additionally, the Echo adapts to the room for optimal use wherever you put it.


Part of a fully-immersive SmartHome, the Echo syncs with your Alexa-enabled devices. You can ask it to play music, read you the news, control Zigbee devices, or use it as an intercom.

Buy the Amazon Echo Studio Speaker on Amazon here.



8- Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan

Techies spending marathon hours at a desk need to stay cool. Dyson, the king of air-multiplier floor fans for large rooms, has come to the rescue with the AM06 Table Fan.


An attractive and tech-forward addition to any desk or table, Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology spins ultra-fast blades to produce a continuous cool air stream without creating a hazard for children and pets. It does all this at noise levels never exceeding a whisper.


The Air Multiplier AM06 comes with a remote control, ten airflow settings, and interval programming capability between 15 minutes and 9 hours.

Buy the Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan on Amazon here.



9- Courant Catch-2 Wireless Charger

Courant Catch-2 Wireless Charger

Know what your desk could use less of? A spaghetti soup of wires for all those devices you have to charge.


More devices than ever are enabled for Qi wireless charging, from smartphones to smart watches to Bluetooth earbuds.


The Courant Catch-2 Wireless Charger offers a five-coil charging surface, able to charge two of them at once. With one device to charge two gadgets, that’s even fewer cables to clutter up your desk, and one trip hazard fewer.


Attractive on any table, the charging surface is made from premium pebble-grain Italian leather, edged with matte high-grade aluminum alloy.

Buy the Courant Catch-2 Wireless Charger on Amazon here.



10- Fizzics Portable Beer System

Portable Beer System

Talk about a perfect tech gift for men … or anyone who loves beer!


The Fizzics Portable Beer System ingeniously creates a “tap experience” from any bottle or can of beer, from Stouts to Lambics to IPAs.


You don’t need a keg. Just open the beer, insert the siphon hose into it, and place the bottle or can into the guts of the device, out of sight but not out of mind. Open the nozzle, and enjoy a frosty glass of your favorite suds.


Ultra portable, the Fizzics original beer system runs on just four AA batteries, making it ideal for picnics and cookouts.

Buy the Fizzics Portable Beer System on Amazon here.



11- GoCube: The Connected, Smart Rubik’s Puzzle Cube

Smart Rubik's Puzzle Cube

Have you ever wanted to solve a Rubik’s Cube? Then GoCube is for you.


Even better, gift the GoCube to the person on your list who can already solve a Rubik’s Cube. GoCube will take their cube-solving skills to the next level.


There is actually more than one way to solve a Rubik’s Cube. People even compete in speed competitions to solve this mentally-stimulating puzzle.


The GoCube is a “smart” Rubik’s Cube that pairs with an app to timely completion, track your Cube-solving stats, and learn the intricacies of this classic brain-teaser toy.

Buy GoCube on Amazon here.



12- SanDisk iExpand Flash Drive

SanDisk iExpand Flash Drive

No more selfie videos ruined because your phone ran out of storage. No more frustration with the needlessly-complicated process of getting pictures and videos off your iPhone or iPad.


The SanDisk iExpand is as simple as it is ingenious—a portable flash thumb drive with a USB connector … and a phone connector on the same device. Plug it right into your iPhone or iPad to grab your photos, documents, and other data.


Then just plug the same device right into your computer to transfer those documents to hardware or cloud-based storage.

Buy the SanDisk iExpand Flash Drive on Amazon here.



13- Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

Fit Smart Yoga Mat

It’s official. The Internet of Things has even made its way to your yoga mat. A yoga mat that rolls itself up! Just flip it over and watch it roll.


That’s not the only feature that will make the Yogi on your list flip out. Soft, smooth, and comfortable at 5mm thick, this spacious mat grips the floor to keep you from slipping and sliding.


It not only looks great, but protects the planet with no latex, PVC, or non-sustainable materials.


Best of all, the Smart Yoga Mat contains a tiny speaker and pairs with the Women’s Health yoga app on Amazon Alexa, so you can order your yoga mat to talk you through the daily flow. Namaste, indeed.

Buy the Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat on Amazon here.



14- Phillips Hue Wake Up Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

A shrill siren in a darkened room may be the worst way to wake up on the planet … and yet millions of us have been doing things that way for decades with traditional alarm clocks. No wonder we walk through our days like zombies.


The Phillips Hue Wake Up Alarm Clock wants to change the game on how we wake up. Rising with the sun has been proven by doctors to improve your mood, energy level, and sleep cycle. Phillips Hue has responded to that wisdom with an “artificial sunrise” device.


At the programmed time, the alarm clock gradually floods the room with luminosity calibrated to mimic natural sunlight, giving your body a natural cue to wake up and start your day.


Pair this with a selection of gentle, natural sounds, and you revolutionize the way you’re woken from sleep.

Buy the Phillips Hue Wake Up Alarm Clock on Amazon here.



15- Potensic T25 GPS Drone

Potensic T25 GPS Drone

One of the best tech gifts for men is a drone. Whether it’s a gift to the neighborhood depends on the man.


The T25 drone by Protensic is perfect for beginners and a great gift idea for advanced drone pilots as well. Fitted with a 1080p adjustable camera and a 1000 mAh battery, it boasts a control range of 300 meters. This drone goes farther and sees more. It’s also extra-stable with GPS 9-axis gyros.


The T25 also features single-button takeoff and landing, follow mode, “headless” mode, and customizable flight paths.

Buy the Potensic T25 GPS Drone on Amazon here.



16- HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

Portable Photo Printer

We’ve come a long way from the photo development desk at the drugstore. Photography went DIY, digital, and cloud-based … and now it comes full circle with a portable photo printer so you can reunite with that great feeling of pictures in your hands.


Perfect for a scrap-booker or historian, the HP Sprocket connects to your device by BlueTooth. You can then use the HP Sprocket app to print pictures directly from your phone, tablet, or computer.


The HP Sprocket Select uses HP ZINK photo paper to create smudge-free images. The app can also filter and print photos by hashtag and unlock Augmented Reality content.

Buy the HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer on Amazon here.



17- Bose Audio Sunglasses

Bose Audio Sunglasses

A leading name in consumer audio, Bose has outdone itself again with Bose Audio Sunglasses.


These Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses feature built-in Bose Audio “over-ear” headphones, less intrusive or restrictive than earbuds or headphones.


By not plugging your ears, the integral over-ear headphones allow you to remain alert and aware of your surroundings, directing the audio into your ears without disturbing others. A built-in microphone also enables phone-call functionality.


Bose AR, an audio spin on Augmented Reality technology, is further technology incorporated, and in case you were worried they might have scrimped on the sunglasses’ features to make the headphones component so great, that’s not the case either; the lenses block 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

Buy the Bose Audio Sunglasses on Amazon here.



18- Tile Trackers

Tile Trackers

Tile Trackers are the perfect gift for the proverbial “guy who has everything” because they keep that guy from losing everything.


Attach a Tile Tracker Mate to your keychain, slip a Tile Tracker Slim into your wallet, or adhere a Tile Tracker Sticker to your camera, the remote control, or your favorite cooking gadget.


If any of them go missing within Bluetooth range, you can open up the Tile app and locate them quickly.


It works both ways, too. If you can’t find your phone, just press a button on your Tile Tracker to make your phone ring.


Out of Bluetooth range? Anonymously run the Tile Community function to locate your lost items using data from thousands of Tile users.

Buy Tile Trackers on Amazon here.



19- Nanoleaf NL290003SW Canvas Light Panels

Canvas Light Panels

One of the coolest tech gifts of the season, Nanoleaf Canvas Light Panels consist of touch-controllable LED light squares.


The starter kit comes with nine pieces, allowing you to create a painting-sized wall decoration of adjustable colors.


As your collection grows, ultimately you could create one or more space-aged walls covered with LED lights that you can customize into high-tech mosaic art.


Panels can be adjusted by hand or programmed from the Nanoleaf Canvas app.

Buy Nanoleaf NL290003SW Canvas Light Panels on Amazon here.



20- Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

The perfect gift for men (or women) who love their cars. You use Fitbits and Rings to track your own health and vital statistics … so why not one for your four-wheeled baby?


The Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor plugs into your OBD II port, delivering a wealth of data about your vehicle’s condition right to your smartphone.


You can use the Nonda ZUS to receive real-time alerts, track historical engine data to identify problems, and demystify error codes without having to pay a mechanic.

Buy the Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor on Amazon here.



21- TOPVISION Mini Projector

TOPVISION Mini Projector

It’s never been easier to turn your living room, bedroom, or patio into a movie theater.


The portable TOPVISION Mini Projector projects images onto your wall or screen using 4200lux LED lights. Two built-in hi-fi speakers can be bypassed using a simple 3.5mm audio cable.


You can plug it into your cable box, project audio directly from your computer or smartphone, or connect it to popular SmartTV devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, XBox, PS4, or Chromecast.

Buy the TOPVISION Mini Projector on Amazon here.



22- Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

Tired of life without a robot in the house? Be tired no more. If you don’t take the first step to living in a Jetsons world, who will?


A Makeblock mBot Robot Kit makes a cool tech gift for any home; although devised for kids, techies of all ages are sure to have fun with it. This entry-level robot lets users cut their teeth on basic robotic tasks like line-following and object avoidance.


mBot robots are easy to customize with accessory kits.


Best of all, you can control your new robot family member from your smartphone using the Makeblock iOS or Android app.

Buy the Makeblock mBot Robot Kit on Amazon here.



23- Whistle GO Pet Tracker

GO Pet Tracker

Pets make our lives better in so many ways — until they wander off. What better cool tech gift to give than safety and security for your furry friend?


The Whistle GO Pet Tracker attaches to any collar, leash, or tag ring. It uses AT&T tracking technology to locate your pet anywhere within 3,000 miles. That’s more than the distance from New York to Los Angeles!


The Whistle GO Pet Tracker also offers proactive alerts, sending push notifications if your pet leaves designated “safe” zones.

Buy the Whistle GO Pet Tracker on Amazon here.



24- Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Everyone hates waiting for a hot beverage to cool down … only to discover it’s become too cool to enjoy.


The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is one of the coolest tech gifts out there for lovers of coffee and tea.


With a range between 125 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you can easily use it to keep your favorite hot drink “just right,” neither too hot nor too cold.


Made of durable stainless steel, the Ember mug is safe to hand-wash.


We know what you are thinking. We can practically hear the question burning in your brain. Yes, you can now connect your coffee mug to your phone, controlling the temperature with the Ember App.

Buy the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug on Amazon here.



25- Heated Razor Starter Kit by GilletteLabs

Starter Kit by GilletteLabs

Any man who doesn’t know the joys of a hot-towel shave needs to re-evaluate how he lives life.


The most trusted name in men’s shaving products now offers a waterproof, ergonomic razor with heated blades to simulate the follicle-opening effects of a hot towel for a baby-smooth shave.


This kit comes with the razor, two cartridges, and a magnetic charging blade. A subscription service ensures you never run out of compatible blades, and the razor is equipped with flex-disk technology to keep the heated blade against the skin without nicking it.


The perfect gift for men who love a close shave.

Buy the Heated Razor Starter Kit by GilletteLabs on Amazon here.



Adding any of these cool tech gifts has the potential to elicit squeals of delight from even the most jaded tech enthusiast.


Remember, though, no two techies are alike. If you want to give a tech toy as a present, take a moment to consider who you are giving it to. This will help you select the perfect gift … or at least narrow it down from a universe of gadgets and apps unfolding in front of digital-age consumers.


Does the technophile on your gift list love:

  •     Sports?
  •     Athletics?
  •     Video games?
  •     Puzzles?
  •     Arts and entertainment?
  •     Food and drink?
  •     Showing off his/her toys?


Remember, these are just starter ideas. You can use the “Related items” or “People who bought this also bought …” suggestions to find even more cool tech gift ideas.


Add one or more of them to your Amazon shopping cart now—with Prime shipping, they could be here in time for the big unwrapping!